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Good point Gary-well made-and no smut or reference to womans problems

There was a  pre-courser and then parallel to this thread May,June,July in your Garden but that ran out of steam as well when it got to August and the platitudes ran out and people drifted way-remember Wintersong,gardenfantic-though the latter reappeared again recently

Pennine Petal

Ooh, never been describewd as har core before

Back from dentist, tongue now come too so that I can speak properly again.

OH trying to get some travel insurance so that he can come to Madrid with me in a couple of weeks, but no-one will play. Think it might be undiagnosed condition that could be the problem or else there is just too much wrong with him. Any suggestions apart from go on my own?

Jo, Harlow Carr Betty's normalyl OK at the end of the afternoon on a Saturday. We go for a wander around the garden, into the GC and then into the cafe. We have full afternoon tea vouchers.

I used to listen to ROund the Horn when I was very young, I liked the Nay Lark and Jimmy Clitheroe on a Sunday. 




Pennine Petal

Figrat, lots of fluids, the stronger the better.


You swanning off again Glyn?

Take me instead or surely an insurance company will take any risk at a price-there are specialist companies that deal with unusual circumstances eg Saga for the oldies

Without being too personal-what is the problem?

On Sunday Mornings now-Doctor at Large with Richard Briers and the Men From The Ministry


Sunday lunch time - Clithero Kid, Navy Lark and was it called Forces Favourites.

Bye again


Caz W

Two Way Family Favourites with Cliff Michelmore - parents always had it one when eating Sunday lunch!

Caz W

Sorry BJay - how are you feeling now?

Pennine Petal

Geoff, you are most welcome! VIsiting a student in Madrid, if I go on my own will go one day and come back the next. Was hoping for a little break with OH though.

He has a problem with his lungs, coughing up small amounts of blood and some scarring. They are not sure what it is, but the last consultant thought it mght be an allergic reaction the the wharferin. They want him to go in for a biopsy, would have to be in 4 days. Consultant says it will rule out stuff but probably won't identify what it is.

Tried Saga, Age UK, Staysure. Jus thought they would cover him for other stuff and not lungs issues, but doesn't seem to be the case.

Need to get flight booked.

Pennine Petal

Thanks Caz, we have just susbscribed to their newsletter. It's probably the undiagnosed one that is the problem, but having a look.Keeping my fingers crossed.


Just staggered back from trip downtown (well, all of 3 minute's walk away!) to stock upo on LemSips (and fluid !) and a dvd to watch tonight.  Lovely girl in the chemists recommended some other stuff to take to alternate with lemsips, said she's got the same and they worked wonders for her. Sometimes I really appreciate living in a small town/large village.


I'm back.

Figrat, poor you, hope you start to feel better soon.

Bjay, hope that you begin to feel better soon too. Was it you asking about Hydrangea Petiolaris? Yes fine for shadey wall/fence, but it's rather slow, ie several yrs, to get going & then it really takes off. It wont really like being in a pot, I'd try getting it into the ground when you can & initially tie it in to some support. Once it's happy, no support needed, but annual/biannual prune of excess/out of soffits etc needed.

Compared to this time last year the new growth out there is ahead. I checked my temperature notes & this Feb warmer than last, so not surprised to see buds breaking already.

Have done all I set out to do outside. I sensibly stopped before problems developed. The roses & budleas can wait a couple of weeks.

Daughter just phoned from her house. She's itching to get decorating, but a bit of time checking out all those keys she's found & deciding what has to be done before all the furniture arrives will save time in the long run. At least the vendor has left lightbulbs. When we got to our first house, late on an October day, no lightbulbs anywhere!!

My wellies are already to take up there to explore the garden tomorrow, whilst OH sorts out whatever for her. I hope not to be involved in any decorating! J.

figrat wrote (see)

Sometimes I really appreciate living in a small town/large village.

And then Edward Woodward arrives in a Police Sergeants Uniform and it gets really lively

Bunny ...
Just hopping on...back to catch up later...

Can I just ask you 'oh so knowledgable talented wise gardeners'

What is the best way to decide seeds to plant (flowers) ... Just thinking if m to stand in GC reading all packets I may be there all week or do I look in garden books for flowers I like then look up re seed sowing etc .. This may be daft question but someone has to be daft

Bunny -what-is it you are asking?-bit of a ramble jungle there

You dont plant seeds


Miss Becks
Well what do you do with them then???

You sow seeds-plant plants-one of my bug bears


Get a catalogue, decide what you like, look at its germonatiion and care - bought some last year without checking and sooo complicated using a frdge as well

Or have an idea , go to GC and look at all the pretty pictures

Miss Becks

Tut!! You knew what she meant, picky knickers!!!


Yes Jo i was asking - could I put it on a fence?

Head is beginning to feel less muddy, still coughing  Not falling asleep as soon as I sit any more. Thanks all for asking.