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I have never pruned one in the conventional sense-just remove the dead-heads around now-this years flower buds are just underneath-if you cut of all stems say by half or whatever then no flowers this year-but then there are different sorts


Not popping this time, staying I think.Not done very much and only in GH but shattered.

when I was about 15 I thought I would help in the garden. I chopped down my dad's hydrangea(pruning I thought). I do not know what I did but it never flowered again. I wasn't allowed to prune either - only dead head roses.

I was wondering what to do with mine. It's Annabelle so isn't a mop head, will look it up.

Jean Genie

Afties, Thats me done for the day.  The border looks a bit of a mess but can't do anything until the trellis panels come on Thursday. Have divided a lot of plants and moved a few bits and pieces to make room for the water feature. OH will put the panels up on Saturday so I can prepare the soil. Johnsons Blue had gone a bit crazy so we've dug a lot out and just kept some nice little clumps. Got some unnamed pink geraniums to go in as well as the new clematis that I got from the newspaper offer last year. Should look nice eventually.

Hope my Dropmore Scarlet survives Liz, had to cut it right back as the panels are coming out.

Becks, The nasturstiums would do better in full sun but you can have them if you want. Didn't collect as many as I thought some disappeared when he was digging the lights out but there's a fair few here Beks - yours if you want them. They are really easy to grow so let me know.


Hi folks.

Just come in from tidying  a couple of borders, and pruning clematis. I have got a pile of dried stuff to burn, no good for compost and the green bin doesn't get emptied until the end of March. It's been lovely outside, quite warm and sunny, hope you have had some nice weather too.

We have got a few daffodils just showing colour alliums popping up, aconites and snowdrops out. I'm never quite sure about pruning hydrangea, but as ours are fairly young plants I go for the gently does it approach and just cut off the old flower heads, and a bit of stem just down to the bud beneath the old flower, it's worked so far but as I say they aren't massive plants. Never really liked them until a few years ago when I wanted something easy to fill a space in the border. We have got Annabelle too,I think its lovely, a bit different.

Check out RHS website, ref  Hydrangea pruning, you'll get all the info there.



Gary Hobson

Have just come inside. Being able to have a nice day outside in the sunshine was wonderful.

Didn't actually get around to doing any weeding. I hate weeding. It's so tedious and it's like painting the Forth Bridge. But more sunshine tomorrow, so I might do a bit then.


Weeding's worse if you leave it Gary because they get bigger and more likely to seed as well as spread by other means. Trouble is, I don't practise what I preach

Had almost a couple of hours outside plodding on with the area for the chicken-ranch-resiting. Cut down a largish Pyracantha, now have to dig up the roots

Sue H
Lovely day here. Had strimmer out going round edge of raised beds. OH said to be careful. Too early for that. Might get caught by the power tool police!!
Looks better. Had a general clean and weed round. Hand still cold and tingling. Sure I will pay for it later!
Jean Genie

Oh dear, Sue. I think we've all seized the moment today  Weather been lovely here as well . Just had a rollocking off OH as my cold's come back with a vengence . He said I should have left it to him. No chance - he's just my labourer.

Flo - I have to dig out a large hydrangea that's past it's sell by. Not looking forward to that either.


I think my most time consuming job in the garden is weeding. My horse manure is full of weed seeds that the horses have eaten which have survived the rotting down process! Also I am surrounded by woodland (brambles, ivy etc in it) and fields which are wild life friendly and full of wild flower seeds which are weeds in the garden. I think the dear little birdies sit in the shrubs and drop bramble seeds out of you know which end! But I'm really very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, so now feel guilty for having a moan.

hollie hock

Helllo everyone, hope you all have had  a good weekend and seen the sun at some pointGood to be out in the garden for a bit, found some bare roots of plants that I had forgotten about so in they went.

Got rid of loads of junk that's been hanging around, went to a very small carboot sale and came back with a set of 3 cast iron saucepans with lids, 2 balti dishes, a garlic press and a metal 3 tier steamer all for £6. Happy days

Bought my first ever  veg seeds as well.

Enjoy your evenings


 February deck decor. Feels good to be mucking about outside! A little grey here--woke up to find my poor old dog had had an accident overnight, so spent some time shampooing--or should I say depooing carpet--my own fault-he woke me but I went back to sleep. Happy gardening, Forkers! Love the costumes!

Caz W

Evening all you busy forkers - its been a cold but sunny day here in Welsh Wales and was able to carry on with all the garden chores but needed a jumper over my white blouse and braces .  Neighbour who's moving gave us 6 large tubs full of bluebells and primroses so I've been separating them and putting them in any bare patches of ground and I get to keep the tubs too .   Just had some salmon sandwiches for tea and will soon be going for a bath to help with the old backache that most of us seem to get after this sudden burst of activity outside!  Hope all poorly folk quickly get better.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening Everybody!

Jeez! How much stuff can ya stash in a garage?

Wouldn't mind, but half of it I forgot was in there!  Proper good stuff too! 

I need really to set up an ebay account! But clueless!

Right, bath n shave time! Then Food! I'm starving!  

Caz W

Deano - have a garage sale and Holly Hock can come round any buy it all



Dean, it's Murphy's Law--you will always have 30% more stuff than you have room for.

Deanos Diggin It


She'd be more than happy!

Oh! "Come on you Bantam's!"  Just for your OH's amusement!

Caz W

OH is saying they're saving the best players for the big match next Sunday so don't read anything into today's game against Liverpool

hollie hock

Caz and Deano I love a bargain and free stuff. I'm a recent convert/addict to Freecycle and Gumtree. Caz, I'd be very happy with your neighbours gift.

Talk of garages reminds me that I have stashed some garden stuff in a friends garage when I moved here 2 years ago. Should really go and have a look........I know there's a water butt and I'm sure there's stuff inside it

Nice pictures Inkadog- is that a wallflower on the left? lovely colour


Just watching thing about Burton hospital being investigated - weird thing is it's where some patients were sent when they couldn't use Stafford

We are having our Valentines Meal tonight, first day felt like it but still yuk. We bought one of those everything you need for £20. from Waitrose, don't feel like the wine though