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William and Kate

Morning all.

Hope the poorlies are feeling better and the g&t worked for Bunny. Jean, that clock/timer resetting is so annoying! At school they invested in clocks that reset themselves and it gave the children great amusement to see clock hands whirling round after a new battery or changes between GMT/BST.

Becks, pressies, how exciting



Cinderella and Prince Charming, Beauty and the Beast,  Sorry most of the ones I can think of are bit old now and girlie!

Had to walk dog this morning as OH has a really bad cold - as he has health isues it's always worrying

Sorry done it again : Morning All

Becks which plant houses did you choose or did you go for one of each?

Our local GC is going through a major revamp, last time we went we had to be escorted around the composts etc as it was the way the dumper trucks were going in and out But did get some good plants in the plant sale. Want to go again but like others purse will do a runner!

Have said think will try dahlias this year - never grown them before - Bishop of Oxford appeals to me. Any one any advice?

Jean Genie

Fiz and Tyrone.  I can't think of any - all what I thought of already mentioned !

Nice sunny day here  but have just read Geoff's post.  Friend who has cafe just rang to say they have new farm sausages on menu and there is a full english waiting for me.

I'm off.


Am back-all resplendent-car insurance sorted for another year-meerkat claimed

Elton And David

Charles and Camilla

Katie Price and whoever

Simon Cowell and Simon Cowell

Ant and Dec

Stan and Hilda


Morning numerous forkers

It's a horrible morning here windy and trying to snow, so I am having a lazy day, don't need to go anywhere.

Bjay. I like all the Bishop dahlias, They have nice foliage and are not too in your face, don't particularly like the big flowered, bright coloured ones. We didn't get our tubers lifted last year, only had a few, so don't expect them to have survived. Will be looking for a few to replace them.

Watched Death in Paradise last night, could just do with a month in a place like that, it looks idyllic, one can only dream

Nothing much else to add at the moment.

Have a good day folks.




I can report that the girls have done well again- 6 eggs today

Do you want advice on growing dahlias Bjay or on varieties?

Am bleaching a rubber plug-as you do


What is the rubber plug for Geoff? Bath, kitchen sink?

The girls done good

I left the advice about dahlia growing to someone who knows. We just plant them and hope for the best, seem to do alright.


Bit of both really Geoff - I prefer the more open flowers - bees - but haven't grown them before. Father used to grow them and it put me off them but ther newer ones look interesting.

I'm actually having to do real housework today, Have empties the dishwasher! More to do


Kitchen sink -just washed up and it was all dirty and black-looking a bit cleaner.

Am also crushing eggs shells-exciting times

Bjay I grow them ever year-if you are not fussed -get them from Wilkinsons but make sure they are nor squidgy-check the heights as well

If you want dwarf ones-get a good seed mix

You can buy Bishops Children as a seed mix

Dont start too early


OH had decided to sweep up near the bird table on the back patio, says he can't stand it any longer It's a howling gale here so it will be as bad again in a short time. leaves everywhere.Told him it would be a waste of time, but he wouldn't listen

Now need to make a sandwich, what to have today? or maybe some tomato soup.......

Where is everyone? all busy bees.


I grew "Bishop's Children" dahlias from seed and they did very well about 4 years ago. I still have some of them, even though I left them in the ground. Don't know what I'll have left after this wet winter! Sowed in March in propgater.

Gary Hobson

Just got back from GC. There was a biting wind. Nothing new in stock. The place seemed a bit desolate. Just bought a couple of bags of compost, and one packet of seeds that I didn't need.

Saved myself a lot of money by having the willpower to replace several packets of seed, with very pretty seductive pictures on them, that I picked up, was tempted by buy, but really didn't need either. Those packets are £3+ each.

Prices of bird feed in those places are also extortionate. Didn't buy.

Noticed they had some strong wooden bird-boxes at £2.99. I'd have bought one; if I hadn't bought a similar box a couple of weeks ago for £8.


Gary don't you just hate it when that happens!

Thanks for all the 'couples' suggestions folks, have added quite a few to the list!

Off to Asda now. Such fun!


Afternoon Forkers, hope I am on the right thread!

Sun shining here at the moment but very cold and windy so I am staying indoors!

If you don't come in here for a day or two it takes ages to catch up on all the news so......I do hope all those who haven't been well are fully recovered, some less sad and everyone really geared up for the big event that is surely on the horizon some time soon......SPRING .

I have just had home-made leek (mine) and potato soup for lunch and although I am saying it myself it was delicious - pat on the back for me

Yes, I watched MB and found it tragic about her son. She is really a wonderful person I thought too - so sweet and encouraging to all her pupils. I doubt if she ever says an unkind word ever in any circumstance. Would you agree with that?

Need to get back to my knitting on which I have to really concentrate not being very good.

Take care one and all and keep warm and healthy



Hi Sasha

you have landed on the right one. You missed all the ironing yesterday!

I have just had an order for size 2 baby cardies. I am a dreadful knitter as well but have improved no end over the last 4 months! As long as it's not too small needles I manage


Pennine Petal

Wayne and Collette - I think they're still together

Mickey and Minnie

Ant and Dek???

Off out to shop now, hardly any food in the house. I was hoping OH would have done it before I got home. It looks cold outside!


Hello again.

Funny old day, trying to get motivated to have a sort-out in the garage - OH's suggestion, I need to make the most of his pair of hands while he's on day off! If I use up lots of energy, maybe I can indulge something fattening and yummy for tea

Miss Becks

Bjay, I've actually opted for 2 walk in greenhouses now. I know it is going down the plastic route again, but the only reason my other one got damaged, was due to my own carelessness, and not following the advice I was given.

This time, I'm doing it properly.

I've had this one..

and this one.

One arrived earlier, and one due in an hour.

Help, can anyone tell me why I cannot get past the first ten pages of the weather thread.
I signed out and back in, changed my password and still only the first ten pages come up.

Any ideas.


Miss Becks

No one has posted on there since yesterday Frank. Very strange. But I just got on there no problem. Is the rest of the site running ok for you?