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Pennine Petal
Evening all. just for back from Harlow Carr and Betty's afternoon tea. Didn't get there until just before 3 so managed to get in for an hour's wander. Actually. It was quite cold so didn't wander that long. Snowdrops, cyclamen, violets and hellebores out. Some pretty iris reticulata a too.

Followed a huge orange ball of sun all the way hone, then a sky full of orange ribbons of cloud. Stunning!
Miss Becks
Well, have spent most of the afternoon it the abyss! Affectionately named Jess's playroom! Now have 4 black bags of crap, and she can swing a cat in it!! (Next door's if I see it hanging around my greenhouse again!)

Anyway, have done all I'm going to do in there for today. Just about to take an apple crumble out the oven, and chill for half hour. But must remember to put the clean bedding back on. Hate forgetting, then go up to bed, and realise I hadn't done it, and then have to mess about doing it.

Very productive day in the garden but I didn't get any seeds sown. I can do those in the evenings though. Moved a hibiscus from the back garden to the front border - not sure it will survive but it didn't like where it was before! I took the dead flowers off the hydrangea but didn't affect the new growth coming through. Should be fine. Its a mophead type in a lovely mauve-blue colour and only had decent flowers on for the first time last year. 

Also weeded and tidied the corner bed in the back - lots of bulb coming through. Its a fairly new bed so it will be interesting to see what comes back this year from last  year. 

Hot bath sounds like a lovely idea - I'm hoping that one of the boys will get tea ready!

Deanos Diggin It

Bathed n shaved! Feel like a new man! Any offers? I'm joking,I'm joking!

Caz! Tell OH We have no decent player's, so the Swans are safe!

Beck's! Your Ipad! Big fat insert charging point or little thin thing?

Miss Becks

Lightening charger Dean. The 'little thin thing'.



Deanos Diggin It

Oh Well! Find good use for it else where then!  I need to declutter!  

Caz W

I've just had a nice bath and feel like a new man

When's the crumble being delivered???

Lottie - talking about Hibiscus - OH went to Talbot House in Belgium last year and brought me back some hibiscus seeds (found them today when sorting out stuff).  They were in a normal envelope with just a tiny photo in the corner and the words "Hibiscus Seeds" and no other information or instructions.  Can anyone help me out here please?

Miss Becks

Ah, I see. You have a spare 30 pin. No, no good for me I'm afraid. Thanks for asking though.

Jean Genie

I bought a hibiscus plant from £land last week. It's just a twiggy thing at the moment so I'll wait and see. Never grown one from seed Caz but just been looking at this.

May help you.

I love my chinese hibiscus -  must be about 8 years old now and flowers like mad every year.

Caz W

Thanks Jean - looks as if they'll need a lot of heat to get them to germinate so here's hoping for a heatwave as I don't have a heated propagator

Deanos Diggin It

No! Fancy state of the art all singing all dancing docking system, charges, prints, wipes ya bum, n makes a cup of tea when ya not looking!

n this windows 8 is really doing my tit;s in!  it takes an age to do a post! Cause it goes on a tangent if ya press a certain button!


 Yum  blow the WW

Luverlymeal  and beginning to feel better as well, just need to get rid of the cough now.

Caz do you have an airing cupboard, plenty of warmth in there 

Deanos Diggin It

Right I'm orf! The six day week beckons! But early finishes!  The plot is screaming!  

Miss Becks

Dean. But one day, that all singing and dancing system might lose it's voice and break it's legs, and it will dance no more. Then you will be buggered, as you got rid of the charger! I should hang onto it. Not like it's taking up a lot of room is it.

Evening all! Just missed Dean by the looks of it though!

Lovely sunny day. Looked out at the garden and at the washing pile and ignored both!
Been out and about instead. A visit to Aysgarth Falls (scrummy hot chocolate with marshmallows, cream, flake and. Cube of fudge on the side)and Castle Bolton.
Chilly though, particularly at the castle.

Enjoying a veg out in front of the tv without the Sunday evening get ready for school work

Hope the sun is still with us tomorrow!


Miss Becks

Hi Nola! Sounds like you had a fun day.

Pennine Petal
Found it on google, Nola, those falls look magnificent. I will put them on my visit list.

Wow! Busy forkers today. Have a good night's rest one and all

Inka, I love your Fab Feb Deck Decor  Those little irises are some of my all time favourite flowers.


Good morning all   I've got a day off - going for BP check and fasting bloods  then hope to get into the garden again - although I'm stiff from yesterday's exertions - that's the problem with winter - muscles get used to sitting on the sofa with you lot 


Morning Dove, and forkers yet to arrive.

Sunny again though quite cold. Have to go to a meeting this morning - hope it won't drag on  . Later will be taking yesterday's garden work to the tip. I expect the pyracantha will get its own back on me as I heave it over the wall.

Have a good day one and each