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Night Inka.

You lot ?!?!?!?!

My original Monopoly set from 40/50s I think.

Bit nippy out there at the mo, need to order things now, then get going as Mrs Mop, then nip to GC & grab a coffee along with the dahlias. Oh & phone heating/plumbing company & get another visit organised. J.

Bunny ...
Morning all

Great loss inka , good idea to reward with GC ...splurge.

Jo old game that still no boiler fixed if you were closer I'd give you number of lad OH knows.

Red red sky this morning ...sailors warning work delivery today ,new fella will he heed warnings not to use sat nav and follow instructions instead....we shall see .

Fancy comfort today its cold maybe chicken cobbler or mince n dumplings later and chilli scrambled eggs this morning.

Helping OH outside brrrrrrr in between the upstairs cleaning frenzy.

Have a good day.
Jean Genie

Morning forkers and nighty nite Inka,  Were you all on Bjay's wine last night ? er

Bit of a frosty one here but have heat and light so can't complain All this talk of dahlias is making me feel like I should have another go. I may take Jo's advice and put some in pots so they don't end up as slug fodder.

Worked out just how much I've spent over the last few weeks on gardening stuff. Need to be sensible now,


Bunny ...
Hehe jean I think we're on something.

I used pots for mine too jean, worth a go.

If you close your eyes and what you have spent it doesn't out, so can carry on spending .

Ps my trolley has arrived for garden , hoping it doesn't collapse instantly hehe
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

A bright crisp morning.

Got a couple of interesting Emails this morning. One was from Tesco customer service, asking if I would fill in a satisfaction survey about my latest delivery (which is expected this morning).

I am expecting this delivery to be on time, and with no substitutes.

I also got an Email with the subject line '£50 off your next shop at ASDA'. It might conceivably have been genuine, but I decided not to click on the link. (seeing I am already satisfied with Tesco). That Email was actually sent to an ancient Email address that I never use for outgoing mail, and which just collects spam.



Morning everyone. You're a busy lot this morning planning garden stuff. I'm a slow starter anyway and I have so much re-organising to do and boring jobs that it's hard to get excited.

Inka - really well done on your weight loss campaign   Keep up the good work

I was a lurker for a while before joining in and when I realised that it was my sort of daft, I took the plunge. Still lurk now if I haven't anything to say. See, I can shut up sometimes  

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies.

Bit nippy this morning, but dry. May get myself outside today. Still haven't washed all my pots and trays I sorted out either. Also got the other greenhouse to do.

Gary, hope Tesco's doesn't dissapoint!

Bunny, are you test-driving it today?


We all lurk occasionally - sometimes I just don't have time to post, or have nothing to say (yes, really!!) but I'm sure there are lurkers who read this and don't join in.

Bright and cold this morning, had to scrape the ice off the car, and there'd been another accident and road closure, same place as last time. This is the third one at the same spot in the last few weeks, despite warning signs. So the traffic was horrendous on alternative routes.

Well done Inka, you deserve a treat. I need to do the same but keep having the treats and haven't lost the weight!! Does thinking about it qualify? And have fun at school today

I'd better look busy, the boss is back today - although he hasn't appeared yet. Probably on his way back from the airport.


Good morning all. I lurked this morning. Mind was blank! Then I thought I'd say good morning, to be going on with.

Pottie Pam

Good morning from another forking lurker.

I love reading your posts and often laugh out loud at some of your comments.

Can I please put in a special request for more competitions.

Geoff and Becks won a week in my caravan for this February  along with Jess,Cody and the chickens but I haven't received the booking form yet. 



Should have said "well done Inka". Really good effort. Wish I good do it without willpower, haven't any. The menopause has a lot to answer for. Never had a problem before then. People said you're lucky you don't have a weight problem - then menopause plus nearly 2 stone.When I asked the Doc he said "what do you expect at your age, you're OK for 61, but I feel fat, as I wasn't before.

Bunny ...
Insomnia ...I do hope for a test drive round the garden , wish it was pink though

Full of cold now what's that about.

Just appear busy lottiebeans

Right housework calls ....have fun.
Miss Becks

Ooh Pam, I forgot about that!! Do I have to go the same week as 'him'?


Moaning chaps

I have never lurked on here-but have lurked elsewhere-as I have said before it seems like a little club-which it isn't-and it takes a lot to knock at the door-which it shouldn't- but such is the case with chat threads-all are very welcome

Still cold and there are still lots of rumblings for snow at the weekend-will repeat that February is often a month of contrasts

Will think of another competition and a supersonic prize


Morning all

Just had a lurk

Not much to say either - no money to do dahlias/begonias/GC though I have atoken thar expires end of month

Menopause + stress caused my weight surge Lizzie (that's my daughter name) but WW is helping me win the battle, well it was up till Christmas been stationary since but still trying - it is a long slow process I find. So well done Inka.

Bunny we have to tell folk not to use sat nav to get here as well, when they do they always ger lost

Right back later proper house work to do and I'm hoping mty seed order has just fallen on the mat


Gary Hobson

Tesco man has been, shopping all packed away.

No substitutes; nice yellow bananas, I couldn't have chosen them better myself. Mushrooms just a touch on the large side, but not to worry.

Being a 'picker' for Tescos must be a really interesting job. That's how they make up these orders. They have people who actually go round the real stores picking the shoppting for the on-line orders. It does work in a very similar way to the Borg advert...

Though the pickers normally wear less conspicuous outfits.

Pottie Pam

I'm afraid so, Becks. I did warn you at the time that it was only a two berth. Perhaps Geoff could bring a tent and you and Jess could share with Mrs. Geoff.



Miss Becks

Hmm. I just have a vision of him wanting to 'bash his balls' early in the morning. Not a sight I would like to witness.


I like the tent idea-the excitement will be intense (Dandy circa1973)

I havent bashed a ball for weeks -have trouble finding them when it is cold

My son use to pick for Tesco -many moons ago

Bunny ...
Ohhh what I have walked into now...ball bashing ?

Geoff and tent excitement ?

No delivery as yet....were advised his was a fruit bat that was coming so who knows where he is, back road narrow frozen snow . Can't ring OH has hogged the phone gossiping , like an old fish wife at times , he could be building my trolley