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Caz W

Hi Forkers.  Have I missed Deano's madness again???  All this talk of ironing, dusting and hoovering is not good but am glad others like me don't worry about it .

Glad Glyn is home safe & sound and BJay is now OK.  Add some brandy to the coke BJay - much more palatable

Geoff - I would love to see your thing that just goes plink-plonk

Little Archie has been collected by his owner and gone back home and we are missing him but not missing walkies in the dark!

Deanos Diggin It
Soz! Just clocked before signing off! ??350 Beck's! But got a bag n neopreme sleeve thrown in, so I is happy!
Jo! No need for apoligies! I am prettybthick skinned! ; )

Right! I is orf! Goog evening all! ; )

Goog night as well Dean

Caz will send you a picture-but don't tell the police

Have you checkled out my stately home?

Caz W

I'm about to check it out now Geoff - wasn't working on Firefox for me so shall switch to IE for a quick nosey now

Miss Becks

That's a great price Dean. A good bit of kit as well. Bargain! Nice one. I is jealous!


Caz W

Now I know "who would live in a house like this?"  Lovely house and garden and I'm sure you'll get a quick sale. We even got to see the very long ladder - doesn't it fold down small??

Becks - didn't know you could speak Yorkie


WEll how do you spell molt??

I vacuum, may not dust but do vacuum - well downstairs as back wouldn't let me do stairs, so OH does stairs - tricky devils - so as he goes up vacuuming he may as well do upstairs as well 

And I don't iron unless it's a really, really imprtant thing that requires ironing

Oscar really liked vacuum i think it was because pulled(sucked) off all the itchy loose hair off him



Thanks Caz

Moult - though there was a Ted Molt in the olden days

The scent from these hyacinths seems more powerful in the evenigs


Latest weather news- do not be surprised to wake up a covering snow in the morning- especially in the north and midlands

Sue H
Oh no. May be forced to stay in and cook and read all day. Although I don't think the iron or the duster will get a look in
Bunny ...
Already an inch of snow here and sending it your way ....

I'm late again. Nearly missed all the exciting talk about ironing and housework. I would never iron underwear. Mine is mostly black, small, silky, lacy and embroidered.

My friend hoovers her horse. I think mine would have a fit!


Ted's was spelled Moult. Molt is the American spelling for dog fur falling out.
Shih Tzu and two Westies don't shed much, have to have haircuts instead - having had Jack Russell crosses who left copious layers of hair everywhere I think I prefer the haircut option.

Sue - nice to see your avatar

Flower bird wrote (see)
I haven't got an iron big enough to iron my knickers!


Caz W

Am I the only one who hasn't had an avatar for Bunny for weeks?


Caz W

Bunny - I get a picture alongside everyone's name except yours. Don't know why


I've got photo of Bunny's garden.


So have I. Caz, what cyberland are you in? 

Even got an avatar for Sue now.

Beddy-byes, night all!

Sue H
I have photo too. Caz have you got gremlins?
Bunny ...
Don't know why caz ... I shall try diff pic tomo and see if you get that .