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Bunny ...

Happy Valentines troops

***wades through the rooms full of roses to get to computer***

Thought I would bring cake for later ...

Hopefully run through to Carlisle however as always delivery expected..who knows when. Snow has gone but no sun as promised .

Pleased OH being taken care of Dean , hope all are well today .




Good Valentinos all

I have been lucky this morning and got some red roses cheap-so please take one-I'm sure they will perk with a bit of water

 also some play dough chocolates- for those on diets


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

The sun is out, as promised!

Got my 6 monthly review at the job-centre today. That should be fun. Will also pop into Poundland and 99p shop to grab a few bargains if I have time.

Glad all is ok Dean.


Morning all.

Glad OH being looked after Dean. Shall avoid Haslingden today then, know it well!

Man been on our 'no-go' large flat roof at the front -eek- to swop one of our main roof tiles for a venting one (?) for the bathroom extractor fan. Man not the smallest/thinest I've seen, pleeeeze let the roof cope.

More rat bait been put down, & the empty birdfeeder removed into the greenhouse so I can wash it out sometime.J.


Jean Genie

Morning all  What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, snow , hail, biting winds. Today, the sun is out !  Much warmer too.

Dean glad Oh on the road to recovery.

Sorry to hear your sad news, Pam but hopefully spending some time in your lovely garden will help to take your mind off things.

Daughter much better and Dan has now gone back home. Need to do some cooking as he's ate me out of house and home.

You lot crack me up !  Was chuckling all morning with yesterdays antics.

Some more seed sowing for me today and then some cooking. Making stew (not rabbit) and spag bolog neighs

Husbands birthday today so double whammy. MIL very eccentric Devonion - wanted to call him Valentino. If that had been the case,  think the introduction would have been enough.



Happy Valentines Day Forkers



Still smiling over an evening in Bunnyland.

The sun is out and shining through the house  It feels much warmer and there are sheep back on the hills. snow has gone.  What a difference a night makes. I'm still coughing and spluttering though 

Pleased the really poorly invalids are on the way to recovery

OH has given me a card, I have given him nothing-Whoops!

Good luck at jpb centre becks - horrilble places my son no2 says.


Bunny ...
Ahhh lovely thought Geoff did you make that dough yourself ?
Mmm lollies ...choc lollies

My valentine effort was I cut a heart out of OHs toast hehe , last of the big romantics here

Good luck with review @ JC .

Jean pleased to hear daughter doing well, bet you'll miss gs , very pleased to hear I'm not venturing into the cooking pot again today ...yet at least
Valentino ..hehe. Friend of OH and friends son bday today too...poor wife hehehe.

Off into the garden Pam , it's therapeutic .

Ohh Jo , hope the roof is still in tact

'Rosa' sorry your still not well , hope it passes soon and you can get out into the garden once dry .

OH sent txt this am, but has he found his card that I sneaked into his rucsac before he returned to little house?

Workmen gone, now I'm more confused than ever. Have agreed to 'play' with radiator valve settings to see if 'kettling' stopped/re-occurs, but surely having thermostatically controlled radiator valves mean that each room is set as you want it, not blasting out full heat in an un-used room!!

Am going into garage to see if any plaster fallen onto my car from when man walked across that roof......J.


Morning all forkers and happy Valentine's day everyone! I got OH a card, and he got me a big box of chocolates and a miniature rose - red of course! I was surprised!

Then we went and got in the car to go to work and the power steering pump had given up (we knew it was on the way out) and the car is impossible to drive. My car is also off the road waiting for a bit to be fixed so it can get through its MOT. Which means I'm car-less,  and had offered to pick my brother up from the hospital. He's waiting to find out if they will discharge him today, depending on the results of his blood tests. I've had to text him to say I can't get there, and had to get son no. 1 out of bed on his day off to drive me to work (OH went on his motorbike). Son no. 1 not a happy bunny (!) but says he will look at the car later and see if he can sort something.

So all in all not a successful morning so far (apart from the chocs and flowers of course!)

Loved the bunny tales from last night! And the BJ had occurred to me, and yes, not something you'd ever discuss with your mother - well not my mother anyway!!

Bunny ...
Have you googled re boiler Jo ?

Oh dear lottie at least there are chocs to help the day along

Left the chocs at home! Doh! And its lovely and sunny and mild here and I can't get to the plot!!

But on the up-side at least son no. 2 has offered to help at Cubs tonight with sweet making (I suspect an ulterior motive) and son no. 1 will pick me up from work - hope my nerves can stand it!!

Stomach growling now, time for coffee and biscuit.


I hope your brother is OK. Lottie

Hope your roof is OK Jo, 'does it never end' springs to mind.

I don't understand about the radiator valves either. We keep the ones in the 2 unused rooms on no 1, which covers  freezing and the radiators never seem to come on with that setting. 

Right going to have a go at some seed sowing, been putting it off.

Bunny ...
Ohhhh lottie no chocs at least the sons are offering hehe...



No havent googled re boiler, think that was the first thing OH did when problem occurred. We shall see, she says. Have pointed out to head engineer that hadnt fully settled the bill either.......

No plaster down in garage from flat roof, phew. There's a large crack across the plaster board from when the window men were replacing the windows above some yrs ago. IF/when, probably, it 'goes' it will be expensive. Do know which builder/roofer shall use though. He did next doors about 3yrs back & changed it into an apex tiled roof. Since those neighbours borrowed the plans for our flatroof/extension to have theirs built, we know that it can be done. Several previous roofers saying it couldnt etc & Steve proved them wrong. Looks good too.

Lottie, hope you survive your sons' driving. Just clamp your feet together, mouth fixed in a grin & look out of the side window! That was me being driven down to the cancer hospital every 3 weeks last yr by OH!

Wind got up a bit, so next wash load ready now to go & flap. J.


Has anyone ever bought or tried Vernon Geranium Nursery?


Just had a wander around the grounds of the palatial estate-more green shoots but the grass is looking thread bare -it has been pecked to oblivion

Everybody seems to be on an up-except poor Lottie-cars a pain in the whotsit-just wont you don't need at present-fancy leaving chocs at home as well

Jo I see is in the usual panic mode-no change there

Becks -get us something in Poundland

Bunny ...
Shame your estate grass is a tad pecked Geoff , birds or your chucks ? Next doors chickens have dug all the roots up from the corner they're in beside our fence , I have had to put rocks incase the dig much nearer fence ...our dog will be in saying hello

Cars are pain , we have old rav but perfect for roads here just bit heavy on juice .

Hurrahhhhh delivery been ...hope we can go out now

Me, panic? Nooo, just a real pessimist. Anyway weren't you hoping your flat roof leak/repair wasnt obvious?

Am having a quick lunch before I go & do something, not sure what, but loads of things await that have been put off & put off until I really must. J.