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Deanos Diggin It

Me too dove!

These late nights are killing me!

OH tucked in!  Gunna go get tucked in too!

Catch ya all later!    


Quiet again here, just watched Death in Paradise. Nothing else of interest on


We have just watched that too. Oh opened a bottle of red wine so had a glass with him, now time for bed I think.

Good night all, sleep tight.


Haven't had time to clock in this evening and now everyone's going to bed. Daughter and 3 small grandson's arrived - late having gor lost on route. I opened packs of what was supposed to be fresh fish from supermarket and we all keeled over from the smell! yuk yuk gone off and sell by date day after tomorrow. Hurray for freezers! Liked the sound of Glyns meal. Son coming tomorrow. Having peking duck with chinese pancakes.

Hope all ill people wake up feeing better tomorrow. Why am I always last to bed when I'm an hour ahead of you peeps?


We decided to try online shopping - son no. 3 eagerly placed our first ever order with Asda. I paid, he booked a delivery slot for 3-5pm today, and guess what - we're still waiting!!! Good job you guys weren't betting on it!! Have now phoned them 3 times - first time we were told it was on the van, second time that they would investigate, and call back (and didn't) and third time I got very irate and they said it was rejected - trying to make out they had tried to deliver, but someone was in all the time so that's a LIE! Anyway they have said they will now deliver between 11 and 1 tomorrow.

Anyone care to place a bet? I shall email them tomorrow to tell them how impressed I am with the service, as Kit would do!

I shall now go and have a soothing bath, then go to bed.



Hello, all Forkers--you have been busy, typing and wrestling with pyracantha. It was a lovely sunny day here--but I got called in to school--didn't want to go ,but they were desperate enough to call 3x---so I gave in. Hate to miss the rare sunny day in the garden---but if I turn them down too often, they will stop calling. They wanted me again on Thurs., but on another island--definite no to that one, as it means a 12-hour day with the travelling. I prefer my 5 minute commute.

So back to retirement it is! I have dumped all my old seeds into a prepared bed, so we'll see what comes up!

Pennine Petal
Morning forkers, running a bit late, so just shopping in to say hello and bye. Have a good day.
Jean Genie

Morning  Big problems with tinternet yesterday . Had to get OH to sort laptop when he came home. Very slow and wouldn't let me sign on.  Turns out I'd put too much anti-virus stuff on here and something called a Hot Shield wouldn't let anything past it including AOL.  He also had a fiddle with it and removed some programmes and then told me off for downloading too much stuff.  Was a bit worried it could have been that horse thing but he said anti-virus had seen it off.

Anyway. It's sorted now.

Its freezing here. I'm joining Jo's boiler club. Flipping thing sprang into life at 3.30am and woke me up so didn't have a good nights sleep.

More coffee needed and maybe a slice of toast.

Hope poorly forkers are feeling better today. My cold is on it's way out now so can actually taste what I'm eating.

Have a good day everyone.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

FloMarmalade wrote (see)

You can't 'type' on those devices, can you ...

A tablet is not designed for typing. If anyone wants to do some typing (for example in order to use social media, like here) then you can buy a keyboard, for around £6 (lots of sizes and prices)...

Lottiebeans wrote (see)

We decided to try online shopping...

I'm a recent convert to on-line shopping, using Tesco. I opted for morning slots. I think that Tesco will actually carry all the stuff into your house, wherever you want it, and leave the trays for you to unpack at your leisure.

After 3 weeks they asked me to complete a survey, asking what I thought about all the apsects of their service, and their website. I've been very satisfied.


Morning all.

Found Aggie chook dead on hen house floor this morning  Not sure why but she's recently had the wheezles for which she was treated and I know birds go down fast with respiratory ailments. Just Maggie left now. I think she'll be a bit lost being a flock of one.

Lottie, what a pain! and after Becks's hassles with Asda deliveries I'm definitely not going to try them. Never had a problem with Sainsbury or Tesco which I have alternated for several years now. 


New avatar in honour of deceased chook. It's Aggie's lovely fluffy bottom

Bunny ...

Sorry to hear about Aggie ,lovely bum though on the avatar pic. Will you get some more chickens ?

Asda online used to be good, but we got a few wrong deliveries , have never had a problem with tesco and sainsburys delivering here too now but have not tried them.
I tend not to type that much on iPad use other pc or laptop work business .

Sunny here but some black clouds around , have cleaned front door and gr floor windows, done some ironing , hoovered and set fire , just waiting for OH and dog to return then will have dippy eggs and soldiers .

Not sure rest of plans, GC or gardening (weather permitting) .
Morning, don't usually get chance to pop in at this time!
Children having a lie in and all quiet

Sorry to hear about Aggie!

After the glorious weather it now looks rather gloomy today. Should have done the garden first but couldn't ignore the indoor jobs ny longer.
Off to garden centre today though I think.

Enjoy the day, everyone!

Morning Bunny.

You've been a busy bunny this morning. I see to chooks and dogs then linger over breakfast before doing anything else! I will eventually get more hens but as Aggie and Maggie had developed an egg-eating habit I thought they would teach that to new birds. When the wretched pyracantha is dug out and the chicken ranch is resited I'll have a think. I'm missing my lovely fresh free range eggs.

Sun is thinking about shining but reluctant to commit itself.

Hello Nola, nice to see you

Sue H
Morning all. No saltmines today. What a surprise - weather taken a turn for the worse. Sunny last few days. Now wet grey miserable! ! Sorry to hear about chuck!! Would really like some of my own but area/garden not really siutable.
Poor Maggie. Are you going to get her another friend?
I need shopping so I am going to go to Aldi. Might be some garden stuff there, coldframe perhaps. (Will of course avoid the horse section)
I too had issues with my computer yesterday! Must be gremlins stuck in the works.



Sorry about Aggie. Was she elderly? I used to have chickens, but had a fox problem. The chooks liked to be in the orchard in the daytime but fox got too bold and started hunting in the day. And my favourite bantam, Annabelle, got killed by the farmer's dog. Then Millie the Muscovy duck made a nest by the pond and was determined to sit on it, so I couldn't find her at bedtime when I shut the ducks up, but found her in the morning after the fox had been, feathers and broken eggs. It was all too upsetting and the children were fairly small then so they were upset, so I stopped keeping birds. We'd spent a fortune fencing the veg garden as the ducks trashed it (they love lettuce).


Sorry to hear about Aggie, Flo. I was very upset when Daisy my bantam died suddenly as she was the one who raised the 8 chicks I had - and did an excellent job of it. I now have Alice the other bantam and the 3 chicks that turned out to be girls - who are much bigger than Alice, but she's not fazed.

I was hoping for another sunny day today to get some broad beans sown - what's happened to the weather??


Good Moaning

Poor Flo- and Aggie- and Maggie all alone-not sure how introducing some new ones to a single one will go down- it took nearly 2 weeks when it was 3 on 3 here-and only when they were all laying were they totally accepted -must be something in those hormones-anyway cyberhugs

Looks cold outside and a bit misty-going to take a quick trip to B&Q on beige Wednesday to see what they have-have my uniform ready so I don't stand out

Have been watching the prison documentary-very scary young men out /in there

Lottie-I can see a voucher winging your way-you wonder what happens to these orders -where are they now ?

Good job Jean that OH has a had a fiddle and given you a good sorting-now stop downlading naughty stuff

Jean Genie

I've decided to change my name.  Every time I see my name on here it reminds me of Dallas.  Sorry to hear of poor Aggie's demise, Flo and hope Maggie gets a new friend soon .

Liz, that must have been a horrible discovery for you all. Poor birds.

Something peculiar is going on with my begonia tubers.

Morning to everyone else.

Bunny ...
Yes Flo I think my cleaning frenzy yesterday spilled over to today .

Ooh sue Aldi and the garden stuff, hope there is some left

The kind postman has delivered my new secateurs (lost others in garden ..or bin) other week, also my seed mags have arrived , such excitements