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Bluebell - they are sheltered, leaves are thick - japanese bluebell

G'day all

Very quiet thought I would have loads to catch up on, and there isn't much.

Read the book Kite Runners a while back, the film was on this week but it was one of those I think I got more from the book so didn't watch the film

Been to Swindon to take caravan to have its long awaited damp repaired. It's an easy drive but not when neither of you are 100% and we hit some fog which makes it depressing.

Head still aching, but overall I think I am a bit perkier today.

Becks I started with sweats and severe aches, hope it's not the same virus.

Now waiting to see if grand daughter is going to be awake so we can Skype 

Miss Becks

Oh Bjay, don't say that! You were really bad.

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Bit early for outdoor hyacinth or bluebell to show??

I'm in about the same climate zone and have bluebells well up, about like those. If they've been covered over then that would have brought them up too.

I think it's been quiet on here this afternoon as many of us have been outside.

Decided to bring my tomato plants indoors, rather than leave them in cold greenhouse overnight.

Bunny ...

**scoffing whilst browsing**



Oh yum - carrot cake

 Just spent a lovely half hour talking to grand daughter - well son no 1 . She has started to laugh (chuckle)  and kept throwing toys on the floor . He sais they had just come in from spending a glorious day in the garden (Leeds)

Becks definately still not 100%, lingering for a long time. We were suppose to meet up with friends for lunch in Swindon but put them off as we are not good company - grotty actually - at moment.


Miss Becks

Tomato plants Gary? How big are they?

Gary Hobson

About 2 inches - impulse purchase from GC yesterday - 4 for £2.

Miss Becks

Aaw, little babies. I've just sown some today, although Geoff will have a fit at me for it!!


My seeds tomatoes were only planted this week. No sign of life yet, same for aubergine and peppers 

Need to pot on some things though. The dahlias are looking good, not for potting on yet

Need lots more compost and shallow trays to bring on the begonias, Dean reckoned mid-feb so will try. aAlways done it later before 

Gary Hobson

You need to be careful that they don't get leggy. Need to keep them short and sturdy. The trick is, once germinated, get them out of the heat and bring them on in cool conditions. I bought those from the GC because some of these plants sell out. And it was an impulse buy.


Been outside all afternoon. The smoke bush was huge, now there are big heavy branches all over the lawn. Pruned the sambucus Black Lace and trimmed a load of lavenders which all look half dead. I'll have to take cuttings this year if any are available and redo the bed. Snowdrops all over the place. I plant them round the hostas as the hostas are still dormant.

Caz W

Afties all - all seem to be having a good Saturday.

Becks not sure what they are but I've got some the same  - they could be bluebells or hyacinths (that's what I planted and I never remember where I put things and like to have a surprise).  No sun here today but at least it's been dry and OH made a temporary repair on broken fence panel until he gets round to replacing it (could be a long wait .....).   Have cleared out an overcrowded flower bed as I want to put some courgettes there this year.  This may sound like a mad question but which way up do you plant the seeds or do you lay them flat or on their side or does it make no difference? .  Will probably sow them indoors in pots first.

Ah BJay - chuckling baby  .  My neice just emailed me some pics of her girls (2 and 10) which I've been oohing and aahing over.

Nice cake Bunny

Are you dressed up in your best greenhouse attire today Gary?  You looked very smart last time we saw you in there

Harlow Carr looks stunning.  Love that sort of planting.


Started my begonia tubers today-will not be sowing tomatoes just yet-will start the dahlias again in a few weeks

Miss Becks

Well they will be cool. They are outside in the plastic playhouse! probably too cold for them to even germinate yet, but my figers were itching, and I was doing some other veggie stuff, so did a few toms and peppers as well.


Jean Genie

Good afties/evening. Just reporting in. Think I have the same virus as Bjay and Becks.  Started last night with sneezes , aches and temperature. Went back to bed today and am now fully dosed up so hoping its just a head cold. Had to pull plans on border as I feel horrible and its been a lovely day here so I am hoping to be ok to start on it tomorrow. OH said he would have a go without me but there's too many plants in that border and I need to divide some. Really fed up. Was so looking forward to starting that.

Anyway, moan over. Am spending evening cabbaging on couch doing nothing.

Hope Dove, becks and Bjay feel better soon as well.

Forgotten just how good Judge John Deed is . Considering I don't watch a lot of television , it's been on all day.

Gary Hobson

Dressed as per Monty's bohemian (blue period) look today.


WEnt to Harlow Carr last Septmeber when GD  arrived. I found it was alot to take in, in one go as the beds are so amazing. felt that needed regular trips which is not possible from here.

Back to knitting


Peppers might need a bit of warmth Becks, but its not too early to sow them. Woiuld have thought it was a bit early for tomatoes but nothing ventured so they say! And you do have the plastic house.

Caz, courgette seeds need to be planted on their edge, not laid flat. Same with other squashes but don't ask me why! 

I'm cooking roast today rather than tomorrow as I intend to be in the garden a lot tomorrow, and also because I can't get to the shops! Had a look in the freezer and store cupboard and found enough for a decent dinner so that's what we're having. Very large pan of roast potatoes now in the oven! However many I cook the boys always manage to eat them all. 

I've hidden the rest of the ginger cookies!

Caz W

Aaw Jean - take it easy and keep warm - and enjoy the Judge (have always like him).

Gary - with or without the braces????