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Morning All

We had rats at old house, council rat catcher came and said we lived in a rat hot spot. Used to open curtains in morning to see them gallivanting on the lawn. Stopped feeding birds completely. Make me shudder just to remember

It is very hard caring for aged P's. We only begun to have longer than 3 days away at a time last year. Still she managed to play the home up as we weren't there. This year it'd 2 week long holidays, OH has said , we've had enough it's now our time. My children will probably think the same in 20 or so years time.

Well done on winning quiz

Off to butchers 

Bunny ...
Morning rosa

@ rats gallivanting on lawn

Dobbin burgers ?
Gary Hobson

I wonder what really is in fish fingers.

The batter is probably toe nail scrappings imported from Eastern Europe.

Do any hygene regulations apply to the preparation of Birds Nest soup.

Bunny ...
I doubt much fish ewww batter

Our ex neighbours works in factory producing food in huge vats for famous high st store...that put us off processed ....hehehe

French beefburgers are freshly minced pure beef, no extras and sausages are mostly pure pork, spices and herbs - no breadcrumbs, so they are OK for people who are allergic to gluten. When MacDonalds opened here it was lovely, proper beefburgers, made from beef and crisp salads and plenty of salad in the burgers. Now it's all changed and it's indeterminate slabs of something soggy and brown and hardly any salad in the burgers.


Bunny ...
I make my own burgers now , so much nicer. Sausage tends to be local Cumberland sausage which is pork.
OH has been up with our cardboard to horse bedding woman , winding her up re her horses

MMM yum steak Hache. Wish we could just buy them here. Nearest we have found are Waitrose aberdeen angus burgers from meat counter.

I often wonder about fish fingers

Butcher was chatty about the horsemeat gate. She said she use to work with horses and it's a VERY strong painkiller, begins with 'b' can't remember the name. I'm sure the horse lovers on here will know. Also bemoaning the fact that it gives good processed meat a bad name

Bunny ...
Bute... Phenylbutazone horsey woman was saying to OH , he always gets overloaded with horse news that he has no idea about, think he knows the ass from the head that's about it.
We are still famous for finding horse in forest wandering, we walked it back to road and came across some poor woman was driving around looking for him, horse had walked miles lol. Horse was happy to walk with me, dog didn't know what the h3ll I was doing with the giant dog
Bunny ...
Keep saying il make own fish fingers

It's "bute" or phenylbutazone which is a painkiller and antiinflammatory, used for treating horses. My daughter's elderly horse has had it for his arthritis, but he doesn't like the taste and he's retired now.

The French fish fingers I get from a frozen food shop called "Picard" are made from lumps of pure cod, it's obvious what it is as it's whole fish, not mashed up. Yummy!

Bunny ...
They sound nice fish fingers , I'm going to have a go this week making some ,have found recipes ....maybe even some chips shop chips with em , and mushy peas mmmmmmm

Tempted by an Indian tonight it , don't I ..mmmm
Jean Genie

Morning forkers  Just. Woke up a bit grumpy and out of sorts so just lurked about for a bit. Horrible day here - dank and dismal but no snow thankfully. Should get my act together and get up to the GC for the pots but can't be bothered yet. Need to motivate myself.

Just spent some time watching the antics of our friendly neighbourhood sparrowhawk sitting on the back fence . Got bins out and had a really close look. Female , I think. Didn't have the heart to chase her away but have a feeling will be doing so during the next couple of months.

I'm not a lover of burgers but if we ever do buy them we go to a small family butcher that's not too far away. Tends to be a bit pricey but at least you know you are not consuming My Friend Flicka !

Well, need to move. Sure I've got a touch of S.A.D. this morning. Roll on Spring.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, just about! Lazing in bed reading, OH bringing me tea. Snowed overnight but not much.

We had rats on the attic, sounded like they were having a party. Council Rahman sorted it out.

Hello Dove, understand what you're going through, we used to drive down to S Wales every weekend to visit my mum.

Congrats Flo, I used to be a quizzer, it got really competitive.
Bunny ...
Awww jean spring will soon be here 20th march !! , off to the garden centre with you, those spring flowers in bloom will bring you round

Morning Pennine , what a good OH you have .


Jean Genie

Look who's just popped up again on the cheap seeds thread,

Pennine Petal
Morning Bunny, please call me Glyn, most people do. My dad wouldn't have liked it though, his name was Glyn, when my friends asked for me, he used to say I'm Glyn, do you mean Glynis? Our flock of forkers is constantly expanding, it's hard to keep up. Who is the keeper of the list? Is it Geoff or Becks or ?

I love a Sat morning lie in, although still makes me feel guilty though. Suppose I should get up soon.
Bunny ...
Afternoon Glyn . I'm not sure who the list keeper is, not me I'd lose the list

Long time since I've lay in past 8
Pennine Petal
My friend Flicka Jean, that brings back memories. Was it Belle and Sebastian where she road along the beach on a horse or am I thinking about something else.

It is no longer Saturday moring -that passed 8 minutes ago

Just knocked this tune up-will it catch on?

"If I ruled the world, ev'ry day would be the first day of spring
Every heart would have a new song to sing
And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring "

That will be going round in heads now