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Pennine Petal
Hello Figrat and The rest of your of course.

5'10!! I haven't got a wheelbarrow or a truck, only a trug.

Oh coming out of hibernation as usual. Have been a bit distracted fighting to get a year's back pay but finally won a couple of weks ago, so it's been a bit of a rough old winter but at least the days are drawing out now, and the (shhhh!) hope for a good growing year is inspiring.

Snowdrops and daffs popping up everywhere, up to date with all the hard pruning of roses, honeysuckle and vine, started sowing some seeds in the GH (toms, peppers, broad beans, mangetout and sweet peas).Just started gently watering the dahlia tubers, hope I get a better show than last year when I only got about 4 flowers. In the middle of spring cleaning the bathroom, just washed a venetian blind in the bath, glad it was only me to see how grimy the water was.







I trust you have been keeping up to date with the comings and goings?

You not going to keep saying bloddy ipad as well?

So still working or not now?

Hiya Glyn


Hi Figrat - Can't remember whether we met before or not 


Deanos Diggin It

Hello everybody matey peeps! 

Thank crunchy it is Friday! 

That said! It's my Saturday in! 

Hi Fig! Long time no see! 

I too have a truck!  But the only status I have is the one's I post on "Facebook" 


Hi all! Am still working, had 3 changes of contract ( NHS!! - glad I wasn't ill...). Only logged on again a couple of days ago.
I borrowed Bloke's humungous 4wd truck a couple of months ago to pick up a load of manure, he had to hose it out afterwards!
Hi guys, don't know you figrat, mind you I only know a couple of people on the forum.

Glad you're back Figrat. We're all plodding on around here, in my case, cant 'speak' for 'tothers.

OH back, bearing cake & very nice it is too.

He's now snoring in his chair, as usual. BUT he's just phoned boiler manufacturer re 'the problem' & they know what's what- yay! Now to get chief engineer to get them, manufacturers, out to replace wot's sticking inside said boiler..... which has just started again!! Stomps off to turn on tap......right that's sorted.

I didnt go out to garden but have sorted out all 6 drawers of the bureau instead. More junk & memeories, but am glad it's done. I do ache now, thanks drug, but know that'll settle in a couple of days or so.

Now to confuse everybody by doing cauli mac cheese tonight. Yes I know it's not Monday but that's what we're having. Shall do a raspberry jam sponge pudding too for the others.

No sign of the Goldfinches returning to the niger feeder, nor the bullfinches, good. Lots of activity around all the feeders though. Right, need to get the washing back in & make a start on meal. J.


I should imagine not many people came near you for a with all that manure fiigrat. Ha ha
Deanos Diggin It

Hi Flower Bird! 

A lot of us neither know each other either, a few have met, but don't let that put ya off! We are a friendly, approachable bunch! 

Yo Jo! (Did ya see what we was accussed of?)  


Pleased you don't feel too bad Jo. Mention of raspberry jam pudding really made me drawl

Lot of bird activity, we have sparrows, watched one on the fence with some fluff - thought nest. Not so many goldfinches as usual and the tits pop in and out. - wood pigeons though 

Found someone selling mushroom compost - 10 big bags for £30 - reasonable or not - don't know

Hello Flowerbird (waves)


Just looked locally Bjay 40 bags £125-so £3 per bag about right-have you checked out council compost ??

I love you all-new,old returners..........


Bjay be careful with those tits popping in and out, you will get Geoffrey in all of a fluster!

Just waiting to go home now. Twiddling my thumbs. No urgent work appeared at the last minute this week thank goodness!



Lottie there was me being all good as well and was so tempted

You may go home now

I think this is a blue site......I mean blue tits of course!



I did hesitate at first, but what else can you call the little birds?

Someone warned me off local council compost  - may have been on this forum because of Japense knot weed which is in area. that works out at £2. a bag.


I blush when they are the bigger version-well actually I smirk


Pause in cooking here. Daughter back, also had cake & OH got the remote......

Dean I did see, but chose to ignore them.

Bjay, drool not drawl, though I quite like the new version.

Dad always had Terry Wogan on car radio when he sometimes dropped me at the 2cnd bus for school. I still cant say Gatwick Airport without a real struggle. It'll always be Gatport Airwick to me. Like big tipper type truncks will always be 'digger ro ros' to me & OH- circa friend's toddler daughter when aged 2-3.(she's now a mum of 3!)

Yet again police chopper flying over!! Route must've changed, that's several times this week. Daughter just tried to spot it, but it's not staying nearby, good.

Ok really do need to go & cook now. Byee, J.


Titmice? I've had a goldcrest on my fatballs for a couple of days now  Adorable.

Hello figrat and Flower bird. Good to have you here again.

So far so good with OH's mac. He couldn't recognise option key so I googled it. I'm trapped under a dog and can't go and help him. I dug up a medium sized bush, a small holly tree, some crazy paving and dozens of sprouting bluebells. Doesn't look much but it's progress.

Deanos Diggin It

Lottie!.....Do what I do! Once home time approaches, Sneak off while nobodies looking! 

Just had a phone call! This is how it went! 

Me! "Hello"

"Hi, My name is Boring, patronising, telesales person (Made up obviously)  from "Solar World Incorporated" You have shown interest in our products through a local telephone survey you participated in"

"Did I, Can not recollect being involved in that to be honest!"

"What! You didn't take part"

"Not that I can remember"

"Oh! Right! Can I then ask would you be interested in any of our solar system energy saving products then?"

"No not really thanks"

"Can I then ask why you would not be interested in any of our products then?)

"Yeah! We live in England ya knob! n we never get any sun!)

He hung up! Abruptly!