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oh dear becks. Hope you haven't this virus thing I have. Sleep will help

Bunny i came late to gardening as well, dabbled before but this is my first serious garden. -- I garden with humour - see another post - I have gnomes he he he


You were in the same house for 45 years or parents Bunny??

Bunny ...
Hehe Jo , was salford in their day ..moved up in 68 , I'd say mostly demolished now. Lower broughton, whit lane , Pendleton. Gran lived walkden little hulton .

Pleased I'm not alone rosa.

Geoff parents ...still there , never move now
Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! You have now opened a can of worms for me! A recent thread we participated in as to why you got into gardening! Would love to see "Fellow Forkers" replie's on that one! n can only just assume they would come back with the same reply as "Bunny Has" Because my parents did it!

So I is gunna lay down the Gauntlet! n ask! "Why did you Forkers get that Heaverly into gardening? 




Caz W

Just had a nice soak in a hot bath to relieve aching back after a good few hours gardening - need to get used to all this bending malarky again .  Now having a medicinal tincture .

Poor Becks  hope a good night's sleep (if possible) will do the trick.


Bunny ...
Caz . I was fine til had shower now I creak when I walk having a medicinal beverage is helping .
Bunny ...
Dean's addictive , growing something yourself is highly addictive , I watched carol Klein and thought ooh il try that it worked and here I am ... Like a leach for more info
My parents gardened, dad did cuttings , watched GW , got mum into seeds and cuttings now.
Caz W

Deano - gardening just sort of crept up on me and once I started I couldn't stop.  I think one of the reasons is because I really like being outdoors and love wildlife so like to garden with "little friends" in mind.  I can do so much more now I've finished work

Cheers Bunny (hic)


Evening all. Been having a belated valentines dinner with OH - couldn't have it last night because of Cubs. So we've had dinner and wine and finished off with chocs and coffee. Very civilised. Even lit a few candles. 

Trouble is the wine has made me sleepy so I might have to turn in soon! I did look for the meteor but it was cloudy so couldn't see anything.

OH about to turn in as he has work tomorrow, and I need to mend a pair of trousers for son no. 3 who has a job interview tomorrow. Not exactly romantic end to the evening!

Bunny ...
Aww nice evening lottie , shame about the trouser mending , who said romance was dead
Sleep well when you be there .
Bunny ...
Where's Geoff ? Is he gnome story hunting ... Be impressed if he finds it, I tried and failed .

hooray - done it - managed to watch MD without falling into slumber. In fact loved those gardens especially that one with green paths and cut into rectangles. Stunning. et it hummed wih insects as well.

Will answer you tomorrow Dean

Night all


Will continue the search in the morning-take up Dean's challenge and quiz a Bunny further-but for now going to bed

Nighty -night


Bunny ...
Night rosa...I've recorded it will watch in the morning, look forward to it know.
Night Geoff
Bunny ...
Ohh wow thanks liz , that'll be me tomorrow

Been quiet tonight , Geoff hunting gnomes, dean playing windows with many questions ... unwell ness, romantic dinners, cubs and trousers , decorating possibilities
Bunny ...
That was lovely to read, I look forward to hearing others stories... White alyssum I remember that, my parent had no money plants were duplicated everywhere, we didn't notice .
A video of pams gardening was mentioned ?

Just read everything and everyone seems to have gone to bed. Goodnight.

Watched Monty Don, liked Giverney best. He pronounced it in a funny way, not like the French. It was the only one with lots of flowers, which is what I like. Don't think anything can beat an English garden. Visited several last year.