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Now getting calls from a call centre in The Philippines-was told to go away

Caz W

Afternoon all.  Lovely sunny day here but rather chilly.  Been outside doing a few jobs and glad to come back in for a cuppa.

What a night Jean!!!  Hope it'll be more peaceful for you tonight.

Lottiebeans wrote (see)

 We have a large pack of tealights and a whistling kettle

Lottie - perhaps Jo would like to borrow your kettle to harmonise with her boiler


Oh Geoff, that'll be going round my head now.

We've just had a heavy snowstorm! Still falling, but a lot lighter & dripping off sills, guttering at the same time.

Dont worry. Am practising biting my tongue- wonders will never cease. Just hope that when we get a look at the place, OH does the same..... I shall just do her bidding, with a little bit of advice if asked of course.

Right, we're off to finish the cupboards, then can watch the R3 prog as a treat! Byee. J.


Back from luch at GC. Didn't go well, I've been feeling yukky all morning then came over all iffy and had to abandon meal. C'est la vie

Geoff, I wouldn't have taught yours unless they were around 10 in 1972. Cyril something was the head then. More likely to have had you in my class


Miss Becks

Snow started here again now.

Hope you feel a bit better later Flo. Not nice feeling yukky and iffy.


You are really now Flomalade

The latest weather news is that the really bitter winds will kick in tomorrow-even down here in the softy South


Thank you Michael Fish. Had better get my thermals out! Am glad the boss is out for another day, at least I don't have to put up with the door being open and a howling draft.

Flo, hope you feel better soon. Not nice feeling iffy. OH said he felt a bit iffy this morning.

Went to the plot but I didn't linger, it was bracing. Hope my plants survive.


Or should that be draught? No doubt the teachers will be able to tell me!


It might be drought if it is a very dry wind

Plot is a funny word-with two distinct meanings-(or more?)-why is that?- are there not enough words to go round

Pennine Petal
Afternoon, been working all or morning. Lots of snow here, but it is wet stuff so road seems OK. Very windy, so blizzards at times. Had to let next doors cat come in as he seems to be locked out. He didn't seem to be very happy when I opened the bedroom window and he thought it was their door.

Huddersfield got it too, so good job I wasn't going in.

Poor you Jean, we had a similar experience and had no electricity for 3 days before Christmas one year. They grow rhubarb by candlelight in Yorkshire.

Didn't Tony Blackburn have a song that was to do with choppers?
Pennine Petal
Flo have some peppermint tea, it might settle it down. Or you could try brandy.

Geoff, complain to the company!

It looked ok to me Lottie- but not a teacher.

Am having a mega visual disturbance, first this month. Drat & b****r it. Have flopped next to laptop & am munching a well OOD pack of pecan nuts. Typing isnt easy, so why am I trying? stoopidwoman!

Pile of daughter's tins/packets, along with a lot of my clippits sat on this table. It's actually been quite funny- how long have I kept that? Do we/I need it/is OH going to notice it's gone? Good job it's bottle & ordinary bin collections Thursday.

I have just vetoed the idea of checking out the wardrobe cupboard that I use for some stock items- ketchup etc. OH has finally got the idea of giving me a list of his wants/needs before we go shopping on a saturday morning. J.


O Dear Flo - hope it isn't 'norma' virus and you feel better soon.

Just done part of next door neighbours homework - she needed some Greek recipes and couldn't find what she wanted . Out comes - very old-fashioned I know - one of my many cookery books and there was just what she needed - kndle/google eat your heart out

Wind seems to be getting stronger

draught - if you think teachers are nit- picking spellers try living with an ex-journalist


Oh yes, draft is for letter writing etc- dohsmiley.

Nothing oldfashioned about cookery books Bjay. Even better with handwritten notes all along the side of recipes.

Couple of yrs ago OH separated his books from mine/ours. It has saved the kitchen shelf from collapsing, but is infuriating if the book has gone to little house or disappeared into the black hole that is his workshop/study. He tends to use the net for loads, I cant be bothered.

Right, vision settled. Off to finish the last bit of cupboard clean out & then we can watch that program. J.



Pennine Petal
Had to stop marking, I have lost Internet explorer on the netbook. I suppose I could use the PC, but then I would have to go upstairs. OH is watching WW2 stuff on the history channel.

Hi everyone.

Late checking in today. Been rather busy. We had to go into Lincoln this morning to renew bus pass, couldn't find parking spot so ended up rushing into City Hall at the very last second. No time to do hair to make ourselves presentable so new photo's make us look well, what can I say, will leave it to your imagination, but not good.  They have only got to last 5 years Home to get ironing finished then quick lunch and off to hairdressers to get a trim, should have had it done before photo's.

It's been perishing here today, snow showers and cold wind, not nice.

OH has sown broad bean seeds in pots in greenhouse, so a start has been made on this years planting.

You have my sympathy Jean, we were without our heating Christmas 2010, it's just awful. Please you have arrived back safely Glyn. Flo hope you are soon better, Anyone else who is having problems, hope things soon improve. I have had a job to catch up with all postings.



Glyn they are cold calls from overseas-sometimes I like to toy with them just for fun

Chris if you had taken the bus -no need for parking, is the centre far from home?

Also have a busy collection of cookery books-but I do not have a personal collection


Geoff, Our appointment was for 10-15 and we can only use the bus after 9-30 and it was snowing hard, the first bus we could catch wouldn't have got us there in time, so we had to use the car. City Hall is a good 10min walk from bus station.