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Will stop now

Have just one oldie left at 92-it is not a lot of fun

Bunny ...
Omg lassie , alwayyyyyyyyyyyys cried ..

Skippy the kangaroo
Littlest hobo

Hector's house
Take hart ...the gallery

Well that song will spin around my head all day -Champion the Wonder Horse OH tells me it was sung by Frankie Lane.

My Ma was supposed to have gone, but now with the care she receives she is thriving. They say she could go on another 10 years - don't want to think about it.

We are searching for annuities now for OH.  not easy

Bunny ...
Good ages I guess though

OHs aunt is 87 , looks younger than daughter haaaaaaa


Bunny ...
Hehehe catweazle , and what was that scarecrow with aunt Sally...
Pennine Petal
Waggon Train, I used to make a pretend campfire in the living room and shoot at the baddies from behind the sette with my cowboy hat on.
Bunny ...
That theme reminds me of bewitched
Bunny ...
That's it ! Aaagaggghhhhhhh the stuff that we watched , mind you compared to today ..
Pennine Petal
OH says Strange World of Gurney Slade , Anthony Newley, find that one Geoff!,

I've got Champion the Wonder Horse as my ringtone 



Many trips down memory lane again. Never watched Worzal Gummidge though or Lassie or catweazle. For Lassie I don't think we had ITV

Wa hay just realised it's bacon sandwich day 

Bunny ...
Hehe rawhide , was there not another western type one too...

I Remember monkey being watched