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Caz W

Evening all.  Been to school today so was glad I'd made the bolognese sauce yesterday and only had to cook the spaghetti tonight.

Bunny - the gremlins have brought you back to my laptop .  Nice picture too!

Greetings to Lord Geoffrey of Soton, his excellent chooks and amazing white plug

Let us know how your greenhouses shape up Becks - wouldn't mind one of those myself.  Bet Jess will enjoy helping with those

Miss Becks

Well, just finished doing the first one!! And I am so surprised how big it is! I was expecting something that brushed on my head when you was inside, and you had to shuffle to move round. You could live in this thing!!

Well worth my £19.99.

Here's a picture. Ignore my filthy carpet. That is what I'm saving to replace this year, at long last!


Caz W

That looks great Becks - Jess will want to stay in there all night


Bjay, how about  for that rice pud?  I buy Tesco low fat and a third of a tin is only 1 point so well worth it, I think.

Becks, it looks like a sparkly silver house

Miss Becks

Now that would be my type of greenhouse Flo!!

Caz, she's already asked.


Bunny ...

Hmmm catching up different , lots of hmmm...
Nice greenhouse...big ...or playhouse if claimed

Been lovely day though cold , g&t helped last night thanks yes... Had me up and about on a cleaning frenzy , well downstairs at least although paw prints have since returned, dog anyone ?
JP and tuna had , need a nap now.

Ahhh caz you have me as a pic at last

Nothing on tv I see again !

All this rice pud talk will mean il have to make one, although still a choc pudd to eat first ...and cake

There is some crap programme like Watchdog on holidays with Angela Rippon-lots of shock pictures of nasty bedrooms and dirty kitchens expected-might as well go to bed

I think the seedlings might get a bit leggy in there Becks

Deanos Diggin It

Hi All! 

Very late arriving! Had the Twin Boy's this aft! n little Miss "Ploppy Pants" (Grandaughter) turned in mid-afternoon! So a pretty full house had! 

Like Grandad, like Grandson! 

 Blind as a bat!

Very nostalgic day I see! My first post page 124 n they ain't got any better! 

Although I did follow from day one! (sidelining)  It was my evening's entertainment in dark times! 

Beck's! Right greenhouses! How's the runners? 


Bunny ...
Ughhhh have we not had something like that holiday thing before zzzzzzzz
Football zzzzzzz
Gok zzzzzz

May as well switch off and talk to the dog .
Miss Becks

Still in the bag at the mo Deano. How long will they last in there?


Lovely GH Becks and with shelves as well 

Hmm - not a Tesco near here, will look further

On the hot new topic of Stafford Hospital, I can go 2 ways from personal experience in the time span they talk about - my mother was found in a collapsed and confused heap, ambulanceand to hosp - at the time she had no signs of dementia, was very active and bust lady. When we were there I lost count of the number of times I said she is not normally like this, she is active in the community etc, she was left on a 'pad' in her urine. I decided NOT to leave her and really hadto fight her corner. In the end an old style nurse came along, listened and had her cleaned up and talked to me. She was diagnosed as having a UTI urine infection) which can give dementia type symptons BUT we took her home once the meds were given and my daughter and I took it in turns to sleep on her settee to care for her. One of the ladies that died had the same symptons that if pressure to diagnose would have saved her.

_ The other side of the coin is my OH who was displaying symptons of throat cancer. From seeing GP, thru consultamt to op was 2weeks, 6 weeks for healing, recuperation,results etc. Care, explanations all the way. In fact it wasn't cancer but it was that experience that pesuaded us the time had come for us to start a new life.

I must add that we were warned by a friend about the trouble there a long time before it ever hit the news. No comments just saying there are 2 sides of the coin.




There's a programme about Sissinghurst on BBC4 at 8 o'clock. might give it a whirls. don't know if it's about the garden or the estate, might be worth a look


Serious stuff over now, got it off my chest 

There may be not much on TV but in this house there is football

Bcks does Jess realise it's all to be dismantled to go in garden or don't you want it to get dirty and wet? I contructed a garden arch in living room in old house and then found I couldn't actually bend it round the corners to get it into garden (doh smiley)


You have runners in a bag?what like Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah?

There is Africa later -or Corrie for soapy suds



Similar sort of thing happened to my mother when in hospital for broken hip. Not that hospital, one in South East England. I was pretty shocked at the cleanliness, I was a nurse once. It was spotless then.

Becks, that looks just the job. Jess is sweet. Looking forward to seeing the next one. Can't believe the prices.


Regarding earlier photo of Geoff in July, can't say I really like very muscly tanned men. Hope it's not Geoff!!

Bunny ...
Think I best get monopoly out then Geoff .
Miss Becks

Bjay!! Yeah, she does. I'm just assembling them now so I can check all parts are there and fit together as they should. Will do the other one tomorrow. They will both go outside the weekend.

I had Jess in Stafford hospital. Not one problem. In fact, they had to kick me out on Christmas Eve to go home. I wanted to stay longer as it was so friendly in there.

Lizzie, I think for the price it's just the job. The one I'm doing tomorrow is the £14.99 one. Hope it's as good.

They'll be ok until the weekend won't they Dean?


Bags I an the racing car

It might be Liz-it might be