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So was that the last Lewis ever?


Never say never but -yep


We were watching the lovely penguins programme when picture broke up. Snow! Unforecast! OH had to go out and sweep it off the satellite dish. Glad the heating oil arrived today (except for the horrendous bill) and we did a food and dog food shop.

University Challenge was extra hard tonight, only got 3, don't know why I bother. OH likes it, he's good at physics and maths.


I knew Lewis was going to retire but I hadn't heard that it was the last one tonight!! A very short series though they tried to kid us it was longer by having half a programme each week. I'm pleased with how it ended - for all of the main characters


Spoiler alert! Haven't seen the last Lewis series yet!


Bunny ...
I haven't seen Lewis not the same without morse

Like the rock hoppers...hop hop hop hop hop hop..

Snow storm , oh dear. Our oil arrived too , was it the same driver

Yes UC was hard , I opted for just heckling

Well UC was the quarter final. We got some right, Not as many as previous shows though. Son no 1 had a go, first time he fell asleep - well students you know. 2nd time thay were through to the round before broadcast and they didn't get 100% on the questions so he never was a star

He done good anyway

Sorry Inka, 

Caz W

I was pleased I managed to type that long name

Bunny ...
You deserve to be very proud caz , a star for you

You deserve a medal  but prononcing the other one 

Bunny ...
When at secondary school, girl in my year went on 'give me a P please bob'
Caz W

I loved Blockbusters - the Gold Run ..... the stupid answers


Inka, I tried not to do spoiling, I hope I haven't for you. It's my pet hate - I have to change channels or sing la la la with my fingers in my ears when programmes show a bit of next week's show at the end.

Caz W

Flo - that's exactly what I did at the end of Mr Selfridge last night - couldn't find the remote quick enough!



Not to worry, Flo--you didn't really spoil much.

The last Downton is on here next Sunday--guess it would have been the one you saw at Xmas---Forkers have been really good about not spoiling it for us poor North Americans!

I have Iris Reticulata blooming, some primulas and snowdrops. It's been a mild winter here on the Wet Coast---but quite the opposite on the East. The Japanese plum at the school is just about to burst into flower--wish I had cut some branches to force.

Spring is so close I can smell it!


Good morning forkers  Wish I could smell some spring .... think the birds have got wind of something in the air, but the flowers aint  peeping out yet - the only primroses and snowdrops I've got are ones I've just planted   I bought some hellebores with lots of buds on just after Christmas, but only one or two of them have dared to open.  

But I have got a bunch of daffs on the sideboard (£1 in Waitrose - the daffs that is, not the sideboard - that cost considerably more in JL )

Just think, this time next year I'll be a retired person 


I heard an eagle doing a mating call today. There are lots of them around--they fish in the Pass below. Too soon for whales, though.

Pennine Petal
Morning both, thank goodness no snow to clear today, sounds like we might get some tomorrow. Just when I am going to the dentist too.

Inkadog you are reminding me that it is time for me to visit my sister. We went to Telegraph Cove to see whales and the whales had gone down to Campbell River!

Time for work, OH putting water in the windscreen washers. forgot to tell him yesterday, oops.

Have a good day all.