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Gary Hobson

Sounds like Watership Down, Fiver and Hazel, etc....

Bunny ...
Awww no that films so sad
Gary Hobson

Something more Beatrix Potter then.


Changing the subject-does anyone watch The One Show?

-keep reading that Bruce Willis last night was a bit of a plonker???-was he??


Bunny, if you're not Bunny then what are you? For example, I'm Liz. Liz just fitted with Busy-Lizzie and I grow them. Or are you keeping it a secret?



The one time I didnt watch it Geoff.

The birds are now happily using the previously ignored seed feeder. They will scatter some for the ground feeders & i'll sort out any germination beneath as & when- only a very small bed there. The fat pellet feeder now on fence hook & now it's being ignored. J.


Yep - he was aplonker - a relief I thnk when his time was up. One of those really hard to interview celebs That was like pulling teeth

So Bunny i'm not Rosa whatsit, Nor am I Bjay but that is very similar to my name and always wanted a nickname, Rosa is a pseudonym of a pseudonym!

So when I go to camping show at NEC in 2 weeks time will I see Bunny's campervans??


Hi ya Dean 


Right just need my Yorkie eyes and ears on

Am ready -Dean-orf you go


What I call skiving

Have you worked out your new computer yet?

Deanos Diggin It
Still on with it! Windows 8 is taking a bit of getting used to! : ???

Bunny, you'd better go and get a pet rabbit, pronto! I'm Lottie because of the allotment! Inka is Inka because its her dog's name!

It appears that boss is back in the building - but hasn't made it upstairs yet.



Can someone explain to me why - when I was looking for a rabbit hutch on wheels picture - a picture of Boris Johnson came up 

Didn't find a picture though


Eh Bjay? -are you back on the firewater again?

How about this??



But that is boring I saw that. I was looking for a bunny campervan


Oh right-clear now-going in