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Miss Becks

You'll also have to come and pick me up geoff. Still no car. It's on the way!


I am an expert on tents. Let me know if you need any help!

Must go and get a coffee, and a biscuit (stomach is rumbling). See now why I can't lose the weight?


Good morning Lurkers, I mean Forkers.

Lurking with not a lot to say this morning

When you play monopoly next time the iron will be replaced by a cat, so the Daily Mail informs me, so it must be true.

Well done Inka, quite an achievement, especially when you are trying to give up smoking as well, give yourself a pat on the back. Hope you enjoy your shopping trip.

Just going to check if we have any John Innes no 3. Acers pot has cracked and broken into pieces, been going for a while, so new pot require, and hopefully we have enough JI and ericaceous compost to do the job. More expense

Cold here, but sunny.

Have a good day, got to go to the tip later. OH just hopes the trailer is ok, hasn't been used for a time.


Bunny ...
Yes it appears they had public vote as to which piece should change, so now we have a moggy for scotty to chase

Hope you get some compost and a new pot sorted .

OH still rabbiting

Cake lottiebeans ...I have cake
Jean Genie

Just lurking. Ran out of pots  - well , the size I need anyway. All the stellar pelargoniums have put on some good growth so I was starting on them but they'll have wait now. They seem to be growing faster than the bog standard ones, Any ideas ?

Hows the geenhouse building getting on Becks ?

Right time to clean my mess up. Thank goodness for utility rooms.



Well Becks- will pick up Lottie if she can squeeze in -she was rather svelte last time I saw her so can't imagine what has happened-obviously good at organising and telling people what to do so will be an asset-Jess might have to cling to the roof but as she is small will be OK-other than that ready for the orf

Musn't forget me balls

I have a busy pot store Jean-just shout

Miss Becks

No progress yet Jean. Me and Jess don't 'do' mornings. Or should I re-phrase that. Me and Jess don't do anything in the morning! When I've took her to nursery, will put this one that's built outside (although it's gone very grey, so may not happen) and then the second one will be assembled when madam is back, as she likes to 'supervise'!

bunnysgarden wrote (see)

 No delivery as yet....were advised his was a fruit bat that was coming 

I've never seen a fruit bat in my Tesco. Does anyone else's have a pet dept?

Bunny ...
Hehehe not tesco that's coming , work delivery tesco would find us .
Bunny ...
Now eating choc hobnobs ***bored smiley***

Do you work in a zoo, then Bunny?

Miss Becks

Bunny, answer Flo's question! I'm intrigued!!


Geoff, it was Christmas, then it was cold - lots of comfort eating and now I need to shed that extra half stone that crept on! Before it becomes a whole stone. I know what could happen - I could end up like my mother (probably will anyway!)

Did have a biscuit though.

Becks, might be safer if you, me and Jess slept in the caravan and we put Geoff in a tent

Bunny - fruit bat?? And hope you're sharing those hob nobs!


Just lurched in!

seeds came and been trying to workout what in my little propagator can go somewhere else, so I can palnt some more.

Moved 2 pots of cutting to window seat. that's made alittle more room but could do with moving the onions. Not sure if I should or not they are through the compost and on heat, could I move them to a window ledge? Anyone know?

I can pitch a caravan. What about an awning rather than a tent then you would all be cosy together


Get the onions out of the propagator -probably did not need heat to germinate in the first place- not everything does



Bunny is running a rabbit farm -hence the name -and the fruit bat is taking aerial photographs to sell to the Bunny Club

Bunny ...
Heheheh the driver is the fruit bat we were warned ...and true to the name I may add. Anyway delivery here , not a fruit bat, nor fruit farm, bunny farm sorry to disappoint ...would be nice working in a zoo , alas neighbours wouldn't approve I'm sure .... already frozen now cuppa time and errr share hobnobs? Isn't that illegal ?

Ps the bunny was a bunny visitor we used to get when I first logged to GW..not me

Someone get the light and hold bunny down-what is this secret business?

Miss Becks

Don't have to worry about Jess's sleeping arrangements Lottie. I'll bring the greenhouse. She'll be quite happy in there!

Munching on seafood sticks, reduced at Co-Op, 30p!