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Bjay-Agapanthus it my experience are hardy plants-and he did measure the rooms wonder what happened to that?

Does anyone need a cleaner??




Like the sound of that fridge magnet, just about sums up my lifestyle, sometimes to OH despair.

I see the Richard lll prog is 1 1/2 hours long. Will I stay awake?

Pennine Petal
Oops, just saw the date in the later post, can't say I remember much except the blue smocked gingham dresses that mam made for me.

Oh and Flo a scrummy piece of cake as a reward for being brave please 

WW tomorrow so it will have to be cyber cake.

Thanks geoff, I have a large flower pot (flowerpot men size) and always wanted to put one in it.



Peace forkers. I'm enjoying the chilledoutness after what turned out to be reflexology this morning. I never usually know what I'm going for as Anna does all sorts of therapies and we decide when I get there as to what's best that day.

Glyn, I'm not malade, thankyouforyourconcern. I wittered on yesterday about my marmalade making exploits because it went fine, then went wrong then turned out fine again. I thought Flomarmalade would be a bit long but I think it will have to be.

Hello Bookertoo, glad there's someone else who finds dusting a bore. I find that after a couple of weeks it doesn't get any worse

Cyber cake on the way Bjay. Any kind you like.



I don't dust either, do vacuum as certain dog's hair gets everywhere.



The observant and/or pedantic among you will notice that my avatar is a jar from last year but this year's batch looks the same except for the date


NO I dont iron dusters, nor underware, come on......

Welcome back Glyn.

Ok the cupboard sort out/clean has now ground to a halt for the day. Knackered & my vision is threatening to play up- a sure sign overdoing things. Have rescued a lot of daughter's things from various cupboards, need another box for charity collection & we'd better go to the tip sometime again!!

At least now I shall stop feeling guilty everytime I open certain cuboard doors, but remember with fondness JEEMAR, who egged us all one one Spring, bless her. Nice lady.

The boiler has 'cocked a snook' (?) at us by starting to whistle. We both yelled at it & not a peep since....oh no, I'll kill it!! J.


BTW dusting certainly doesnt get done regularly around here nowadays. I soon discovered last yr, when having the chemo that nobody noticed, nor cared. I did a bit, but have soon learnt to ignore it.

Drat, need to replace stuff into the 'airing' cupboard & then we'll make a start on meal. Well she offered! J.



Gone 5- just getting gloomy enough for head-lights

Sue H
Advice for all us light dusters - buy light wood furniture I.e.pine or ash.

Flo nice avatar-

-Sue you need to get avatared (sp?)- that face with no face is scary

I vacuumed this morning- Cody thought I needed dirt in the bedroom-no smutty remarks needed -that is my job


Sue H
Geoff didn't realise I didn't have a face. Looks ok here!
Will get son to sort it!
Bunny ...

My been busy haven't you, old book, ancient computers..hehe ping pong game I remember that, computer lesson at school was zx spectrum typing in gobbledygook for something to happen I can't mind what.
Losing dusters, ironing dusters... Ironing & dusting what is that?

Geoff good pics , room sizes tend to be on the 'paper ' version they hand out these days ...or is with ours.

Welcome back home from Hong Kong , hopefully you will cath your sleep up....along with the rest of us non sleepers...maybe it's a full moon , is it dunno.

Freezing day all types of weather, slight snow on ground walking doggy olive, sleeting now grrrrr.
Bargains to be had in b&q half price plants who was I to ignore
Spent our Xmas vouchers a last

Marmalade not something I've ever made...or jam actually, maybe one day...when I start home brewing
Thought I'd bake carrot cake tomo but freeze half...does it freeze ? Not sure .

Time to have a browse.
Deanos Diggin It

Good Evening, You Forking Folk!

Geoff!......I'll gladly take the cleaner off your hands 

Welcome home safe n sound Glyn! 

Good to see you have all been playing nicely today! 

And where did that weekend go! 

Miss Becks

I'd just like to clarify I don't iron dusters. When I said I found mine in the ironing pile, to give you a better picture, I meant in amongst the last pile of clothes I took out the tumble dryer and just threw on my chair in the living room. In a heap. Not a neat pile.

Geoff was the one who presumed I was going to iron it.


Yeah right- of course you dont

psst-she does really- and socks and underwear and towels and flannels.................

Evening Dean