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I had forgotten how evocative scents are until OH bought me a bunch of daffodils which are just coming into flower and everytime I walk past them I have a sense of spring.

That's my 'chill' for the day

Still waiting

Bunny ...
Oh rosa hope you get a call soon. I used to work in gp surgery, apps were released on the morning, then depending who was duty doc they would take extras after morning surgery if all apps had gone.

I bought some daffs in supermarket , early ones yes but I love seeing them.... Anyway OH kept walking in the kitchen sniffing about , saying the dog must've had a wee in there or something.... Sniff sniff sniff, he eventually sniffed the daffs...hmmm the culprit !

Talking of scents-the hyacinths that I staggered planting the first two pots are just in flower-was a lovely smell in the living room this morning

As opposed to the odd smell emanating from the spare room where son has been sleeping

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

As the mornings get lighter seem to be sleeping in longer-didn't wake up till 8-what is that all about?

Yes I've noticed this. I'm an early riser and was regularly posting around 6am, even at Christmas. But now it's getting to be regular around 8.30.

In meteorological terms, the coldest point of Winter (lowest average temperatures) is January 19th.


Morning all. At my desk bright and early this morning, A relaxed couple of days ahead I hope as the boss is away. Doesn't stop him sending stressy emails though!

Sunny at the moment, but I won't be going to the plot as I'm meeting my friend for lunch as its her birthday.

I didn't sleep too well last night either! Must be something in the air.



Doc rang - off to A&E. May be some time

Bunny ...
Hope it's quiet in a&e

Hmmm the non sleep club , seems geoffs made up for us

Lunching lady... lovely lottiebeans , enjoy .

Morning All.

Poor you Bjay, don't envy you a trip to A & E on Monday morning, last time we went there on a  Monday, we were there all day Hope everything turns out ok.

At our Drs you can go to the drop-in clinic 8.30 to 10 am, to see either a Dr or nurse, it's got to be a new condition, and only 1 thing, but is very useful. What makes me mad is the number of people who don't keep appointments, they have a board telling you how many are missed during the previous week, sometime up to 60

I didn't sleep well last night either, woke at 2pm, tossed and turned until 3 then got up made a cup of tea and read until 4.30 then of course couldn't get up this morning.

I've got 8 hyacinths in full bloom, in a basket in the conservatory that have hardly any scent

Have a nice day peeps.



On an unrelated and breaking news story-Chis Huhne the MP who denied perverting the cause of justice has admitted his guilt

What a wally

Will probably get a spell inside-hope he likes gardening and porridge


Serves him right, hope they throw the book at him. Why do some people think they are above the law

Piccolo tomato seeds have just arrived. 10 seeds in minute plastic sleeve, in padded envelope, seems a bit excessive for size of seed packet..

Still a howling gale here, where have all the leaves come from,  we sweep up most day, but still they appear.

Just read that the skeleton in car park is Richard 111 now the debate will begin as to where they will rebury him


Dean very kindly sent me Sungold tomato seeds I was going to try after reading good comments on  here-will sow  in few weeks

Still planning garden even though might not be here

Where did these come from Chris?


Isn't there a documentary on this evening about Richard III being in the car park? I'm sure he ought to be buried somewhere a bit more noble than that.

Bjay, hope A&E is quiet. Worst time I went there was the start of the school holidays!


Richard has got one hell of a parking ticket to pay

It is on ch 4 at 9 tonight


Geoff. I got them on ebay from the Botany Seeds company, from quite near you at New Milton Hampshire. £1.75 for 10 seeds. + postage and packing £2.10 in total. Just hope they grow!!

Richard III will be reinterred in Leicester Cathedral, might pay a visit when finished, only about 60 miles from us. Will be watching documentary this evening as history is one of my interests

Now for some lunch, toastie I think, Ham and cheese


Hello I'm back

All in one piece  Had nasty thing put down nose, didn't have x-ray as salmon bones don't show up on it. Throat is scratched and 'will be sore' they didn't need to say that I know. Drink/gargle with coke - well it rots nearly everything -so if anyone has a fish bone drink coke. Yuk!!

Become very windy here

We have been following the Car Park King so quite excited about programme tonght.

Will may be do some gardening, but vacuuming first



Quick nip in.

It's WILD outside. Have replaced the bird feeder I removed as the ground feeders losing out. Ratty has moved the bait, so a fresh batch put down. Compost bins not been attacked though.

Greenhouse panels have flipped inwards this time, despite the new tape & fixings, so at least they're not flapping & unlikely to blow away.

Electrician been & gone. Engineer ditto. Boiler has refused, of course, to oblige us today with any whistling despite various tactics tried. Any more trouble & manufacturer next! Engineer has had 1 other instance of this, so am not going mad, yet.....

Daughter & me have been emptying out, sorting through, & cleaning various kitchen cupboards. This is the first 'clean out' since spring 010, so interesting as to what is being found. Quite amusing too as daughter keeps saying 'are you sure that you want that? because if not'......

Right, next batch of cupboards await. There is also now a new pile of 'for tip' in the hall.

Will catch up later, J.

Jean Genie

Afties everyone. Had a very exciting morning doing housework. Let things slide a bit as I've been busy with plants. It's howling a gale out there but all balls intact as the bbq cover has been firmly tied down.  No outside for me today.

Glad you're ok Bjay - it's a pain hanging round A&E but needed checking out.

Funny reading everyone's posts about not sleeping well last night. Neither did I - kept waking up every couple of hours or so. Wonder what's going on ? I'm blaming the wind.

Seems to be a lot of flapping mentioned today.

Miss Becks
Is losing my duster a good enough excuse not to polish today????

Ah the wind-the gift that keeps on giving

Is it spring cleaning day again?

Pennine Petal
Hello forkers, I am back home, hurray! Almost knocked off my feet by the wind at the airport. Had rain, snow and hail here. My snowdrops aren't out. Too tired to think, so will love you and leave you.