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Oakley Witch
I see sooo many sides to everyone on here lol. Cheeky monkeys hehe

Don't for forget Olive chewing on an antler

Bunny ...
Sam . It's funny , if we were to draw each other and write a description I wonder what we would come up with

Olive won't get any attention from her unless CAT or BISCUIT is mentioned now
Bunny ...
Had to rescue box of fish blood and bone from being slid around hall ! Obviously can smell that, now n garage (box not dog)

Where is everyone? Valentine party time ?

**puts some music on and parties alone **

Just watched back to back Blandings - had to catch up sometime and nowt on TV.

No wine here - (Becks)- to many cough and cold remedies



Bunny ...
What is blandings ? I watch Hugh .

Awwww you still not well ?

Done for today

night all


Good Morning

I hope everyone is well this morning. Food shopping this morning and then I hope to get in the greenhouse again this afternoon

I love Blandings

Have a good day  Pam LL x



Hello Lilylouise  I see you're out of Moderation over on the other Board - your name is in Blue !!!  Those are gorgeous pansies - are they yours and are they in flower now?


Morning Dove  Yes they are mine - I took the photo a few days ago  I wish the primroses would start to flower  as well- they are full of buds

Pam LL x

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

I'm fancying some retail therapy today, with a trip to GC. I ordered some lily bulbs by mail order which will be arriving shortly, so need a couple of pots to put them in.

Astronomy news just in. The closest approach to earth of a large asteroid is expected to take place tonight, around 7.25pm. It is expected to pass nearer than some communication satellites:

Early this morning one or more meteors (which were not foreseen) came down in Russia, causing minor casualties...

Spectacular video (some similar video was shown on Sky News where I saw the story)..

Optional gardening attire....

Jean Genie

Morning Pam, Dove and Gary,  Lovely pansies Pam.

Dare I say it's a beautiful day here - the sun is out, the sky is blue and it feels warm. Very Springlike. Long may it continue. I'm hoping my soggy garden will dry out a bit for the weekend. Big job breaking out. OH is going to remove the electric garden lighting which has now conked out and then help me remove all the border so we can get the old trellis out. We have another water feature to install and I'm planting with the bees in mind.  Need to divide up the johnsons Blue as its taken over but keeping most of it as its a bee magnet . Digging out the entire border and then re-planting. Looking forward to it.

Mystical orange balls. Can you give me a weather forecast for Sat please ?

Have a good day each and all.

Jean Genie

Ha - Your pic just come through Gary. Made need that for Sat.

Jean Genie

Back AGAIN. Was going to watch that video after posting. Just seen it - how scary was that ? Knew about the near miss last week but haven't put tele on yet.Am doing so now.


Bunny ...

Lovely pansies those , are pansies easy to grow?

Just been watching that on RT .... Need more than that hat! Have fun at the GC , now that was couple of pots you are going for don't get carried away
I shall have a look at my cold frame shortly and organise OH into putting it together. Not sure if I shall get to GC today.

Morning Pam, Dove, Gary, Jean.

Lots to catch up on, loved the helpless laughing. My favourite is Brian Johnston and Jonathan Agnew with the leg-over moment. Mind you, I was often in fits of laughter listening to TMS - even when rain stopped play!

Looks sunny and promising but not likely to be in garden. Had a surprise call from my Forest of Dean sister who will be round our way and is coming for the weekend. She'll take us as she finds us but I still need to clean and tidy a bit as well as plan meals and shop.

Quick edit: morning Bunny!

Bunny ...
Morning jean, flo

Sounds like some good days to be had , OH says we can go out this afternoon if I want ..... Garden centre calling my name

Morning all. Sky is still grey, but I feel less gloomy. Off to GC. Sounds as though quite a few of us are going.

Bunny ...
Maybe we should all meet up for tea and cake