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Morning all.

Glyn, I tend not to notice trolls much either. I do remember we had fun with one a few months back posting random silly things until it went away. And I think Tower Hamlets   also comes up for people who don't live in this country so not necessarily trolls.

Gary, parcels, hope it something nice

Gary Hobson

DVD rack, and garden truck. More utilitarian than luxury.

I've been thinking of ordering a few plants. I normally buy from my GC. But by buying online you do get a much wider range of choice.

Bunny ...
Ooh I have just received my garden truck , OH built it last night , drives lovely

Well it's bitterly cold outside and another 'outside working' day wit OH on van, I shall layer up like Michelin man, thick fog keeping it cold at the moment but due sun sun sun.

No garden excitements for me today sadly but I shall take a pic of my trolley for you .

Morning all. Quick nip in whilst it's blissfully quiet around here.

Nurse due anytime now- byee.J.

Sue H
Bunny. Lovely sunshine here. Although cold. Shame I have to get ready for the dreaded work. Could do so many things. Next day off Sunday. Supposed to be snowing then.


Bunny ...
Hello Jo...bye Jo .

Aww come on sue share the sun , it's freezing here . Yes snow due again tomorrow and Sunday ..boooooooooo.

Where is everyone? Having tea in bed ?

I'm here Bunny. Looking forward to seeing your truck   I have to get a new wheelbarrow soon.

Poor Sue, work  

Bunny ...
Hehe she is parked out front , just waiting for the fog to lift


Another typical February day-the Sunday forecast is still undetermined -they keep saying look out for updates-there will be precipitation of some sort

Now on trolling- the poster in question may be all innocent-and a victim of false accusations but when they point to the fact on one thread they are from the USA and they try to pick an argument-yet on another they spend "100 quid on pots per year"-something is wrong

Tower Hamlets is the default location for anyone registrering outside the UK-Liz is shown as that but has added details to her profile-this poster hasn't-make of that what you will

Now a question-when is figrat coming to say hello again after winter hibernation?

Jean Genie

Morning all  Just been ''trolling'' along outside to see if there's any thing new.

There isn't.

Fed birds, watered plants and cleared dead stuff off sundew. The venus fly trap is showing signs of life. Think I've managed to overwinter it.  I'm a bit worried about the sundew though, it's just a heap of moss at the moment but the pitchers got new growth on as well . I do love my little meat eaters.

Exciting day for me. Weekly shop but will have to get some bigger pots.

I won't be spending hundreds on them.


Morning All.

Going to GC today to buy new pot for Acer. I have numerous unused pots but of course not one suitable for said job, ain't that just typical. But on the bright side I have lots of vouchers to spend so hopefully won't cost me a fortune.

Wyevales are doing an offer for lunch during Feb if you are a garden club member. Buy one lunch for up to £7. 50 get another free, might take them up on the offer, if it's not too busy.

Hopefully we will be going to Stratford -upon-Avon on Monday, weather permitting, for a 3 night stay, put off from January due to bad weather.

The cat is sat on the window sill behind me looking out of the window. She has obviously seen something she doesn't like, she's growling and is puffed up

 In a more relaxed mode.

As for trolls. - why can't they just join in a normal posting and enjoy.

Must go and do something

Have a good day.


Bunny ...
Ahhh more have appeared ... Jean gruesome plant woman

Any offers of working with OH peeps so I can go GC and potter in greenhouse

Sun is out , beans and crumpets had ...happy days ...

Have a good day .
Morning it is a beautiful day here - cold but the sun is shining!
I have done my big shop already - had to walk today as my Sister has an awful cold and cough and is staying in the warm - best place when you feel poorly.
I will probably do a bit more in the greenhouse later
PamLL x

Hot News. Figrat has been posting this morning on What are you eating... thread so we might see her here later


Hi Chris, Stratford-on -Avon is lovely, hope you enjoy it. Shakespeare's daughter's house has a lovely garden, but we went in July. It's a beautiful old beamy house.

I was going to explain to Becks that I'm down as living in Tower Hamlets (troll's neighbour!) but Geoff has already dealt with it.



Morning all forkers. Where's the troll? I never seem to notice these things!

I was at my desk by 8.30 this morning, so I shall attempt to leave early, but I have noticed that on Fridays there's always something 'urgent' that has to be finished before the weekend and I'm usually given the information late in the day. Frustrating!

I'm 5' 5" on a good day.

We took the Cubs bowling last night - they really enjoyed it, and I even had a game against one of the other leaders (I lost).  

Sunny and cold, more ice scraping this morning. I'm planning a quick shopping trip at lunchtime. Haven't checked out the weekend weather yet, will do that in a minute.

Pam, I take it there wasn't a good selection of potatoes at the GC? Might call in over the weekend for a quick look! 

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Bloomin miserable day here, inside and out! Madam is coughing and spluttering.Day off nursery may be had.

That's it for now.



Morning all

Snow on hills this morning 

OH feeling better so has gone to supermarket 

Still had to exercise dog though.

Looking forward to seeing the garden truck. 

very busy on here this morning

Lottie - there was a reasonable selection just not the ones we wanted so I was glad we ordered ours from Charlton Park .The potatoes from Longacres and Charlton Park all had a Taylor's label.They have lots of 10's of unusual varieties.there is a wonderful selection of Dahlias!
Pam LL x

Lottie, the troll was on a thread about pots.