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Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

We are back from shopping! Got my solar lights, and a 'few' other bits and pieces. Shot straight through the £10 limit on both shops.

Have had a quick catch up. Bunny? Are you on the same planet as us??? You seem to whizz along in a world of your own!


Come on Becks what did you buy

A butcher in the woods Chris??-I trust you have checked the contents-a lot of things go on in woods

Bunny ...

 lots of parties on my planet

What did you buy ? What was for lunch ?

Butchers ..walk in the woods... mad axe man?horse?

Miss Becks

Got 6 solar lights, some secateurs, grass seed, netting x 2, pruning shears, seed trays, and some tape for the greenhouse. Neither shop had digital thermometers (well, I didn't see any), so I got all they had, which was a frog ornament on a rock with a thermometer on it.

Also got a new diary for garden, and other odds and sods for eldest son and daughters birthday in a few weeks.



Blimey, Becks! Did you leave anything in the shops?

Bjay, I wanted to change my avatar in honour of the fluffy-bummed one who departed for hen heaven today, and changed my name back to its usual version at the same time. FloBear was one of my rescue Westies who departed for doggie heaven three years ago this April. Seems to be a departed pets theme going on, doesn't there?



 Except planning for big family lunch on Sunday. Dug out a recipe I'd saved from Good Housekeeping in 1990 (!) which I've always wanted to do. It's basically a stuffed boned leg of lamb,a la provencal, but the puddings...lemon syrup tart with a rhubarb sauce. Mmmmm. Needs a kilo of rhubarb though, will have to supplement the pickings from the rhubarb I'm forcing in an old compost bin. Fortunately leg of lamb half price atm in the local co-op, so will have to do a bit of home butchery.

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Phone call Jo??-is this the flippin boiler again-the one that your said others were sorting

Yep, boils (sorry) down to moi as per usual! B thing been as good as gold this evening after the lunchtime concert!!

Becks you did well not to spend any more!

Meal going to be easy this evening. I made far too much cauli/mac cheese t'other night- well the cauli was deceptively big - so it's that with a veggie rissole each. No doubt daughter will pour us both a glass of vino & I'll end up asleep on sofa.

Have taken some more painkillers, along with a chewy bar, so am comfy again. Somehow, along with the weather forecast, I shant be doing any gardening up at daughter's this w/end, unless sciatica settles. Please remind me of that when I stagger around next Monday!

I did say I'd clean the windows there after they finish the painting- hmm. Needed something to do whilst waiting on a delivery for her next week. Again it'll depend on muscles etc.


Oh Jo - you really must take it easy - backs are such a pain

Sorry Flo I shuld have thought

Now head is clear have contacted a man about replacing the back door. It's taken to opening by itself. he is coming Friday. OH thinks a repair is not really viable.

Deanos Diggin It

Flo! So sorry for Aggie!

Liz! That must have been a lot for the little people to take on when little!

Now hoping all bug's in people and computers are at their end n life shall resort to some sort of normallity!

Lovely pictures all!

Bunny! I like all others, are now beggining to think you are "Pot's For Rag's!"

Sue H
Hello all. Back from the shopping trip. Aldi cold frame bought, seed and cutting compost, flowers in packs, shallots. Bought magazine. Told OH needed bed 2.5m by 2.5m digging out of lawn. Sighed and now gone to pub! Daughter gone to party (again) Son on way back from indoor skateboarding at somewhere called the works. Just having a glass of vino and a bit of peace and quiet.
Deanos Diggin It

Hi Sue! Soz! I Forgot to say congrats on the new job!   

Sue H
Deano, thanks. Really looking forward to it. No more saltmines!!! The relief is tremendous!
Miss Becks

I had to control myself Flo! There's only so much you can carry on a pushchair on the bus!

Pennine Petal
Evening all, I see you've had a busy day. I've been schmoozing applicants. Just had some L&P soup, bacon and mushroom bap to follow.



Have been fed and watered

Think I will have the Brits on in the background to night-not much else on

Sue-are you counting the days?-and will this make you richer beyond your wildest dreams?

Deanos Diggin It

And so may you enjoy!

Right! I is offski!

Played out earlier!






Sue H
Ok all you fonts of wisdom. How do I make these begonia corms grow?

Talk to them Sue-or place them in trays or pots of compost-with the top just below the surface-somewhere warm and they will get going

Evening Glyn

Dean is on sideways planet


Oh Sue

Put some compost in a shallow tray (seed) and lay the corms in it with the top showing. If you can't work out which is the top then it has an indentation. Put in a light  warm place - Mine are in spare room on window ledge that has a very low heat and you will begin to see little tiny pink buds. Keep compost moistish. ready to pot on when there are  leaves on, but do not put out until we have said goodbye to frosts

Is that about right Geoff?

Just done a similar thread for Caz  Sorry Jean