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Jean Genie

Morniing forking folk, Another power cut yesterday. Gave up and went to friends and when I came back discovered it was only for 20mins. Must have been another repair. I am now fed up of re-setting clocks . Cooker, micro,alarms etc etc.but all is well now . See what today brings.

I would love to be able to grow dahlias but no matter what I do, the slugs get them- sorry to hear what happened to yours , Pam. Hopefully , this year may not be as wet as last.

Gary - Think I got a bargain at our GC. 60lts of J A Bowers with added J Innes £5 99

Are you back on UK time Glyn ? Would imagine it would take some time to adjust.. Fancy a trip to GC also but my purse has just ran away.

Why is it disturbing,Gary?
Gary Hobson

If anyone should be able to keep plants, it ought to be you. What hope do the rest of us have (besides luck).

My dahlias seem to have been OK, and still are (I think).

You didn't say whether yours rotted in the ground, or in storage.

Bunny ...

Morning all

The sun is shining, the snow has frozen but hey it may melt...

Oh jean feel your pain with clock/alarm setting why cant they just reset themselves these days. My dahlias were doomed in my garden , even though in pots (in beds), will try again but leave on decking going to have a full decking me thinks...

Mary Berry was on bbc , it will be on iplayer.

Have a good day all.

Caz can you see this pic?

Pennine Petal
Not totally Jean, woke up up around 3.30 and got up to make a drink. Woke OH up too!

Found Mary Berry and just watched the first episode, she is so nice.

Sunny here too, but still very windy.



Morning all. Pam, I think Gary means you're an expert gardener, so take it as a compliment! Have fun at the GC - which one are you going to?

My lunchtime trip today will be to Asda - not as exciting as going to the GC, but necessary!

Blue sky here at the moment, but I've not checked the forecast so don't know how long it will last.

Love the pictures of the extreme ironing! I actually ironed something this morning - OH's comment 'You're ironing! Have you banged your head or something?'


Pam, just seen your message - have a lovely time at the GC. Have you been there since they finished the re-vamp? Its vast isn't it? I remember going when it was just a few sheds!


Good day all

Scrolled through last nights postings to be confronted by a picture of Liz in her smalls-soon woke me up

My dahlias are fine -does that make me a super gardening expert as well?

According to the weather lady -if you have sun now you should have sun for most of the day but it will be cold enough to freeze those orange balls

But brace yourselves Rodney-we are going to be lashed

Jean do you want some shillings for the meter in you part of the country?

The shower and clothes await


Good morning everyone. Welcome back Glyn. Hope they've sorted your electricity Jean. Hope Bunny's cold is better. Nice to see Olive in the new avator.

Wish they sold John Innes here. They've never heard of it. New garden centre opened 25 mins up the main road. They were putting out the new delivery of perenials in little pots, 2.5€ each, but quite baby and I had most of them already. The French often label plants with common names (in French), not the Latin ones, they rarely have different varieties and they don't tell you which named variety it is. Did buy some new posts for making frame for new strawberry bed. Haven't done the bed yet. Ground's too wet as that bit was fallow last year and has gone a bit compacted. Will have to dig in manure.


Unfortunately, Geoff, it wasn't me! Wish it was! The smalls were right but the body is older and fatter

I have been to Longacres since the revamp Lottie I can remember the flower dept. when it was just a few buckets of flowers
Sod's law that we bought new dahlias last year and thought it would be best to dig them up and overwinter them and have lost them when other years we have left them in the ground and they have survived-
I don't think I am an expert at anything - I just love my plants and what I do and just grow everything to the best of my ability
The potatoes arrived this morning - they haven't charged us for the Picasso as they say they are not up to standard but they sent them any way - there are a few iffy ones but still plenty to grow
I have received brilliant customer service in all my dealings with Charlton Park Garden Centre where I bought the potatoes I will give them my custom in future
Pam LL x

Nice that you can recommend somewhere Pam! And good about the free potatoes - they will probably do fine.

Ok Forkers, a little query for you. I'm trying to put together an activity for Cubs next week, and as its Valentine's day we will be playing a game where they have to 'find the pair'. So I'm looking for romantic pairings, eg. Romeo and Juliet. Bearing in mind these are 8 - 10 year old boys, has to be something they might have heard of! I've thought of Shrek and Princess Fiona. Anyone else think of a good one?


Lottie, How about Batman & Robin

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Sun is out, sky is blue. Expecting a delivery of one of the mini greenhouses today.

Well, they have both been dispatched, so they might both turn up! I'll be like a kid with new toys!



Robin Hood and Maid Marion. William and Kate. Beauty and the Beast.


Bunny ...
Edward and bella (twilight)
Snow white and Prince Charming
Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Fred and wilma (flintstones)
Samson and Delilah ?
Posh and becks
Miss Becks
Woody and Bo Peep. Buzz light year and Jessie. Mr and Mrs Potato head!

Lancelot and Guinevere, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Cathy and Heathcliff, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester - you've got me going now Lottie, but will they have heard of them? Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara.