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Bunny ...
We have Jaffa cakes toooooo mmmmmm

Right aching now, was aching before I started so silly me , Percy thrower sending folks to naughty step I see.... I shall behave , although the sun is beating down I shall wait another day
The bug has now settled in my head making my brain feel like glue. Sowed coriander, carrots, peas and spring onions in the gh. Took a bunch of clothes downtown to the new dress agency, got ??70 which neatly paid for the load of logs which came later. Sun's shining, but not much warmth in it. Looks nice though.

Errands done, dogs walked, late lunch had, so I finally get into the garden   Chris, I could have done with your OH on Sun when I was massacring (??sp. it looks odd) a pyracantha. As predicted, it attacked me several times when I heaved it over the wall at the tip yesterday. Today's job is to dig its roots out without ending up needing the chiorpractor. Don't know when I'll get time to sort and sow seeds.


Poor you Figrat. Am sure BJay said her head ended up really grotty too.

Geoff- thxs for the spelling I knew it was wrong but just couldnt get my brain around it......

Chris- I hope your OH is wearing/didwear some protective eyewear ie goggles? She says not doing so herself when crawling around/under shrubs at the w/end- but I do already wear spex.

Finally taken paracetamol. Interupted by Tesco arrivivng & trying to give me someone else's shop. Noooo, dont eat bacon......Still love the smell of it cooking though.

Back to unpacking etc. Oh & I havent yet sown a single seed this year! J.


I haven't sown a single seed this year either. But I am cheating with summer bedding because I've ordered a load of plug plants which will arrive end of March.

Beds dug and ready and waiting to sow broad beans and plant strawberries. Bought some strawberry plants the other day. Rotovater going to be serviced tomorrow, since I lent it to a friend last year it won't start. Can't do anything else without it in veg garden which is 23m x 10m. France is so much bigger than England, houses in the country have more land for less money.



Mascaraing-putting mascara on

Suitable eye-wear for pyracantha massacring


Well I went to the GC and spent ages trying to decide what to buy with my £4 - and ended up coming away with some dahlia tubers.

I haven't sown anything yet either other than broad beans. And have more of those to go in - different variety.

Boss is away for a few days as from tomorrow so if I happen to spend a little longer at the plot than I ought to, I'm sure nobody will notice......

Miss Becks

My afternoon has been wasted by a visiting sister.   Was hoping she'd only stay half hour, but no, had bought her own lunch from the shop on the way and everything!  

Gary Hobson

Just come in, after a really nice afternoon.

Brought a few tender plants into the house, and covered the rest, inside the greenhouse with fleece, as it's going to be a bit chilly for the next few days.

Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

My afternoon has been wasted by a visiting sister.   Was hoping she'd only stay half hour..

I hope she doesn't read your posts.


  G'day all

After computer going odd last night decided to run a scan - only just finished

Hasn't taken long to catch up'

Lovely hellebore photo, that's the sort I wuld like next

No jaffa cakes here but have treated myself to 2 packs of hot cross buns which i love. Have eaten 1 and frozen the rest to consume sloely over the next couple of weeks. If in sight I'll just scoff the rest

And we have 1 Christmas cracker.

Have potted on some plants that have been over wintering in GH, could do with a cold frame to put them in Have wrapped up seedlings, but most are now in house.  Planted out my cycalmen coum pots bought yesterday and the snowdrops, but that was enough, today

Still not 100% Fed up now


Have just got thw washing back in. Cold out there, but the birds are singing like mad- just like the boiler!

Spotted that an old clump of Pop's, my Grandad, rhubarb is trying again next to the fruit bushes. Last yrs rain must've helped, as it's a dry spot. I've neglected it since I split it & replanted in on my veg bed some yrs back, leaving some still on the original veg bed, which is now the fruit plot. So now I shall pot it up for daughter to have. I've had some ever since I had a garden & in this one it's been moved around quite a bit until it landed in the veg plot, where it's happy.

Bjay, sounds as if you've still got to take it carefully for a bit. Must've been a rotten bug. J.


I wonder why this site is intermitent again-now I can get on instantly-20 minutes ago it took 30 seconds-is there an t'internet elf change at 5pm

That was a long scan Bjay-did it detect anything?


15 items need attention and they were all cookies - fixed now

Not changed speed though, found getting on here slow today

I am taking it easy Jo, thanks Out for day on Thursday so hoping will have energy for it


Have you run the cleaner Bjay?-that should speed it up a bit


Bunny ...
Evening all , feeling rubbish
May be early night .

Nudge- nudge, wink- wink-say no more


Was thinking of doing that Geoff.

 Also want to un-install a rubbish programme I have

Heard a woodpecker pecking - well tap tap tapping today made us both smile

OH managed to chop wood today but damp even though it's been well covered so still can't use it 

Bunny ...
Not that kind Geoff .

Better weather is def coming just found a tick on olive grrrrrrr..... Here we go again , horrible things and OHs hayfever has begun, joy !

Seems to be owls we are hearing at the moment , loads of them .

Wood ..reminds me I need to order another load , the excitement .

Bunny, Figrat and Bjay, poorly peeps

  Becks fed up with sisterly visit 
 Jo still has whistling boiler

Liz, Lottie and Flo - haven't sown anything yet 

It's left to the chaps to cheer us up, then


I think these would be suitable eyewear for pyracantha massacring (still looks weird) you'd never get near enough to get any eye damage.


 By the way, the pyracantha stumps are still there . 2 hours of digging under and round, chopping off ivy roots that were practically welded on, sawing roots ... and all I got it to do was wobble a bit