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Gary Hobson

I didn't have RAC cover, so bought a battery charger (from Amazon, arrived next day). I put it on charge for 4 hours, and everything was OK.

But if you have RAC cover, best to make use of what you've paid for. The problem could be something else. New batteries can be expensive, around £60+.


I have a battery charger which has done sterling service over the years on my succession of old bangers. This car has never needed its services but we shall see, after the RAC person has been!


I have just bought full breakdown cover-including home start and European breakdown for less than £60-a lot cheaper than RAC/AA-it is one of those pay and claim covers-never had to use it but peace of mind-like home insurance

I did say Glyn-smug smiley-this could just be the tail end of real winter weather



Flo, my mum's favourite topics were sex, politics and religion!  My sister, mum and I had many an interesting conversation leaning against the Aga in the kitchen when we were young. But you meant not at work.

Bunny, don't go for a watermill in France! Our first French house was a watermill, damp and cold and the garden flooded. Then there was a drought, not enough rain for four years and the river went smelly. Our shoes used to grow grey fur (mould)  Bought it because it was very pretty, but it was totally impractical with 4 children. Also it was very cheap, £ was high against franc and French house prices incredibly cheap compared with English nearly 30 years ago.


We bought breakdown cover for everything including caravan about 3 weeks ago - just before weather turned nasty. Thought it might be a good idea It's caravan Club Mayday , but Green flag really. Used them before with old car

On one occasion we arrived in style at a site in Somerset with car on breakdown truck and caravan being towed behind. Talk about making an entrance


Caz W

Morning all (not often I say that on here) .  Just popped in as I had to order a new carpet sweeper for mother.

Hope all poorly folk are feeling a bit better today and that all goes well today for Dean's OH.  Get well wishes to Flo's car too!

Cold and wet here today   Might make stew and dumplings for Ash Wednesday


RAC summoned, should be hour to hour and a half.

Lizzie, I don't know that my mum would ever mention the word 'sex' except in the way that Miranda (Hart) says it in a trying-not-to-pronounce-it sort of way!


Just grey here at the moment but possible snow later according to one forecast. Then its going to get warmer overnight which is unusual - and then it will rain (of course).

Went to the cinema last night with my v. good friend, but we avoided Les Mis, neither of us wanting to risk opening floodgates that might not be able to close again! So we saw 'I Give It A Year', some bits of which were laugh out loud funny, and some bits were cringeworthy. But it lifted our spirits which was the point of the exercise.

I'm planning tomorrow night's Cubs meeting at the moment - I did a trial run of the sweets to make sure we had enough time to make them - well that was my excuse! And have a good list now of famous lovers, so thanks for all your suggestions


I can remember, when I was about 18 sitting on a kitchen cupboard trying to talk to my mother about contraception and getting nowhere. At an age when I really needed her advice. When my sons left for uni I gave them some packets of condoms

The only advice my mother gave me was that have the table laid for tea so that when husband came home from work he would think dinner was on its way - even if it wasn't even started.


Bunny ...
Funny haha Geoff..funny queer.. depends how defined

We have blanket insurance as business but both had AA for yrs , used once at Glasgow airport the new car had parking lights knocked on getting out of car, flat as a dodo on return week later, AA rapid response saved the day.
OH very handy car wise and a lot of contacts in car trade, best mate owns garage.

Can imagine to conversations by the aga , good to have them.

I shall break the news to OH re mill, lol's more that we would like land tbh , we like water but im not keen on being too close to rivers etc, to see one from raised elevated site be ok
OH would like 'machinery' again, to do a property up (built current one) would live in a caravan happily did so for 2 years before . Not sure where though that's the biggest thing...
Caz W

Hi Lottie - laughter is the best medicine .  Save Les Mis until things are better.

Flo - that sounds like my mother.  She's like Les Dawson's Ada & Cissie - all mouthing and pointing to body parts e.g. "down below"!   She still does it to me now

Bunny ...
Don't think I ever had sex conversation with my mum, when she found my pills she was mortified lol.
Pleased I have never been given advice now , stew sounds nice , I don't know what to make for tea , use up roast ham maybe ???? ..wonder if I should set table now...hehe
Bunny ...
Hehehehe caz @ Ada & cissie

I did find it didn't really work -setting the table - especially when there were 3 ravenous youngsters around.

gave up on talking about the body to her. Just once when I was having a lot of problems her advice was well you're a woman you just have to put up with it, I didn't and ended up as Dean would say having a hysterectomy, probably saved my life as it turned out.



My mum was great when I was a teenager, she explained a lot about boys (but I had 4 brothers), contraception (she was a Catholic, but didn't hold with their views on that), relationships etc. She always voted socialist and said "don't tell your dad!". I was proud of her because she had character and was very kind and caring. After she died last year people told me how she'd helped them when they had problems. And another secret came out that she'd worked at Bletchley Park decoding in the war.


Bunny ...
Well we have a blizzard now and 0. Degrees brrrrrr. sun and shorts , you sure?
We may go away in camper in that case this weekend

My mum sweeps things under the carpet much to my annoyance , I'm more of the 'gob' in my family ....the youngest.
Are the youngest generally like that I wonder,OH only one so 'gob' anyway
Bunny ...
I have 2 older brothers so guess I picked up on boys lol, my dad used to say don't tell your mum ... When I'd come in drunk from young farmers disco ... Go to bed il tell mum your just tired hehehe

Gosh Lizzie so many who worked there kept it quiet. So many stoires to tell that will never be known

I had an aunt who was a family 'secret'. She nursed Rudolph Hess when he was first in Btitain and used to go walking with him. I doubt her children know that.