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Miss Becks

That doesn't sound good Bjay. Maybe you should book yourself in as well. At the docs.


I'll be fine.Just drink lots and sup lem-sip

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Scary women- as voted by you the listeners

I've never heard of most of them.

There's an awful lot of barrel scraping going on there. But as those are simply names sent in by listeners, anyone could actually get on that list. We should have all voted for a forkette.

Clare Balding is in the list. There was an article in the press a couple of week's ago claiming that Clare Balding is the most influential woman in Britain. That research was based on the number of searches being made for her name on Google - more influential than the Queen, apparently.

Miss Becks

You sure you and your fella didn't have a punch up in your sleep Bjay?


Sort of - he had this virus last week so he has generously passed it on. Really he's still not well

His health has to be watched so I'll just get on with it.

Any way we made up-ish. He had to sort out the car, not something he would normally do



Some of those woman were quite attractive and some looked nice rather than powerful, but I hadn't heard of most of them.

Look after yourself Bjay, keep warm.

Caz W

Hi Forkers - Happy Pancake Day batter made and sitting in fridge "resting".  I like mine with sugar and fresh lemon juice, OH likes syrup and cream !!!  Will you be tossing yours today Geoff

Good to hear your daughter is improving Jean  - hope she'll soon be up and about.

BJay - you said you were waiting for your "third thing to happen" .  Stay warm and take it easy.

Hope the interview goes well Sue - fingers crossed.

Ooooh Becks - touchscreen ironing

Gary - top ten forkettes - you wouldn't dare publish that

Caz W

Flo - will you help me with the hairdo????


They must have been the backing singers on:

Paper Roses
Ramblin' Rose
Days of Wine and Roses
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden



I'm in- I'm definitely in


Caz, I'm useless with hair! A friend at college insisted, in spite of all my protests, that I trim her 'curtains' to chin level as they'd grown a bit. It was not a pretty sight and she had to ask a hairdresser to sort it out

Caz W

I wish I'd never asked Flo to do my beehive


Miss Becks

I have bought us choc chip cookies from Co-Op (reduced.), so tuck in and help yourselves, although, I think I know why they were reduced. They're tough as old boots! But, if you like a crunchy cookie, enjoy!


Caz W

I'll dip mine in my tea to save on dental costs


Caz, I did warn you !   

Miss Becks
I'd let you loose on mine Flo. It can't look any worse than it does at the mo.

Am ready-a bit of the top and sides??


Jean Genie

Newsflash !  Daughter coming home  She's much better and doc says antibiotics have done the trick , so all is well . Will start making plans now.  I'll catch up properly when things settle down.


Hope interview goes well Sue and hope I haven't missed anyone out with important news. Thanks for being my cyber-friends.

We are all very happy - Dan, most of all.