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Jean Genie

If that had have happened on Dec 21st I'd have been under the bed.  It was quite scary when the cable came down. Now on my 6th cup of tea and yes extra cake will be consumed today.

When the powercut happened . I was potting up some more begonia tubers.

Maybe I should start a new thread - Gardening by candlelight.  Will have to get more now though. Always have a stock in after the 3 day one.


We are going to friend's partner's funeral today. Appropriately grey and wet here.

Recorded Richard 111 last night, looking forward to it.

Slept really well last night 7 hours before needing the loo, then 2 more hrs. Normally up every 2 -3 hours. Boring, don't read that bit.

Sue H
Can someone arrange for a developer from homes under the hammer to come round and fix up my house while I'm still here? Maybe a duster and hoover will make a difference? May take more than that.
Jean Genie

Liz, These things are never easy . Thinking of you.

No housework for me today - doing nothing except eating cake.

Nothing got recorded in our house last night.

Bunny ...
Hmmm must be 7inches of snow trudged through, time for breakfast now.

Flo ...there is no keeping olive in, she will venture in anything and still swim in streams , mud baths whatever ...
Now pawing door and sighing as wants to go back out ..again (already been twice) to play in the snow .

I am interested in history but never get round to reading these days



I recorded the Richard III programme last night so will probably watch tonight.

Jean, poor you. We have a large pack of tealights and a whistling kettle for the gas hob for such an emergency! Sometimes use the kettle even if there isn't a power cut but the boys get really annnoyed if I leave it to whistle for more than 2 seconds!

Sunny here at the moment but that wind is sharp! I need to go to the plot to do a bit of planting at lunchtime, but I won't linger.

Did anyone have a thunderstorm with the snow? It seems a couple of places got 'thundersnow' last night.


Just been outside wind is chilly,fixed light,put the bins out for tomorrow-that is it for today

House remains unsold -the oh so keen ones want something nearer the town

There was something hitting the windows in the night-must have been hail -or Jean wanting to come in-ignored it-or her

Bunny ...
Blizzard again here

House will sell Geoff, be patient.

Fancy not letting jean in last night .....poor jean ....
Bunny ...
Lottiebeans nope no thundersnow just snow ....thankfully , don't like thunderstorms :S
Miss Becks

Geoff, it's a sign you gotta stop in the UK with us!!


Just had a snoop through the keyhole Geoff  Things have moved on a lot since I last moved - videos, whatever next? Seemed to be lots of shots of bathroom in the virtual tour! Apropos of nothing much, I did my second teaching practice in Foundry Lane. I remember lots of the boys gave me big hugs and modest kisses when I left (they were ony 12)



Got you Geoff. OH's Aunt has that set up & a shared drive. Drives her mad as she hasnt a car & the next door house now rented out. She worries herself silly over rights of way etc.

Daughter says the snow cover worse around here. She could be moving out sooner than I expected.......

Huge lot of 'bottom of veg rack/fridge' soup awaiting zapping. We've eaten the last of the roasted type left-over vegs for a snack. J.


My boys went to Foundry Lane FLo-Andy Withers is still the head-went in there the other day to to donate something -you may have taught them???

We have a busy house

We dont share a drive as such Jo.


G'day All

Late WW morning  BT arguing day 

Had hight winds - late last night the rubbish bags were being blown all over the place. Supposed to get wheelie bins in the spring - Hooray

Would quite like a smart phone!

Weird weather was snowing at back but not at front and sun was shining 

Spent morning saying names of songs by Reg Presley - didn't get that one Jo - favourute was Wild Thing

WE need anew back door,  we have to lift the handle up on it to keep it shut, getting worse by the day  it's adoubleglazed multi locking afair that isn't locking. A neighbour is having same problem. It's the only thing downstairs we haven't replaced, (sigh) more unexpected expense

darren the gardener

hi pam

yes i did your did see your garden in garden news today i lookks great  you most be very proud to be published well done

 i too am trying sweet potato this year im going to give pink fir ago

again well done for being published




Oh and Jean frightening - no electricity- have candles and tea lights and a kettle for emergencies like Lottie. It holds a lot more than a standard electric kettle so use it sometimes - whistle's broken on it though.

That's it watched Richard lll fascinating, they knew it was him before the DNA really

Think that covers everything 

Where we used to live there were always police helicopters going over, shing their spotlights in gardens etc, now we get air amblance when people break limbs n the hills and it is the only way down


Plan to watch the Richard 111 later.

Like the idea of a small non electric kettle- shall get one I think.

The 'b' boiler at it again! Wind strong again, snow melting in places, pavements will be murder tomorrow if they freeze tonight.

Daughter trying to sort out in what order she needs to do things to the house. Wonder if OH will take some holiday? The jobbing gardener will think about it, mine comes first! J.

Jean Genie

Cheers Geoff.  I was freezing.



Bjay-you might find that new locking mechanism can be fitted instead of having a whole new door-we have to do the same with ours

Jo are you going to step back and let daughter do house and garden?


It's a thought Geoff. The downsatirs loo window  had a new locking sysyem fixed. Thanks.

Jo I would let her learn the hard way, do it herself. It's worked with my 2 and I eel so chuffed when they ask for advice now.