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If I dont let them out for a bit they pace up and down like caged tigers-there will come a time soon when they will be confined to quarters-things need a chance to grow- not be pecked at or scratched up

Bunny ...
Ahh I see these ones remain in chicken corner .

OH has just dropped something on porceline tile and chipped it ..hmmmmm

That is annoying about the car Lottie I hope your brother is o.k

I have enjoyed myself this morning - sitting in my greenhouse with the radio on potting up plants - so far 16 pink marguerites and 50 white ones

Just come in for some lunch - cheese on toast I think

Pam LL x

Bunny ...
Had a walk around garden, sodden soggy squelchy mess .

What we now need is some good sunshine and drying winds-it looks OK till at least Monday


Bunny ...
We have rain /snow forecast for Saturday
Bunny ...
**Shuffles back to bunny warren with enormous cake to console herself **

 Having had a glorious morning there is now a dirty great big grey clooud overhead. Have sown seeds, in kitchen, as too cold for GH. Have found success with seeds that I put in a place in 'study' on top of a cardboard box that is by a radiator and there is another cardboard box sort of on top and behind so really warm. In fact things are germinating better there than in propagator 

this doesn't really make sense but I know what I mean

Garden is completely waterlogged and a couple of new roses have their crowns exposed because of the soil sinking(compressing). Can't really do anything until land has dried out some more as too wet to walk on.

just started paining

Jean Genie

I've been out and about too. My garden is the same as yours Bjay , really boggy. Just had our local weather on - 8 or 9 degees tomorrow   Hoping to get out there soon.

I've got some little seeds sprouting in with begonia tubers  Haven 't a clue what they are. Trying to think what I planted in the baskets with the begonias.

Measuring up for 2 new trellis panels - beyond repair now. Making a new bed in front of it - a bumble bee border.Got 2 pink geraniums from £land to go with the Johnsons Blue . They are up and away in pots in the conservatory . They aren't named so I'm hoping they are not the dreaded Clarice Duce. Had to dig that out last year. It went ballistic

Jean Genie

Haha - that should have been Claridge Druce - thought it didn't look right .

Bunny ...
Squelch squelch squelch

Been pondering windy corner , wind gusts up back of house (narrow) hits the shadey bed and bounces round to deck so pondering creating some sort of wind break effect there possibly trellis off retaining wall or troughs with climbing something's too..... Ponder ponder ....

It's a good job OH cant read my mind he would be running for the hills with all my ideas

Still waiting to go out, been keeping doggy awake much to her disgust .. told her to reserve her sleeping for later .

Hope to get to GC tomorrow morning and get all pots sorted ready for sowing to begin , hoping to empty clean and re arrange greenhouse over next week then I can get busy .

Love the cardboard greenhouse effect .
Gary Hobson

Have sown most of my seeds, in propagator.

T&M sent me two packets of cappuccino, when I only asked for, and paid for, one. Having got round to sowing I found a little note stuck on the packets saying that germination rates may not meet normal high standards - hence two packets.


I also think of that geranium as Clarice too Bunny. Dont find it too thugish around here, famous last words??, but it is in a NWest facing bed, totally compacted soil, surrounded by other thugs & overhung by big shrubs, mine & trees from t'other side. So it's got a fight on it's hands.

Never knew that Penstemons could layer themselves. Had a good look at the as yet un-cut-back one & realised that it's actually 2-3!! Donations for daughter maybe?

Not a single seed sown yet- next week I expect. Tomorrow shall cut back all 3 large Epimediums. I only do the 2 really evergreen ones every 2cnd/3rd yr. They arent supposed to need the cut back, but they've got so big that they're swamping an Ashwood's Hellebore which is just in flower, so I want to be able to see that. It wouldnt take kindly to moving, so Epimedium will be attacked instead.

Am sure I could do lots more out there, but if am sensible- moi?- & pace myself it'll be better, if frustrating.

Right, must plod on. Things getting done, slowly, but the wind is flapping the washing, the sun keeps trying to come out & the Goldfinches have returned- along with the 'b' bullfinches- so not too bad a day really. J.


Just reporting-dun nuffin

Tick vg everbody else



I have finished potting up the marguerites - I need about 50 for the front garden and have potted up about 70 started on the variegated Felicias which I use in my pots and baskets - 28 so far with another tray to go
Pam LL x

Gosh Pam, no wonder your garden looks so wonderful.

Just watching the Antiques road trip from my old part of the country- Avoncroft buildings museum. Many a happy visit there over the yrs watching it evolve. Ooh, now where OH & me went to school.....

Have managed to do what I set out to finish around here. I intend to have a garden day, well part of, tomorrow, even if OH comes back first thing. W/end could be rather busy e/w I think- daughter should be collecting keys to her house tomorrow.

Sweet potato type of stew/curry for tonights' meal.J.


Pleased to see toms and peppers popping up in the electric propagator in the GH. Moved same to get a bit more light. Garden's loking very pretty, with hellebores,  snowdrops, primroses and those teeny little anemones. All the tete a tetes in the dinky beds by the front door are out, and more just opening in the windowboxes with violas. The iris unguicularis has been giving me about a dozen flowers a day to cut and put on the kitchen table, and there are a few reticulata popping out around the place.

But still on a spring cleaning binge, heaved all pots of paint out from under the stairs, bloke recommends mixing ends of similar colours together together which will give me enough to paint the pantry a sort of clotted cream colour...very Farrow and Ball!




All those plants Pam, put my couple of dozen or so to shame. That I s'pose is why it looks so lovely.

Thought I had posted earlier but couldn't have pressed 'submit reply'  Head not very clear today

Exciting Jo - daughter getting keys, Is she sorting out house first or moving in?

Miss Becks

I'm back from my travels!

Seed potatoes now purchased. Don't feel left out now.

All this talk of sowing! Might have to do some next week. I haven't got a propagator though. Mine will be outside in the placcie greenhouse. I am not filling my windowsills and tables like I did last year!