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Cody is at the groomers -he wont come back so pretty-but he wont know

There seems to be a lot of moving about on here today and spending money-why is Friday shopping day?

Bunny ...
Poor Cody olive would still think him pretty

No shopping here...stressed OH , joy ..where can I hide

He is back

So what is it you are actually doing there bunny-supervising or getting down and dirty??

Bunny ...
Hiding Geoff ! Should be fitting tent of pop up roof but the rams are faulty....
Bunny ...

Been playing with new truck





Gary Hobson

Great truck.

Not absolutely certain mine will arrive today. It's coming Royal Mail parcels. So might be tomorrow, but I'm still optimistic.


'Ooh er' Bunny!

Nurse gone. Been stabbed.   Am eating my snack lunch. Have put some washing out to dry. Checked on rat bait- still untouched.

Keep looking at the Epimedium that could do with its' annual cut back. Every yr I decapitate the snowdrops beneath, but have decided that waiting another week will be more sensible. Bit daft going out today when have had a higher drug dose & could suddenly be wobbly. Paperwork & e-mails await when I get my act together.

I never spot trolls either. J.

Bunny ...
OH insisted on the tipper mechanism ***rolls eyes smiley***.
Mine came quite fast, hope your does too.

On things coming-has anybody had any recent e-mail notifications-has it had a hiccup again?


I've had a few e-mail notifications,

Love the truck Bunny, Looks like Olive does as well. SOOO useful

Hope you are OK Jo

OH came home with copy of Garden News. Win a GH inside it.

Lunch today - fresh baked bread and mmm Marmite I think 

Bunny ...
Yes my able assistant has been filing it with frisbees , very helpful that.
Just wish I could get on using it , ground rock solid no room in greenhouse to do things .... What to do now *****sighs***** have afternoon off I'm told ...
Shall I read , sleep, iron, Hoover , sew, knit.... Just don't know

Now the Police are investigating the horse-meat saga-suspecting sabotage

Still no e-mails-doesn't matter it just means they wall plop though the letter box in one lump

Sue H
Bunny love the truck. Very envious! I am 5'7" so will not fit in a walk in greenhouse (crawl in greenhouse maybe)
That cat - just the same as mine. Has very soft hair - like a rabbit!
Farewell all. Off to the saltmines.
Bunny ...
OH is going to see the horse woman later with the cardboard , I'm sure he will wind her up a tad re horse meat

I've had horse steak..didn't realise til translated the menu

Have fun sue,

Aww Geoff never mind maybe emails will all come at once.

Mate of OHs popping round , I shall keep busy in office with Olive.



Oh good, I'm not a towering freak, then. Lottie, can I be your partner? 5ft 5ish is just right for me.

Bunny, what a fab-u-lous truck!  SUCH fun

OH just off to buy a very pricey laptop - he's decided it has to be a mac cos of his photographing and that. I foresee tears.

I'm off in a bit to the garden to carry on digging up crazy paving in preparation for chicken ranch re-siting.


Oscar always helps in garden by dropping his balls in the weed bucket and clawing (tipping it up) to get ball back, then it is thrown (ball) and the game starts all over again.

Gosh don't tell any one but the sun has just come out

Bunny ...
I don't want to get my truck dirty though, I may just drive it around

Ooooh laptop excitement and chicken ranch ...

Hahaha olive just shoves things in my face instead , she does empty weed buckets so find a nice twig to chew spit out and repeat process to look for another also excellent at pot moving , empty or containing plants , along with trowel moving, kneeling pad stealing.
Used to have a tiny stream going to pond , pond had been planted with sunken pond plants...until one day she is running around garden with one she fished out, another day she was dragging the stream plastic liner around the garden
Bit calmer these days
Miss Becks

So what exactly does one use a truck for?

Jean Genie

Back from shopping. No bargains to be had and no pots in the size I want either so it looks like another trip to GC. Purse will run off again.

Don't know why Friday is the chosen shopping day for most people. Maybe because people get paid ?  Or just habit in my case. I am getting emails so don't know what's going on.

Hope Jess is feeling better, Becks. .

I'm very envious of your truck, Bunny - motorised as well  

Just been reading about Findus - some foods 99% horsemeat  Probally eaten it somewhere down the line.

Oooh Have to go - visitors.