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I didnt think that the cookery books were personal/individual either Geoff. OH decided otherwise. I cant remember who got what as a pressie/bought, except when I want a particular recipe & it's in one of those books that arent here/cant be found.

The chopper been over again!

Hope Flo feeling a bit better. Staying indoors, tucked up is the best thing to do in this weather.

Chris- I needed to renew my driving licence photo last yr. So knowing that it was due, I got my pics done before the chemo kicked in, whilst had hair! It's quite interesting seeing how it looked then cf now. Shall probably think about a trim sometime soon. Need to check out exactly where the salon is that was recommended to me by another C lady locally.

Meal planned for tonight has altered to something easy, & it uses up things from cupboard & fridge! J.


Gosh it's windy out there!!

Heard couple of bumps but don't think it's the pots

Sitting warm and cosy with fire, TV and lap top, cat washing in front of fire, other one buried in settee cushions, Oscar surprisingly absent but then cooking going on in kitchen 


Thanks for concern/advice, dear forkers. I've had a dozy afternoon in front of telly and feel human again so am going to Yoga. Car heater on full, I think.

Oooh, Bjay, I notice you've passed the 2-grand mark now.


Never said earlier - on potato topic - went to Wilkinson and they are selling their small packs (5) 4 for the price of 3 normal price £1.50. Bought 2 Charlotte and 2 Anya not quite what I planned but hey good price and right quantities for my containers.

They also had begonia corms at  3 for 2 I think

Think I'll have to cut back a bit then 

Deanos Diggin It

Guten Abend mine heir's! 

Snowing on n off all day, now turned to rain, but been very, very breezy, n bitterly cold! 

Jo! If it makes ya feel better, my boiler is whistling!  Well it can bloody whistle all it wants, as long as it's whistling hot water into the radiators! 

Flo......Hope you are feeling a tad better than earlier! 

Jean.....Bad night there girl! Hope tonight fares better! Can't be any worse! n the fact "Sad Sack" left ya knocking! Ought to be ashamed! 

Glyn......Good Sleep! Hope ya feel better for it?

Chris!......I used to drive buses years ago! We had a name for people like your good self! 

"Twurly's"!!!! Coz they used to jump on the bus first thing n say.............................

Am I "Twurly" to use my pass? 

Evening Everybody! 



Dean !!-you have landed -it has gone ghostly quiet for nearly an hour

I am a twurly-I feel so proud

Miss Becks

Deano!! How the devil are you!


Evening Dean!

I'm not yet of buspass age, but am grey haired. Regularly use the bus & surprise the driver by slapping my £5 down & asking for a day saver. Quite often they have to scrap the ticket they'd done in anticipation!

Have to admit, my getting the state pension age may have really shifted, , but if the bus pass gets delayed as well......

We've just watched the Richard 3rd prog. Daughter of course is also reading up about it on net at same time..... J.


I have seen the price of bus fares -glad I have my bus pass-it is lovely

Thankyou Gordon and Tony

Deanos Diggin It

Still lurking! 

Was getting worried myself Geoff!  I did iron my socks! Honest! 

Yo! Beck's!  

Caz W

Everyone is so busy ironing their smalls they haven't got time to chat! 

Caz W

Others are having their daily glass of wine

  - not mentioning any names




Never iron my smalls. Feeling a bit flat after funeral. Also on way from crematorium to wake was howling gale, hale and sleet and big fallen tree blocking the road. Going to watch Midsomer Murders with glass of something alcoholic.


Aw Liz-not a nice day

Are you the same time as us or an hour different?


Miss Becks

Caz. Looks like my fishbowl!

Deanos Diggin It

Liz! Settle down to a nice glass! Never easy, I must admit! 

Yo Caz! 


Don't have any smalls


Caz W

Blimey - it would take all day to iron a few of those

Caz W

Yo Deano!  You're up late tonight