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Oh heck, police chopper circling overhead! Now what?

Oh & it's sleet/snowing again. J.

Jean Genie

Morning all.  Well, what a night I've had, My last posting about 2 pm yesterday ? When I said it was getting dark? Tremendous hail storm , mad winds and then thunder and lightning followed by small explosion in the woods. High voltage cable came down and the power went off about 3 pm.

Candlemass day lived up to its name - sat all evening in candlelight and went to bed 9 30 as it was cold. ! 30 am all hell broke loose - Power back on and everyones alarms sprung into life including mine  Had another bad nights sleep . Woke up and we have snow.

Can things get any worse. My Spring fever has been well and truly put on hold.

Need more tea - I was deprived last night. It definitlely doesn't taste the same when water boiled in pan.

Wonder what today will bring ?


Oh Jean, poor you. Daughter asked why I had 2 old mugs & a packet of candles under the sink? She'll learn!

Chopper gone, still sleeting. daughter not a happy bunny as has to go out mid morning. I'm going to finish off the kitchen cupboard investigation/clean up then next week, or whenever I can start off seeds etc without feeling guilty! J.

Bunny ...
Ooooops sorry about the snow, total whiteout here , my new plants purchases covered in the stuff. Pleased we don't have delivery today could've been messy.

Oh jean no power , then alarms not good.

Predictive text yes can be a prob ... Shall look before sending !

You haven't been lifted off have you ?

Due rain later but fear prob more snow for us first. Baking day for me.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

A very light dusting of snow here, though hardly noticable.

Watched Richard III last night. 'R' marked the spot. Curious that someone had photographed that R, even before excavation began. And finding the bones without any effort. Echoes of the paranormal.

Glad they bought in an expert to ensure meticulous excavation. "Oops, that big hole in the skull is where I've just put a mattock through it".



Nooo, chopper left me alone!

We used to have it around/overhead quite a lot, but nowadays it's rare to see/hear it.

Ooh, think I can get into bathroom, byee. J.

Bunny ...
Oh good Jo you are still safe, quick run to that bathroom
Bunny ...
Dog olive stood at porch door creaking it back and forth...her sign for let's go walkies .... Honestly that dog !
Miss Becks

Morning lovelies. White out there still, but it has just stopped and the sun has come out! Sky is returning to blue. It will all be melted by lunchtime.

Jean, you deserve extra cake today!



Morning All.
No white stuff here, had a few drops of thickish wet stuff earlier - I think it was trying to be sleet.

Bunny, my dogs are curled up in various doggy beds hoping I won't drag them out for a walk

I enjoyed the programme on Richard III too, though missed the start. In my first job in a Girls' Sec. School two history teachers, father and daughter, were staunch Ricardians so I've always been interested to know about evidence for his reputation.

Ipad users, tell me, is it possible to turn off the predictive text? I find it like the annoying child in a class who leaps in front of you to tidy your desk or hand out the books when you haven't yet decided whether that's what you want

Anyway, must get dressed and drag the dogs out.


Miss Becks

Yes Flo. Click on Settings, then click the 'General' option, then click keyboard. They are all your keypad settings. You can turn the check spelling and auto-correction off.


Well daughter is scaping her car. We've had sun, sleet, thick snow all in about 30mins! Sun again & wind increasing.

She has an abhorrence of doing R turns in the car. I do agree that turning R off our estate, up a steep hill, in blizzard conditions wouldnt be my preferred route either. So she'll turn L down the hill, L onto busy 6 lane road, next L & double back round to be on top road to use some traffic lights to cross the 6 lane road to get to her destination.  I havent mentioned the R turn, ok traffic light controlled, she'll need to do to near to her destination. Then there's limited parking, but we drove that way recently & she had a good nose around as I drove v e r y slowly, annoying others, so she could suss that out.

I'm 'doing a Kit' as I now say, she wont mind , whilst I wait for the body butter to soak in. Now I know why I normally use lotions... J.


Morning campers

Jean it sounds as though you spent the night in Victorian England-now you realise how things have come on since your child hood

I am such a pleb-am afraid that history is not really my thing

On my Kindle it has predictive text and a titchy keyboard hence the sometimes short messages at times

Need to change the bulb on the outside light -always a fiddly job

No chopper here

darren the gardener

morning all

no snow here sunshine and wind just read the new look garden news think it looks a bit like amatur gardener but its ok still got seeds with it


Morning Everyone  It is a beautiful morning - nipped to Sainsburys first thing - the wind has a bit of a nip! I am going to shut myself in the greenhouse and do some more picking over - better than climbing the ironing mountain

I hope you have a peaceful day today Jean

I enjoyed the tour of your lovely house Geoff - I hope you get a buyer soon

Have a good day  everyone

Pam LL x



Oh dear it's sleeting again. I did tell daughter to put her boots in the car, but I bet she's still wearing trainers . Ok she cant drive in those boots, but ....... when do they learn?

Geoff, just had a nosey around house pics. Am puzzled- where is the front door? J.


Is Pam's piece in there Darren?


Did you see a pic of my garden Darren  I think the new look mag is really colourful

Pam LL x


Posted at the same time Geoff

Pam LL x


Jo on the side-opposite the porch you can see on the house to the left