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Thought you were moving swiftly on and you're talking about bottoms again.


Lost me again

Just put the wheeely bin out- snow all but gone & it's sort of raining out there now. Wind increasing, but local forecast says dry for tomorrow. Typical- having tumbled everything today. J.


Caz W

See the topic hasn't changed since I was here last!

BJay - try googling BJ and you'll understand the sniggers

My dumplings were very plump and tasty


Bunny ...
Lol caz pleased your dumplings stayed plump

Raining nicely here now, never usually pleased to hear rain .

**goes back into hiding**

Dumplings, bums and now tumbling today-tossers yesterday-this is like one of those Confessions films


Cor swipe me, it never occurred to me Caz

This will alway be BJ for me

 BJ Hunnicut in M.A.S.H for those too young to know.

Miss Becks

You peeps make me larf!!

Bunny ...
I won't say anything then..... Shhhhhhhhh

Nowt else on

I'm watching it too, but it's the ads so come to the kitchen for a Snickers ice cream. (laptop lives in kitchen)


Bunny don't just go and sit in the corner, go and sit in the shed

That's a BJ I think of as well Flo but I am a Bjay - no initials


Miss Becks

See ya bunny! Want a slice of cake to take with you!!


Caz W

Naughty Bunny



 M.A.S.H was brilliant. I'd forgotten about BJ.

OH says over in Peaks was safer walking back than driving tonight. Hope it doesnt freeze for him walking in tomorrow, but then slush just as dangerous.

One of 'the ladies who lunch' is a 'bunny hugger' at the local animal rescue centre. Since her own rabbit died she goes & sits & strokes the new rabbits to get them used to being handled.

Dean must be visiting/staying with his OH. Hope all gone ok. J.

Miss Becks

You missed a bit Bunny!