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Definition of waffy :.


1. (adj.) A feeling of emotional unwellness that cannot be categorized as anger, sadness, loneliness, and the like. May be produced by mild PMS.

Womens problems

Bunny ...
Not that kind of waffy , waffy here means not sturdy , flimsy ? Waffyyyyyyyyy ... Ye know.... Waffyyyyy
Miss Becks

He can water the plants for you though Bunny! Looks great that!


Chris sounds like a good trip into the wilds

There was a major highlight and faux-pas-but best not revisited

Welcome home

Bunnysgarden wrote (see)
Not that kind of waffy , waffy here means not sturdy , flimsy ? Waffyyyyyyyyy ... Ye know.... Waffyyyyy

Yes- woman's problems



Back from collecting, thanks for the waves of dogginess. Peps threw himself shamelessly at punters who made a big fuss of him. While that was going on lots of people put money in the other person's tin! Always happens like that but we get the money either way

Had one of my favourite moments of the year when I got home just now

 I love it when the Zwaneburg Bronze crocuses greet me because I never notice that they've been lurking brownly as buds then burst into song when the sun comes out   The clump is well past its sell-by and not much of a clump these days, I must get some more.

Gruntfuttock - yes, Flo does know, of course!

Bunny ...
Cheeky ! Ohhh better not go down the cheek route again ...

It's quite roomy , perfect for deck as sun from midday til sunset with shady spots
Make a gardener of me yet

My christmas rose hellebore doesn't look well maybe it was the snow mound .

Need another coffee, why isn't this sun drying anything grrrr
Bunny ...
Hehe @ shamelessly throwing ....I have one like that , though more of a lunging wiggle

They brighten the day up lovely . I have some snowdrops but that's all .

I've never been any good at Christmas roses if they are those white hellebores, yet other hellebores adore my shady side and propagate promiscuously.

Rambling Sid Rumpo - much missed.


Afternoon all,

Am having a quick lunch in between loads of Epimedium leaves going into wheely bin. As far as I know no snowdrops been decapitated yet...

Glyn you're brave attempting Betty's at a w/end!

I also know about Grunt Futtocks too, never thought how t'was spelt.

Bunny I have that coldframe. Really secure it in place, several bricks around/on top in my case, or it will definitely wander!

Right, whilst energy still around, byee. J.

Bunny ...

It is normally ok , just buds bit black and not opened. Maybe just the weather, i shall see how it perfoms in this dryer spell


G'day All

Just typed a really long message and then a windows update arrived and automtaically shut down computer

I know about Grunt Futtocks as well

Virus still lurking and am decidedly wobbly on the feet etc. Just done supermarket -shouldn.t have- and bought the tete a tete pots for 50p each. Good deal I think

pleased your collection was a success Flo

We are going to try and remember to watch internet at 7.30 ish. Should we be prepared with candles, kettles and lack off communication Oh that will mean can't watch it over internet

Lunch calls


Bunny ...
Hehe rosa @ watching Internet without Internet

They promise us it shall miss

Good bargains !! Sounds like your bit waffy too , feet up time I shall put the kettle on . Digger biscuit anyone, Aldi ...rather nice must stop scoffing biscuits

Bjay, sorry to hear that you're wobbly. Tete a tete in 50p pots sounds like good medicine, Have they been checked for horsemeat, though?

Just scoffed whole pack of felafel, had intended to save some for later - tut. Now cuppa and choccy muffin


Definately 'waffy' have been since Tuesday, just bought 2nd lot of lemsip

Want to go in garden but know it won't do me any good. May have a saunter around later.

My lovely white hellebores have just one leaf now - no flowers

I have aplant bought round about November and i don't know what to do with it. The GC label says will grow (wall shrub) up to about 6ft but Mr Google says ot is a 20ft monster Any ideas:

Pileostegia viburniodes

Am I wrong?

Like the look of that cold frame but I think I need a sturdier one , I have a plan involving the Spring Show here

Bunny ...
Both books I've looked in says slow grower but 6m (20ft)
Bunny ...
Maybe just a sit outside in fresh air with a lemsip all wrapped up be good , take a book