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Pennine Petal
Watching Carol Klein in the cottage garden again. Need some inspiration!
Bunny ...
Ooooh nice outfits ..white and me are never the best in any situation I'm afraid

Morning all

Glorious day here, birds were chirping at 5.30 , lovely to hear though will I be saying that when it becomes 4am , sounds like you sicklies need some garden remedy today...getting down n dirty with the muck

I'm recording carol and a-z what will it be today ...gladioli ?

What to do today, shall consult the OH .

Good Morning  Freezing fog here,too - looks as though it might just be starting to clear

My greenhouse is calling me

Have a lovely day everyone

Pam LL x

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

The only thing calling me is a cup of coffee!

Nice blue sky again. It's bound to be temporary. Too good to be true to have sun 2 days in a row

Pork lunch planned. May make some crumbles later.


Morning All.

I have just posted on another browser and then the d***** thing froze, so have changed browser and started again, looks like it's going to be one of those days. My other posting might be somewhere in cyberspace or not

Sunny here this morning, but we had a hard frost, ice on the ponds, not white blouse weather.

Just going to make breakfast, egg, bacon and tomatoes, Sunday treat then out into the wilderness to try and do a bit of something. Noticed we have some sweet violets in flower.

Have a good day, don't do too much.




Morning All

Son says notice in fishmongers window : All our crab cakes are horse meat free 

After popping, which I may do today as well spent a bad night coughing and now have a searing headache - again

Will spend a GH day. Some seedling s to pot on and some little lavenders to pot as well. They have survived winter but now to give them a boost (they were plugs when I had them. Not venturing in garden as such and the fresh air may help clear my head.

Don't think I'd be safe in a white shirt in garden, but could do with some braces as next set of trousers keep falling down

Deanos Diggin It

Morning All!

Nice n sunny yet again!  But looks cold!  Frost on the decking!

Shall potter in back yard today, n may make a start on garage clearence  If only to make room for all the crap in the boot of the car! 

OH gone to MIL,s with eldest Daughter, so won't she don't see won't hurt!  

Deanos Diggin It

Oh! n Gary! When you've done with that bird in the white blouse n fancy titfer, send her my way! I'll find her summat to do!

Sue H
Morning all. Day off from the saltmines. Bad nights sleep with painful hand. Carpal tunnel or something! Sausage sandwich calling. Then going to make lemon curd cake for after lunch. Garden calling for tidy up. Marvelous sunshine, though bit chilly. No white shirt. Jumpers and fleecy called for. Son gone skateboarding. Daughter gone missing since Friday night. Odd text here and there. Will reappear for Sunday lunch no doubt. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine?

The sun is beating down- a caravan of camels just rode by-put on my Sunday best and see what happened


 Merry midday everyone

Jean Genie

Back in for a midday bacon buttie  Making good headway on the border now. All the honeysuckle has been decimated so probally won't get flowers this year. May get some from the Serotina but not from the Dropmore Scarlett . Had to be done though. Just found a million and one nasturstium seeds in the border. To be honest. sorry I planted them - cant get rid of them now.I do like them but they appear to be popping up everywhere. I won't be keeping them. Anyone want them ? All mixed.

Hope your hand improves , Sue.

Miss Becks

Do they grow in shaded areas Jean?


Thanks for the portrait Geoff, if ever I meet you I'll be able to recognise you!

I just bought some nasturstium seeds to sow next to the broad beans Jean. I wish my Dropmore Scarlet needed heavy pruning. It shrinks every year and I think it's had it.



Popped back again - waiting for bacon sarnie

I need some advice please. I have some dianthus, they were plugs so have brought them on in the GH over winter. They look good but some of them are growing quite long. I remember my M taking cuttings from them, but have not grown them before. Advice please on where I take the cutting s from  etc 


Hello all. Have done the front border this morning - weeded and things chopped back. Its south facing so its lovely out there in the sun! I found an antirrhinum out there that hasn't died away over winter, and its a lovely dark red when in flower. Must be a tough cookie! I thought they were annuals.

Quick question - what do I do with the dead flowers on the hydrangea? Can I chop them off??

Coffee and ginger cookie now! Lunch will have to wait until later.



Lottie-just give them a tug-that is what I do


Thanks Geoff, will go and do that now. 


Bjay-you take what is known as pipings-and they are probably not big enough for that-I would just take the top out or trim it down a bit-would not bother trying too root the bits


Hello forkers. Bring your donkeys out of hiding, my sister has gone so their hind legs will be safe again

Lovely and sunny though a bit windy but not bad now it has warmed up. Will have to keep on working on the area for the chicken ranch. No white clothing - I'm a mucky pup - and no braces as the front portion can never decide where to sit and looks daft wherever it lands up.

Enjoy your afternoonses one and all.


I looked up pruning hydrangeas and it sounded complicated. But everyone agrees leave dead flowers on to protect plants from hard frosts then cut off dead flower stems. My French daughter- in-law then cuts off the top third of the whole bush of mopheads and they do well, but all the sites I looked at said not to do this if you want flowers - she always has flowers. Confused.