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Pennine Petal
What was the one about the soldier who was dishonourably discharged and went wandering round? OH says the film was Shane.
Jean Genie

Was that The Yearling ? I cried buckets over that film .

Pennine Petal
Was that Linda Evans as in Dallas, she looked so different and a young 6 mill dollar man! The music for big valley was good. Don't you like a good reminisce?


Pennine Petal
Was thinking about a TV series Jean. I used to love watching old films on a Saturday afternoon with my grandfather.
Jean Genie

Gln , I did too. Gene Autrey was my favourite. Do you remember him. We used to buy 2 ounces of lemonade powder and come out with a yellow finger.  Oh and sticky lice.

Jean Genie

 Off to pot the hibiscus now. Said that half an hour ago.


Pennine Petal

Well done Geoff, I hated injustice even as a child.



Have I blundered into a history site ?

Have reluctantly dog-walked. Took them for a browse round one of the larger garden centres near here. Saw some strange potted bushes, only about 18" high with lots of close-together buds. Had no clue what they were - turned out to be tiny peach trees!Need a new foldable pruning saw, they didn't have any, and need a few bits of trellis to replace the rotting falling-over pieces in the raised bed by the front door - pricey. Still, nice to have a potter.

Bunny ...
This is geoffs new tv channel

Nice to get out and about, olive would be great in a GC eeeeeek , clatter paws and tail .

OH dealing with customers ....I fear he may require something stronger than a cuppa tea later

The film is on now

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.'

Have I earnt my wings today?

Miss Becks

How much were those peach trees Flo?

Pennine Petal

You certainly have Geoff, that brought back lots of good memories and OH now scouring internet for more stuff he remember, Being older than me by a bit, I don't.


No snow yet, perhaps they got it wrong.