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Good morning forkers   I've not been around much lately as Aged Ps have been playing up (oh and I've had to go to work as well).  I've got the weekend off from both (hopefully) for a change so I'll be able to pop in and out a bit more.   

There's no way I can catch up with what you've all been up to in the past couple of weeks or so, so if there's anything vital that has happened someone will have to tell me.  

I have noticed that the Three Billy Goats Gruff are needed on troll-duty once more

And our garden has been invaded by a rat (our fault for putting bird food out on the ground in the snow) so 'nuclear strength' bait has been ordered. I tolerate most creatures and hate to use poisons, but as a farmer's daughter and ex smallholder, I know what will happen in a few weeks if I don't get rid of it.  And when I was a child a boy in the next village died of Weils disease  and this rat is tunneling under the terrace by my herb bed 

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

A dusting of snow here this morning, and it's still coming down. Forecast says it should turn to rain.

Enjoyed Monty last night. Very relaxing and laid back. The music itself was soothing, probably taken from a sleep-hypnosis CD. They must have a really good time filming these programs. At least that's the feeling. Nice hat, nice strawberries.

Though personally I don't aspire to the lifestyle of a French peasant, or living in a monastery.


Good morning all.

Lovely crisp frosty morning here in Lincolnshire.

Hoping to get some pruning done today when it warms up a bit, Roses and Clematis, then give them a feed. I bought some herb seed yesterday, parsley and dill, going to get them started in the heated propagator. We find parsley always a bit hit and miss to get going.

I've still got Monty to watch, saved it for tonight when I expect there will be nothing worth watching, well for us at least.

Hope the snow has gone from the Stratford area by Monday, Gary, we'll be down your way then.



Morning all.

Dove, I recently discovered that a rat has taken up residence in my loft. Local radio going to interview pest control person in a while so I'm all ears.

Grey and drizzly here, not much change all weekend, apparently, but what care I?   I'm flushed with success at last night's quiz. The 'Jurassic Jokers' as we named ourselves, carried the prize with 97 points out of 110    


Bunny ...

Oh dove aged Ps completely understand . Rat prob not nice, we had one under shed , neighbour still feeding on grass but tend to have rats closer than we realise anyway just see them when food around. OH poisoned ours, the poison had gone. i couldnt do it ..wuss.

Dull dull here, we don't want snow !!!!! Please don't snow.
I see the horse is still taking over the news.

Haven't seen monty yet, watch it later.

Customer due lunchtime so that will scupper plans a tad. Right dog hike . Catch you later.



Congratulations Flo and Co, good score, We used to go to quiz nights run by the cricket club in the village, but it all fizzled out, quite miss it really.

We had rats in our garden a couple of years ago, came through from the old orchard , now neglected and ripped up, took several visits by Rat Man to get rid of them. I'm always expecting them to come back. The council charged us £45 per complete treatment. Now we only put food on the bird table and in feeders, but  inevitability some falls on the floor.

Dove. Understand where your coming from regarding parents. We looked after my Mum for 5 years after she had a stroke, and quite frankly our life was on hold. She eventually had to go into residential care and is still going strong at 99.



He'll probably recommend calling in the professionals 


Yes, I'm sure he will ! But it may be worth it for me not to have to source and deal with poisons.

Bunny ...
Morning flo , Well done with quiz ...what did you win ? Holiday for forkers ?
FloMarmalade wrote (see)

Yes, I'm sure he will ! But it may be worth it for me not to have to source and deal with poisons.

You're probably right - I'll give it a go myself as I've done it before, but if I don't succeed, I'll call in the experts - don't want the neighbours complaining because I've been feeding the birds 


Morning Bunny.

We won a box of Roses each. However, I'm putting mine in the prizes cupboard to donate to the next dog rescue fair as I don't want all those extra points weighing me down next weigh-in day

I might help OH when he tucks into his

Bunny ...
Hehehe flo now 1pp for 1, 3pp for 2

Morning all weekenders

Have been lolling in my pit till recently -didn't even do the coffee run,the garden walk or dog feeding-I fear I could be in trouble later-but was so comfy

Bit disturbed about rat-talk here and elsewhere-not happy about the drowning issues-moral dilemma time-but like slug pellets if you cant see the suffering does that make it OK-too deep a question for a Saturday morning

Having burgers tonight on the assumption that they will be cheap-quite a bit of mis-information confusing the issue

Well done Flo on winning University Challenge/Pointless/ The Chase/Mastermind/Family Fortunes

And now the weather-you may or may not see snow -more chance are across the middle of the country-Chris take note-elsewhere more likely rain-but they still keep saying check regularly

And finally- a dog on a skateboard

News at Tenish -Southampton

Bunny ...
Lazy man Geoff tsk

Difficult one that Geoff re if don't see suffering is it ok, very heavy for a Saturday, I struggled with poisoning rat when we had one, few issues I'm starting to struggle with.
Make your own burgers
Raining here now grrrr. Snow please miss here. Thanks for forecast .
Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Chilly this morning. Frost still on cars and grass. Glad I've got 2 days off from walking!

Flo, love the team name! And well done.




Weather flash~~~~~~~~~~~~

Just looked out of window-white stuff coming down it was rain earlier -not settling

I see they have had a tremendous snow storm in he USA-with aiports etc closed-and they are used to it-perhaps people here will take not when we gut a flurry

TV news~~~~~~~~~~

If anyone wants too see one of the best Christmas films ever -again-Its A Wonderful Life is on Film 4 this afternoon

Gary Hobson

I think that all schoolchildren should be tested to see if they contain horse DNA.

Bunny ...
Keep you white stuff down there please. The country will grind to halt again

Don't think I can watch crimbo films not at chrimbas time .

Miss Becks

Will they check fish fingers for sea-horse DNA??