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Bunny ...
Awww that's it , happy new year all. , **chuckles at what a clever artist I am**

Morning All.

We have got loads of gardening books, but the one that we always refer to is  Readers Digest. The Gardening Year. We have had it for about 25-30 yrs, It takes you month by month through the year, both vegetable and flower gardening. It might be old, but basic techniques don't change. We find it invaluable. You will probably find one on Ebay . I also use the internet, lots of information out there.


Bunny ...
funny you mention that book, I do have a copy of a 1968 edition, it's the same as one my dad used to use , I used to thumb through pics of flowers as a child. The book I have was given to OH by his parents , it has that old musty smell that takes me back to old library visiting as a child. Time that book came off the shelf today

More memories today

Morning all

O to have the Readers Digest Gardening year, the original and a few years ago OH gave me an updated version. It gives a good over view of what to do each month and I try to read it just before the month starts. I asked for a gardening bible so my son bought me the RHS book vegetable and fruit gardening. Reallu useful for pruning and what to plant when. 

I have a few of the gardening expert books as well which I dip into every  now and again.

Tipping it down here

Dog came back from his walk dripping so he'll be banished to the tile floor for quite some time 

Lovely flower, I planted one last yer. It has big fat buds but not sure if they will be flowers or leaves

Happy New Year everyone



Pennine Petal
Morning all, it's snowing here.

I like the RHS Encyclopedia of Pants and Flowwers, always looking stuff up in there, but I need a new one. I'm buy gardening books but never use them as much as the RHS book. I'm more of a trial and error person

Morning all.

Have given in & started to take regular painkillers for the drug induced aches & pains from Friday's dose. I felt rough yesterday & just moaned, grumped & flopped all day, whilst eating far too much. Which made me even more grumpy coz I knew the weight would get worse.....

The Goldfinches decended en masse to the feeder. OH got a pic! The  Bullfinches were also spotted again, but flew off before he got the camera ready.

Today am finally going to deal with all my overdue e-mails.

Daughter & OH have been on a reckie for daughter's new workplace later this week & I think, not sure, that they've gone to a nearby trade-only warehouse to suss out paint etc.

Now I'll catch up. J.

Pennine Petal
Aw Jo, sending you a cyber hug!

The bird are spurning my feeders at the moment, maybe they will come back when the snow stops.
Deanos Diggin It
Morning All!

I have awoken to an award! Yeh!!!!!!! Cheers Flo!

Thanks Geoff ref plant ID

Snowing here, so shall be no playing out today, oh well, catch up gardening on iplayer n reading it shall be!

My three favourite books I use time n time again are RHS The Gardeners Manual, Garden Plants n gardening techniques by Andrew Mikolajski & Johnathan Edwards and good old AT's "The Gardener's Year"

Right! Anyone for coffee?
Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

I'll have a coffee Dean. Strong with one sugar and a little milk please.

Rainy and miserable here today. Another PJ day I think.

I too am planning my garden, where to plant things when the time comes. Doesn't help only one side of my garden gets decent sun.


Tea please, thanks Dean 

Oh Jo, have a hug off me as well. and take it easy

I've seen that RHS book and have wondered if it's worth it or not?


Am up, showered and dressed,Archers on, washing in- is paining not snowing

Have had coffee and porridge so will pass thankyou

Still have Percys Throwers encyclopedia of gardening-and a few others

Gary Hobson

If I want to find out about, say, varieties of lilies or roses, the best place to look is on-line. That information is not in books.

If I want to know about meadows, or growing flowers for a wild look (and I do), then I'd look in a specialist book on the subject.


Well you lot brought back lots of old TV prog memories. Not all the cowboy ones, but the majority.

Figrat I loved Whirlybirds!

Dove, & anyone else caring for the oldies, sympathies & lots of hugs. It's hard work. Now am dealing with all those memories & that's almost as bad.

Think family just got back.... they've had a bet about whether I would be up & dressed!!

It's raining here & we should escape the snow, she hopes, so KD will be 'on' after all.

Ok snack time now, late lunch planned, so OH & me should then survive tonight. No, plan changed apparently.... J.


Sue H
Morning all. Can't believe it. First day off for a while. Its raining! Oh what bad luck
Got to go out anyway to buy new trousers for a job interview on Tuesday. Wish me luck all x.
I have a book which I dip in and out of called the ten minute vegetable gardener. Gives the required inspiration for the day. Although have trouble sticking to it as get distracted onto other things.
Lots of my seeds have sprouted that I put in the other day. Spring is just round the corner. Will be march soon. Always panic in march. So much to do.

Is this a similar job Sue?

Have noticed we have moved on from the horse-meat saga-to a fox entering a house and attacking a baby in a cot

Great sounds of outrage and culling called for completely missing the point about how did the fox get in and where were the parents?-always like to hear the other side of the story so am expecting an interview with a fox shortly for balance


Sue, March is the month when I'm full of good intentions, start lots of things and do it all 'properly' then it's downhill all the way after that 

Heavy pain here. Must check the bucket in the loft that's catching the drips.


Just phoned up builder next door neighbour - too wet to nip round - and he has some bits and pieces of guttering I can have. Will have a go at starting peas off that way this year. He is soo good. Sometimes he brings round wheelbarrows (builders type not pink) of wood offcuts when they have done a roof or similar 

I have seeds that have sprouted as well  Exciting


Oh yes, wheelbarrows. Bjay, is yours one of those nice sturdy polypropylene jobs? I saw a green and a yellow one in nearby GC, they seem very robust. Have you used yours enough to do a quick review? I need a new one and I could go on oldies discount day this Tuesday.