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I will make a list of suggestions - thanks Pam


Make sure they are fed with fairy liquid.

Sorry - Fairy Blue fuchsias are from Van Meuwens not T & M !
Pam LL x
Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, still snowing here.

Jean, you must have been so worried. Hope she will be better soon.

Doing a bit of work given the weather situation, HK put my marking back. Will watch the rugby too probably.

OH up late, I quite like the morning to myself. He is making egg and bacon now!

Catch you later Glyn

Oh gosh am stuffed! Filled individual yorkies plus gravy here, followed by yoghurt & fruit, in my case.

Jean, how awful for everyone. Hope she improves soon. Well done your Grandson.

Was hoping to listen to GQT but OH got tv on- ok Lovejoy followed by Hold the Dream- remember those 80s shoulder pads ladies!

Have done 1 e-mail & printed off a voucher for £5 off hardy plants 'til end of month from local GC- where am meeting friend for coffee this week.

Dont 'do' predictive txt. My spelling hilarious these days without that!

Oh goody, OH turned tv off. GQT now on. J.


jo4eyes wrote (see)

Oh goody, OH turned tv off. GQT now on. J.

I may regret asking this Jo-but instead of being deprived-why not watch tv/listen to radio on the computer?

Much snow Glyn?-enough to get a day off?

Jean -tick vg grandson


Geoff my pc on opposite side of table to OH with his laptop, so no chance! Anyway, we're both listening to GQT now! J.

Jean Genie

Well , We've just paid a visit to the supermarket . Daniel has decided he wants a roast so we've done a little shop. Anything to keep him calm as he's starting to fret a bit but ok now.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts. I've just rang hospital but they won't tell me much except to say she's still feeling grotty. In the right place though.  I am worried but I know she's in good hands so will have to wait until visiting.


I hope all goes well Jean.

Having just done a quick check on our taxi service for this evening, daughter, will sign off now. Meal will be a snack sort after all, we're still full after that lunch  so need to go & get organised. No time for much else.J.



This is a helpful, cheerful, often a bit mad gardening forum, but reading through the last few pages there is a big and moving undercurrent of human life, hardships, illness and emotion. I hope your daughter recovers quickly, Jean and that Jo's treatment works and she can come off the painkillers and that Darren's knee gets better and everyone with parents getting elderly can cope. Hat's off to Becks bringing up Jess so well on her own. Gardening is a good therapy. It helped me when my husband died. Seems to be what we all have in common.

Bunny ...

Oh my jean hope D is ok and what a grandson you have, certainly deserving of his roast today. As you say she is in the right place.

Fairy gardens and liquids.

Voucher to spend .


Night out in Bolton , aunt lives in Bolton

Busy yes it is quite a forum , often forums do centre around what their purpose is think because a few have known each other a while on here you are more relaxed with each other and so share more to virtual friends ....though I believe some have met.
A well done to you all

Quiet relax here, read and forwarded first chapter of OHs book to mum , approval from us both results in a happy mr bunny.
Tonights tea prepped , nothing on tv again so going to re read the hobbit , not read since school days
Need to get back into my books again, I have a kindle loaded but little time or never able to stay awake.
Hoping for a night away this week so kindle will go also.

Bunny, you can call me Liz if you like.  Loved the Hobbit.


Just been trying to do a bit of a catch-up peeps. It takes some doing when you have been off it for a while

Jean, what a ghastly time for you and well done grandson - what a sweetie.

Isn't this weather depressing....just when we all want to get out there and tend our patches?

Have finally retrieved my camera from son in London which I might say he hardly used so he said as too cold to take off gloves!

Btw loved the wheelbarrow race in Kenya. Shall we introduce that to the UK? I am doing the Race for Life with friends in July which seems seasons away at the moment 



Gary Hobson

I have 4 editions of LOTR. (6 hardbacks and 2 thick paperbacks). Plus most of his other books.

I think you need a quiet mind to read them, and let it all sink in. Don't think I could read them on a Kindle. It wouldn't seem right. I wouldn't be in the right frame of mind.


Pennine Petal
Afternoon Sasha and other forkers.

Yes Geoff, still snowing but road is fine, so no chance of a day off. Got a guest speaker tomorrow though so it will cut down on my teaching. I understand the snow is going to down at your end during the week. Enjoy!
Sue H
Jean hope your daughter is up and about in no time. Enjoy grandson.
Weather is awful here. Still disbelief that rest of week was not too bad when I was working. Lit log burner and going to cook roast chicken dinner with sausages and stuffing. They would not have got this if the weather was good!
Read a Bronte book on tab last week. Still prefer paper edition though. Like to go backwards and forwards. Not so easy with e books.

It hasn't stopped paining all day-if that had been the possible snow might not see out of the window now-will see what the weather gods will bring

Liz -all human life is here-it is rather sweet that people you have never met feel confident enough to share all their trials,tribulations,and triumphs

Have come over all fillersofteyecall-as an i-pad might say-it won't last

Caz W

Afternoon Forkers.  Big hugs to Jean, grandson and daughter and hope to hear good news soon x

Jo - hope you will try and take it easy till the pain eases.

Dean the Spelling Champion putting the rest of us to shame

Been to Chinese New Year Celebrations in museum today - loads of different things going on there it was brilliant.  Cardiff Reptile Centre were there with loads of snakes from tiny ones to enormous ones for us all to hold/touch - passed quickly on the offer to hold tarantula though!  Got my great-nieces names written in Chinese and bought some nice little goodies to send them too. 


Afternoon all Forkers. Jean, hope your daughter is soon on the mend.

I went to the GC with 2 of the boys, and ended up buying them lunch there - the cafe has a pizza oven and they make your pizza fresh there and then. So I've told them I'm not cooking later! The boys (and a couple of friends who've just called round) are now watching the rugby.

Had a long chat with my Mum this morning about the difficulties of looking after Grandad at home, as he's practically bedridden now, and also how my brother is doing. I haven't said before on the forum but he's in hospital having had most of his lung removed due to lung cancer. He's had a course of chemo before the operation and will have more chemo once he's recovered from the operation. I don't know what the long term prognosis is.

As Lizzie said, a moving undercurrent of human life, and as my Mum said earlier today, I wish the weather was better so I could go outside for some gardening therapy. Sometimes its hard to stay positive, but I'm giving it my best shot.