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Caz W

Jo - nice to see you

Geoff/Becks - AA & his book

Right - off to make my dumplings now

Miss Becks

AA Caz? Ar**holes Anonymous??


Hi Jo. What have you been up to. Did you stay in Doddyland?

Welcome back sasha - we do find you if you get the thread wrong  well mostly

Snow has turned to rain , or is it sleet, or is it snow - can't make its mind up,

Never said - cars fixed, such a simples thing. It was about the size of a press stud.


Caz-will you post a pic of your dumplings?-pretty please

Miss Becks

She'll show you her dumplings when you show us your thongs!




Right, have plodded through all the posts since whenever-

Lottie, big cyber hugs to you & the family, tough times, plod on.

Pam, hugs for you too. End of a generation always hard.

Jean, glad news better from you & family.

Bjay, hope that you're soon chipper again. Dont commit murder re the car.....

Dean, best wishes to you & OH too.

We also had a version of MB's fishpie this w/end. Supermarket sell bits of fish for pies & the lad kindly removed all the smoked haddock coz daughter doesnt like it.

Boiler being attended to again tomorrow. Need the radiators to be cold this time, so my thermals out ready, although it's raining here now. OH didnt tell chief engineer that we'd already spoken to manufacturer, may need them yet!

My Valentines' card from OH was 2 pots of Tete a Tete at 50p each- Morrisons, & much better than a card IMO & OH's.

Doddy, who's 85!, was good. Seats near front, plenty of legroom. 5hrs, less say 30mins break & simliar time for a wonderful illusionist & another singer- ok KD's partner. KD stood the whole time & I ached from laughing. Pity anybody who needs the loo in one of his performances & leaves the auditorium. As KD said brilliant for a comic!

Have ceased the painkillers now, which is good, but shall be prepared next time.

Had a good get-together with other like-minded ladies at the pub yesterday lunchtime. Good job it was quiet in there, oh the discussions....'rollseyessmiley' poor waiter too!

Today met an old friend for coffee, no cake, at GC & 3hrs later oops..... Car covered in snow, but roads fine. Collected my tablets & daughter's parcel en route.

 Oh yes for some reason my pancakes were awful, kept splitting, but filled them with garlic & herb soft cheese, rolled up, grated cheese on top, grilled & served with salad & wine. Yummy!

Still to do some e-mails.... but need to think about meal. Byee, J.


Oh dear....where IS this thread going?

Having 'such fun' trying to teach an Italian friend long distance how to use the chat room on facebook......eeek!

Bunny ...
Evening again

Right about horrible out there, been in forest and someone has gone to the effort of putting a sign please collect dog poo with a pic of fake poo.... Errrrr let me see , how many miles of forest is this person patrolling , horse Shiite everywhere , fox , deer everywhere ....yes dog on path I understand , dog who knows where I don't ...
Rant over

Jo nice to see you

I see AA has stirred a few

Dumplings yummmmmm, hmmm Geoff and his thong still haven't emerged then

Arrabiata for us tonight and garlic bread , maybe choc pudd for afters .

Pam it's always sad when the door closes on a generation. 

Dean I hope OH is going OK.

Bunny - my SIL says the National Trust operate a stick and flick in their wild places. it always gets to me about horses etc. 


What is good enough for Peter Stringfellow-good name-is good enough for this fellow-so be warned-work in progress-in the meantime-the competition



Hmmmmmm geoff

Started knitting size 2 cardies now. They have ordered them this time, Baby is becoming podgy

Perhaps you can get knitted thongs like you used to get knitted swimming cossies.


I always think they look dreadfully uncomfortable and not very pretty.


Tweeking non-stop I would think 


Well if you offering to knit then Bjay-ta muchly-do you want sizes,colour etc??

Bunny ...
Rosa I wouldn't mind if saw any in this particular path ...there are loads paths used which has poo all over paths and they are locals dogs , our olive likes to go in private lol wayyy off path behind a tree or stump , doesn't like us watching if we go anywhere with her on lead she is clearly not happy to have to go 'in public' . Some dogs clearly so desperate , they go on leaving the car wish those owners would flick .

Ohh my Geoff hope you are working on your fake tan tonight , no glaring white cheeks please


Bunny ...
Knitted thongs and sea water ...eeek

hhuh huh huh (sore throat laugh) Only do baby wool and baby sizes  - could make further comment but i am a modest person

Bunny ...
So you say Geoff

Hehehe rosa
Miss Becks
Do you have a tanning bed then Geoff?