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Bunny ...
Ooooh rosa intrigue ...anything exciting and gripping to tell it out. As for Dallas I saw 5mins of recent one before cringing and turning over

Jo better some retail therapy than none.

Coffee anyone ???

Those pills aren't working Bunny-where am I supposed to live?

Gary Hobson
Bunnysgarden wrote (see)
Does anyone know if you can buy the rubber grip handles for shears ?

Would fork handles do.

You could wrap tape round them, to make soft handles.


And where do I put this caravan?

-are you tryng to flog me a motor-home?



Morning, Forkers--been up since 5; now that it's light think I'll wait for my fire to get going so I can bank it and go back to bed.

Gloomy outside and threatening rain----for several days, looks like.


Inka, hello there! Rotten to wake up earlier than you intend - but a lovely fire sounds just the job. It's been gloomy in my part of GB all day until an hour ago when a weak sun appeared. We've had enough rain!!!


 Downtown Victoria Feb 2013

Bunny ...
Fork handles in eating forks? Think even mum may struggle there...

Or four candles....

Or pitch fork handles...

On a pitch in Spain Geoff , could flog you one of ours but may need tad more room to be honest for permanent living
Bunny ...
That looks lovely inka.

The field fare have arrived in field again they usually bring snow

Well intrigue may be. There is imprint where a guard hut used to be and there is no footpath or easy access, like a gated area really, without the gate.  Built at time of Cold War

Back from visit to M much better than last time I saw her, but she is insisting it was really hot this morning -Bless


Bunny-look back I made a suggestion

Cash flow bunny-cash flow


Still no phonecall!

Sort of watching tv, pootling around on here & sometimes doing what I intended with the chores. J.


Inka, that looks gorgeous - what a cheering sight

Bunny ...
Ok so no cash flow ..the dreaded cash flow . ....there must be a way Geoff, there is always a way

I like intrigue

**sighing smiling** bored with the vat now zzzzzzzzz



Phone call Jo??-is this the flippin boiler again-the one that your said others were sorting


Lovely field of crocus Inka.

We now have a bit of wood chopped so will have fire tonight Neighbour who came to see bathroom has offered us wood from a tree she has had cut down. Great


Freebies, Bjay  Can't be bad !


Don quite well for freebie wood, not enough to get us through the next winter though, still afew months to go, might manage it.

What happened to the marmalade Flo?, been meaning to ask all day


Hi everyone.

We have been out this morning to what must be the smallest butchers shop in the country Tiny place in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.. My cousin recommended the sausages and so we decided to have a trip out to buy some. It was like stepping back in time, just a counter, no displays of meat, you have to ask for what you want and the butcher disappears into the walk in fridge and produces the meat and then cuts it up to whatever size you want. No sawdust on the floor though very quaint.

Called at the GC on the way home, bought 6 begonia corms, and 2 dahlias, both single flowered,good for bees, one called Blue Bayou, reminded me of Roy Orbison, So will have get on and set them in the GH.

Lovely crocus, spring can not be far away.

Hope Jess enjoyed her lunch at the cafe. did she have chips?