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There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle

Miss Becks


My fiddle strings snapped a good few years back Geoff!!

Deanos Diggin It

Afties All!

Banging news Jean! Hope all goes according to plan!

Good Luck n fingers crossed Sue!

Roast Chicken dinner just been shoveled, followed by Jam rolypoly pancakes

Bathtime shortly.........We have clean bedding.......Aaaaargh!!!!!  

Miss Becks

Evening Dean! Had a good day?


Deanos Diggin It

Yo Beck's! Yeah, not bad cheers!

A bit bloody cold mind!  


Decided to save pancake making for another day. Have been finishing up weekend leftovers instead.

Jean - triffic news

Becks - oo-er, snapped strings and leaking thngs

Miss Becks

I know Flo. Not good is it.

Yep Dean, cold indeed.

Sue H
If you want your pancakes a bit thicker use self raising flour. They end up a bit like those bought ones. Only bigger! Also, I have a whistling kettle I use on the cooker. Kids complain it takes a long time to boil.

The moral of doing new things on computer is DO NOT attempt if you are feeling less tha 100%.

What a screw up never mind have now given up

Just had yet another cup of tea and paracetamol.

Miss Becks

Aw Bjay, what were you trying to do?

Thanks for the tip sue!


Only download someting, took ages so gave up. Not bothered though

Lovely NDN just come round with a box of Lemsips

Miss Becks

Have the nose bleeds stopped?


Yes thanks none this afternoon


A lot of nasties going around it seems

I shall be dining on spag bol and pancakes


Sue H
Have you got horse in that spag bol? Apparently its everywhere now. Just cooking a shepherds pie myself!
Evening all!
Been AWOL-busy at home and work
Had a catch up as best I can.
Scary news, better news Jean! Glad things are looking up

Pancakes just finished, lemon and sugar for me! :P
Lasagne (horse free) before that.

Sue-I think using shepherds could be worse than horse!

Hope all are well or if not well are on the road to a speedy recovery!
Sue H
Might have a cottage in there too
Pennine Petal
We always had pancakes with currants, lemon and sugar. Lovely, still do the same, but no currants today, so will wait till the weekend.

Evening all by the way, hope everyone feeling better.