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As usual I am late to the party; hope there are some crumbs left!

What a lovely baby photo--brand new!

I have grown amaranth in pots for the lovely foliage--deep burgundy, and stunning with the sun behind it.Unusual flowers, and apparently you can eat the seeds as a grain. Don't know what variety--there are several kinds and colours. Am doing again this year-but early yet. Would get quite tall if planted in the ground.

Miss Becks

I hope my pressie is new secateurs Bunny. Found mine rusted yesterday.

Thanks Inka.


I think Christmas is over

Dinner ate,pressies opened,crackers pulled.

What is next?


Thanks inka - packet says up to 48ins tall, this one has long deep red tasselly type flowers.

Wine and food now 



Is Morecambe and Wise  on?

Miss Becks

Hope not. Not a huge fan of them!

Bunny ...

Insomnias present



Seems l missed the King's Speech at 3

Miss Becks

Yay! I love them! Thankies!

Deanos Diggin It

Yo! Yo! All had fun I see! Ya turn ya back for two minutes! 

Congrats all, n more so to Beck's on arrival of the little Dude! 

Welcome home Sasha! 

 Now tagged! You may not go astray! 

We are up n running! New season! Bring it on! 

 Strawberry runners! 

 n today's efforts! Chilli, Tomato. Sweet Peppers n Aubergine!

Don't ya just love the new session!  

Jean Genie

Seems like we've all been planting up   Will you be selling those strawberries at Wimbledon , Dean ?   You have been busy. Seriously thinking about having a go at growing veg but  that means evicting some of my plants - don't know if I'm up for that but may have a dabble at toms this year.

Just had a sort of Christmas dinner - defrosted the last of the turkey and pork yesterday and we just had a roast - not bad but I just don't think meat tastes the same after it's been frozen.

Think I've got room for pud though .


You have been busy Dean, but then arent you always? My pots of strawberry runners are still on the veg plot with their pots covering the ground to help prevent local cats using it. They will get moved into the cold greenhouse sometime soon, ready for a big pot this year.

Havent sown a single seed yet this time- sweetpeas first, then not sure......

The box got started, thxs for the wine BTW, added to the rest have drunk.... what box?!! I do need to go & put it back into wardrobe again though, , otherwise wont be easy to get into bed tonight.

Right, am signing off now. OH set to leave at his very early time tomorrow, he's moving better. Then heating/plumbing engineer & electrician are due. Joy. J.



Dean i have planted seed the same as you without the tomatoes. No more space. Also popped in some broad beans - inside not out.

Just had dinner with last of summer ratatouille  topped up by fresh toms and peppers, type of french bread freshly baked a la OH and a gammon steak. 

Oh more cold and snow up north for the week.


Bunny ...
Impressed dean even with your session

Jean have a go at he veg, I'm having a go again this yr.

Jo enjoy your evening.

Oh dear Geoff

Furness in the house, took dog walkies its mild out and heating clicked on...could grow tropical plants in here
Bunny ...
Just watched weather forecast
Well, I have missed all sorts! Lots of lovely news

Happy new baby!
Happy 1000th page!
Happy new marmalade!
Happy new seedlings (or will be soon!)

Not so happy fish bone in the throat

Busy dong house jobs today, lots of washing/ironing/cleaning!
School work to do this evening. (So I am here putting it off!)

I must get some seeds sown this week too! Feel like I am missing out.
I fancy trying some root cuttings from my phlox as well. Need to move them really, too tall for where they are in the bed.
Right, better get motivated! May pop back later

Get the thermals out for this week- when the north wind do blow etc.