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Morning all

So that's 3 of us with computer problems yesterday

Sorry to hear about Aggie, at least it wasn't a fox. Hopefully new chicken ranch will be ready for new chucks

Murky old day again,and I feel good today, but don't want to get damp just in case.

Daughter phoned to say her car has broken irretreivably so all the money they have saved for a new house (letting) will have to go on a car. Very upset and as she has ME the extra travelling is making her very tired - never a good thing and they have had enough of living ina flat on a High street

I guess it could be bank of Mum and Dad to help out with new house, but we haven't told her yet

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Just a quick pop in. We are off to Cannock on a bus!! Visiting the 99p shop and poundland! I was told to set my self a limit of £10 in those shops, but we'll see how that works out.

Have also promised Jess lunch in a cafe, as she has never been in one, and thinks it will be exciting!

Flo, poor chuckie.


What exciting stuff Becks. Check out Wilko for cheap garden stuff as well. I saw a very small upright little house for plants and I thought of you as it would be small enough to put inside one of your larger houses for extra seed care and warmth - it was £13

Happy travels. 



Good Morning Everyone

Pam LL x


Bunny ...
Jean ..Dallas ?

Geoff bit rude tut's only Wednesday hehe @ beige Wednesday , a day I avoid! It's like a scrum in there.

Ohh fun bus trip , hope jess enjoys lunch and sure you shall find bargains. Range here often has some bargains in.

Aww rosa, cars are such a pain sometimes , there is always something... Bless bank of mum n dad

All grey and cold wind ou now , boooo. Decided to finish ironing and now do accounts ...definately lost the plot today.
Bunny ...
Ooooh Pam they brighten the day

Can I just grrrr grrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrrr ...thank you feeling better (not your flowers might I add or anything /one this pleasant place )
Jean Genie

Pam, Beautiful  The colour is stunning.

Bunny , There was a character in Dallas called JR something or other played by Larry Hagman who has now passed away. I didn't watch it myself but know plenty who did. We shared the same initials.

Grrr Grrr ??? What is going on ????

Sue H
Lovely crocus. I have some tete a tete just popping their heads out. Ooh know what it all means? We are heading in the SPRING direction. Quick panic. So much to do!!!

LOvely bright crocus Pam.  made me smile, Must plant some next year, already on list. Spring will soon be sprung.

Bunny ...
Ohhhh sorry jean, was trying to remember a character called jean ...silly me ..DOH

Yes spring ...spring...plant seeeeeeeeds...plannnntttttt seeeeeeeeds.....

Aww just was reading all posts on board and some harsh comments to some peeps, opinions are good but some come across so hard. Where the humour fairy goes sometimes I'm not sure ignore me .
Bunny ...
Going to make some coleslaw to have with quiche.... This part of the 'accounting' is called avoidance
Bunny ...
Me again.... Tv has been turned on via remote) in liv rm, I walked in to dog lay on couch with remote watching the tv

Bunny WHAT are you on about-what harsh comments-haven't seen any?


Sue H
Know what you mean. My cats often change channels or switch tv off!! Usually when you are watching something interesting. =)
Sue H
Lovely crocus. I have some tete a tete just popping their heads out. Ooh know what it all means? We are heading in the SPRING direction. Quick panic. So much to do!!!

Today oscar dog decided he would play football. So running round garden he put ball on top a pot that was just the right size to hold it. When he moved ball, pot tipped upside down I now know that the gladiola byzantinus are growing in the pots