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He he, shall think of you 2 when hoovering my car out sometime soon after Tatton. Absolutely no point in doing regularly as OH & daughter no respect! Do have GC free plastic sheets over the mats, not drivers, to try & trap the majority.  Dont think OH has ever cleaned his car out.

Got lots of 'picnic' goodies for tomorrow & flask ready to fill etc.

Had poached salmon earlier. Steaks were HUGE & OH had bought 3. Didnt realise just how large they were until they had defrosted. Now have lots of cooked pieces in fridge for sandwiches too, or OH for work on Thursday. J.


Geoff and Kate you should be on the stage you make me laugh. Ive had depression for a while now and decided to beat it myself I found this site and havent looked back. My OH is on facebook which I hate.. At least on this site you can talk to like minded folk.

ps Im another one of these women who dont hoover out there cars even though I promised with my new car I would, well once in two years is that ok?

And Geoff what do you suggest for our meal tonight I could use a base of mince if that helps. I made homemade pizza last night the base wasnt great the dough didnt rise as well as Id hoped but they ate it all.

Pouring down out there

Gary Hobson

I clean the inside of my car once a year - just before it has its service and MOT.

I assume that's the sort of thing MOT checks for - crumbs on floor, etc.

I keep a sheet of tough polythene permanently in the boot, so that compost spilt by plants, which tend to topple over while corning at speed, can easily be contained.

When I need to do the thorough clean I use a dust-pan and brush. It works.


Dry here Jenny-if these ramblings cheer you up then that makes me happy

-am off shortly to lose a white ball or two-tonight's menu-could be just mince,spag bol,lasagne,cottage/shepherds pie or a particular favourite of mine -meat and potato pie-with peas of course.

All good intentions with new cars don't last long-you start of cleaning them once a week- that soon goes down to once a month

Need a pigeon update-if a have a bad game it is the pigeon's fault


Pottie Pam

I thought you had a loft of pigeons, Kate, that delivered gifts to your friends, although I must admit they have never made it to my house.

Hope you enjoy your golf, Geoff. My 11 year old grandson got a birdie at the weekend. His dad was very impressed. I'm not sure if it was a pigeon or a seagull.


Pottie Pam

The jet stream is moving at last. Sorry Jennie.


Very grey here I am off out to check up on the baby pigeon in a minute but the crying has stopped. Pottiepam the pigeons do not live here, when I need a courier service I call them although they have not been very reliable with their deliveries

I went out on slug patrol last night and found vine weevil on my lilies and godetias, I was not happy.

I just need to find my hard hat.............


Hard hat, Kate? do vine weevils drop missiles while flying over or are you ducking Geoff's wilder shots at little white balls?


Could do with some sun here but the forecast for this area is looking more promising - am hopeful of a dry day for Pam's garden visit. Was paining earlier but looking a bit brighter now. May even get out at lunchtime at this rate.

Kate perhaps you could train the pigeon?


I am back -had a 'orrible shower right at the end-it is still all systems go-for next week-mid to high 20's-just in time for the schools hols and lympics


I wish I could train those pigeons to clean up they have made a right mess of my garden gate.

Geoff the golf must be getting better no stray balls in the garden, Flo any in yours?

Jenny I am also cooking mince for tonight, I am having a Keema served with rice and peas


Geoff or anyone in the know..I hear about this meat and tattie pie what way is it assembled? Is it a shortcrust or puff pastry topping. I reckon we would all like it


Just remember, guano is a good fertilizer!

May be inspired to make a bolognese tonight - and then again maybe not! Am sure the boys won't mind pie and peas, so long as there's gravy.


Jenny-shortcrust pastry-also lovely cold- those men of your will love it

I have ordered chickem korma from the kitchen for tonight-just going to have fish-finger sarnies for lunch

Golf is still hit and miss-more miss that anything



Geoff I feel that you may need to play more often to improve just do not complain if you are near Tony Jacklin.

My speciality is gravy, I find it so disappointing when there is just a spoonful, last week I made a large saucepan for 6 people and it all went.

I have just spent 14 mins on the phone to the doctors surgery, I got to number 1 in the queue and they hung up on me


Thanks for that I'll try it out on them. A slice of cold pizza for my lunch. What I wouldn't do to be able to order up what I wanted from our kitchen what a life..

Kate it seems Ive been making Keema for years ,I just googled it, I just call it curried mince another thing Ive learnt today. The next time I make it it will sound so much more posh than curried mince

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The jet stream is moving at last. Sorry Jennie.

Just passed the Midlands, heading north:


Ow dear... Ive got two gardening friends coming on Saturday to look round my garden and I so need a dry day to catch up! They should understand I hope 


Jenny I am always looking for an easier way to explain it and that describes it perfectly.

I have been out and bought some more flour to make snail glue, it gives a pizza recipe on the side