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Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Sun is out again for day 3! We are being treated at the moment. Can't wait until it's proper, full strength sun. Lovely Jubberly!

Another garden day planned.

Jean R wrote (see)


That border is driving me nuts

Just for you Jean


Jean Genie

 That reminds me - sure I've got a stash of walnuts somewhere left over from Xmas. Have to check.


It was very foggy here first thing, but its now gone and the sun is shining beautifully, not a cloud in the sky. Still a bit nippy out there though.

My car is now back on the road, so I can get to the garden centre today - I have to go today as I have vouchers (ok, only £4 but better than nowt!) and they expire tomorrow!  Not sure what I want to spend them on yet.


Caz W

Yes you have

I've just come in for a sarnie and a sit down!

Bunny ...
Morning or rather afternoon

Been fumigating the house of rotting fish smell ....ughhh , which then set me off on a cleaning frenzy , windows and doors wide open, washing on 4th load .... Cleeeeeeeeeewwean house
Gardening nil , but its frozen solid so no point anyway ...that's my excuse and sticking with it .
Sarni had followed by cake mmmmm , right more cleaning.....
Caz W

Well, if you've had cake Bunny I'll have to have something now!  Think I've got a pack of Jaffa Cakes somewhere ...............


I'm back. Just had peanut butter & rosehip jam on crusty bread- yummy.

Shall I take a painkiller or not? Was fine until had to sit & wait for over an hr at the GPs... Aching muscles have settled into nigling sciatica again.

Tesco due soon. Some washing just hanging out there- sun, but no wind. Need to find my Vanish bar to try & get a stubborn stain off one of daughter's curtains.

Right, off to get changed into cleaning/old clothes now. J.


BTW had to diswade (??) daughter from buying up Wilcos stock of fruit bushes earlier. No they wont like large tubs, which she would need & the compost etc. Can she wait until we've, me probably, sussed out a suitable site for them in the future? J.

Caz W

Yes, take a painkiller Jo - I just took 2 for my back!


Dissuade-as in shall I dis these blue suede shoes?

I had peanut butter sandwiches as well-who else has got Christmas cake left?

Caz W

I've got half a jar of mincemeat lurking in the fridge! 


There are two christmas crackers on the table

Caz W

Geoff - you said the other day that tiny seed can be started early in the year so do you think I could sow some Alyssum seeds indoors now?  Everyone else seems to be sowing except me



I have only sown the petunias and impatiens

There are some naughty children who just will not be told-are you primary school or grammar school?

Caz W

Primary - there is a sun, a grey cloud and a black cloud and each child has a wooden clothes peg with their name on.  Each day starts on the sun and 1st offence they have to go and move it to the grey cloud, good behaviour gets is moved back up to sun and so on.  How many are on the grey or black cloud today? 

Right - I'm back to finish digging up that pesky celandine which is swamping my little woodland area

Caz W wrote (see)


Right - I'm back to finish digging up that pesky celandine which is swamping my little woodland area

Schoolboy smirk


Caz-what I meant was do you want to be one of the naughty children who sow too early?


We've got Christmas cake left. only OH eats it, I can't unfortunately.

Had to go to the drop in clinic at the Dr's with Oh this morning, he's got an eye infection, so has to have drop twice a day, but it hasn't stopped him from massacring the Pyracantha behind the pond and in front of the shed, there's nothing left on it only stems, just hope it survives, He never knows when to stop when he gets the electric saw in his hands, but I must say it needed doing.

Out this afternoon to see M, then on to SIL to deliver birthday present to her son.

We haven't sown anything yet, in the flower line, only broad beans.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine, the temperature has dropped here, and it's going to be very cold over the next few days, but at least it's bright