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congratulations Geoff

My mouse has just died

will take a while to catch up


Cant decide -should I do Coronation Street or Xfactor as my Mastermind specialist subject??

Caz W

Bunny - if you "hover" over the pictures of Geoff's chooks you will see he has now made 8006 posts on the forum.

@bunnysgarden - ther's a free spotify iPad app, or have a trawl through YouTube. Or Tune in radio app, so you can stream music radio of all types and from all over the world ( free download too).
Caz W

I will answer questions on "Ladies' Jeans 9.99 - 19.99" (oldie but goodie)



Its back-moves to settee

Bunny ...
Geoff I think you could probably wangle both subjects

Thanks figrat , I shall look at that tomorrow.

Oh caz I see, wow Geoff don't you talk a lot

Lol @ladies jeans ...I like gap ones these days

Mouse is alive again 

Not missd much I see

Bunny ...
No geoffs swatting up for mastermind , I'm cooking, OH been playing with iPad....
Please you revived mousey

I'm an ox, apparently. Just wondering if I'm stubborn! 

Went off up to collect youngest son from work and when I got there I discovered he was at home in his bedroom all the time and hadn't been working! Doh! 

Anyway at least we both laughed about it. 

Glad the mouse is alive - did it need artificial respiration or a new battery?

Geoff, congratulations! Champion poster. Award yourself a toffee apple

Bunny ...
Hard worker lottiebeans that's you

New battery but is getting rickety - might say legless

Just had some chocolate

MD now - keep calm Bjay


Will put it next to the windmill Lottie

I'm a tiger -like Lulu

There was I thinking poor mouse-coming up with suitable sentiments-flaming computer mouse

Bunny ...
Grrrr Geoff rahhhhhhh

Did the usual with MD - went  to sleep - he certainly does not bring out the tiger in me.


Sue H
Greetings forkers. Back from the saltmines. Can't be bothered with tea. Just having a glass of wine. Got to be back at mines at 730 in morning.
Been to doctors. Told me I had to watch what i ate. So I am booking tickets to watch the Grand National.

Good TV night, Prince Charles about the composer, Parry (wrote Jerusalem) then Monty Don and French potagers. Monty doesn't bring out the tiger in me either, but I prefered the potagers to the grand symetrical gardens of last week. I had hoped he would show the potagers of Cheverney, which has flowers and veg andDavid Austin roses, and Chenonceau which also has flowers and veg and pretty workers' cottages with wisteria and honeysuckle over them. 

Bunny ...
Watch what you eat sue ? You ok?

I'm turning semi veggie

Prince charley ..hmmm .

Please I'm not a tiger...I'm all tiger'd out, il just peck peck,peck
Bunny ...
Night geoff , up nice n early with weather forecast please