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Bunny ...
Looked on wiki and says same born nov 54 ....hehe sorry flo , you must've calculated yours wrong

  It's just that my youthful good looks are deceptive

Bunny ...
That's what it is , looking 21 is something to be proud of


Pennine Petal
Just watching your boys walk all over MC Geoff. You can have sweet dreams tonight.
Bunny ...
Morning lilylouise and all

Lovely flower, I just bought my first ever of those the other day , still in pot but brightening the side of shed at the moment
Sleeting outside, non work day so I am going to re do my list of jobs (garden/greenhouse) also my list of things to buy
Need to,sort some racking on other side of greenhouse , thinking some DIY store plastic shelving ones least it will give me more room.
Then I shall dig out my rhs garden plant book, may actually treat myself to another book. Do any of you use a favourite book ? Whose is it ?
Steak and peppercorn sauce I think later , maybe some roasties after my afternoon by the fire .
Bunny ...
Do you think on a east facing side if shed , early morning sun to plant in a large pot .... A climbing rose, honeysuckle or clematis ? I shall put some trellis and hopefully have it go around my 'fake' window when OH sorts that...
Plan..plan..plan ...

Morning kids

In bed listening to radio -4 extra-happy days

Bunny ...

Shed at the moment... left twiggy thing is sambucas nigra


I cant lay in geoff, get a headache


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Wet, wet, wet here, and set to continue.

bunnysgarden wrote (see)
Then I shall dig out my rhs garden plant book, may actually treat myself to another book. Do any of you use a favourite book ? Whose is it ?

I have several shelves of gardening books. If I had to choose one to take to the desert island it would be The Lazy Gardener by Mara Grey. It's not about bumming around, but it's very philosophical. She spent many years with North American indians learning why they do things. But it's not a book for anyone who thinks gardening is just about growing potatoes.



Morning all. Bunny, I still use a really old book from Readers Digest called "Food from your Garden" for veg growing. I have lots of flower gardening books, can't say which I like best, but I like Alan Titchmarch's style of writing. Always read his page first in GW magazine.

Off to church in a minute then out to lunch.


Morning fork folk.

Raining again, seems set for the day.

????????????  that's Cantonese so my spies tell me. Happy year of the Snake. I'm a dragon, btw.

Have a good day.


Oh no, the Chinese has turned into question marks  and it's not as if I'm using an ipad!


This will work

 Hoping this says what I think it does!  I taught with a chap who was brought up in China and he was sometimes amused by what was written on cards and pictures which had characters on. Apparently some wags would write things like 'What a clever artist I am!'

Bunny ...
Sounds a lovely book the lazy gardener , I haven't looked at AT books before, I do read his page in GW too ..... I have been spoilt for choice whilst looking this morning sooooooo many books.

Hehe flo maybe you need an iPad

Have a nice lunch busy.