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Bunny ...
Just re read jean.... 'Good to head' ... Think I should return to bed

Flo oh just yesterday appears I'm still on bunny planet today
Morning Flo , how's maggie today?

My book (as recommended propagators bible for 1p) has arrived. it's great , brand spanking new , such excitement .

Forkers... Could I ask do you use trays, modules or pots for your seeds ? Last year with time lacking I planted several into pots (flowers) which then were potted onto large ones. Would like to do properly but seems everyone prefers different on reading ?
Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Definately colder here today as well. Haven't got anywhere to go today, so can stay in the house and stay warm!

Jean, you're package arrived yesterday. Thankyou! Check your messages.



I like Bunnysplanet, Bunny   My maiden name was Burrows so we've always been rather bunny-themed in my family!

Maggie seems confused without any other chickens there - they used to bundle out of the house together and charge to the food, this morning she was much more hesitant and wandered about as if not sure what to do.

I usually use small pots for my seeds as I don't sow vast quantities like some others do and I find if I use seed trays the pricking out stage comes before I'm really ready for it. Not sure there really is a 'properly' it's just what suits your situation. 


Bunny, I sow seeds into trays, then prick them out into small pots. I keep all the pots that I have bought in the past. I also keep clear plastic packaging trays with lids which I use as mini propagaters for seed sowing. You can keep yoghurt pots (pierce a hole in the bottoms) for potting on seedlings. I love standing in the greenhouse pricking out the little seedlings from the trays into little pots with new compost - putting the babies to bed!

Bunny ...
Hehe Flo @ Burrows , maybe maggie a stuffed toy duck would keep her company

It's the pricking out bit that's the time , relieved now that its each to their own, maybe I shall do some of each way this year see which I prefer.
I do like going in talking to my babies , however the do start off in the house. I try to tell them not to be scared of the dog sniffing at them

I think I shall nip local GC today , then tomorrow need to go to Carlisle for OH and bank so will call at b&q and large GC then



Morning chaps

I see that Bunny is still on that high-octane orange juice and is hyper again this morning-and we had a visitor late last night-welcome Derek

Site slow again-could have baked a cake in the time it took to log on

Congrats Granny Sue

Sow most seed in half trays unless they are big then in modules-depends on quantity

Staying in -not going out -tooooooo cold.

Bunny ...
Morning Geoff late riser

Must be the carrot coffee I've been guzzling , rather nice though a good bite to it

Thanks Geoff, am going to try trays again but half this time, easier to handle too.
Site been ok for me, are you using one of those giant room size computers that you need to crank up ?

Another tedious question... Been looking at diseases etc for lily , botrytis ...think that may be what's been wrong with my potted ones, been rubbish last year , had them few years now and wondering whether to bin and start afresh . Do lillies have a life span type thing ?
Gary Hobson

I used to use little trays, so that about 8 trays will fit inside my electric propagator.

But this year I'm using cellular modules. I'm hoping that will eliminate the need for any pricking out, and any root disturbance. In many packets of seed you only get about 12 to 20 seeds, so you might just as well sow those straight into modules.

I can fit 75 cells into the propagator. 75 little plants will then mean 75 pots when they've grown up. I couldn't cope with several hundred plants (as some people do).

Miss Becks

I take it you are dressed Geoff?

I bought some of those individual moduled trays yesterday. Never used them before. There are 20 round modules to a tray. Pack of 5 for 99p!

Bunny ...

Know what you mean about modules, ohhhh decisions ...need a bigger greenhouse at this rate to test run them all. The top gear trial test of bunnygrowing season .

Rat man has been so it's early coffee in a mo and then dog walk. Hope my parcel doesn't arrive while I'm out - I ordered new foldable pruning saw.

My last house had lovely wide windowsills and I used to put the seed trays and modules there in lesser used upstairs rooms. One day I came in from work to find that Wally the parrot had somehow got out and had a high old time turfing all the seedlings and most of the compost all over the place. He was lucky I didn't have any Paxo to hand

Bunny ...
Omg Flo naughty Wally . I shall have to keep big paws out the way , a tad too nosey for her own good
Miss Becks

Flo. That's funny. bet it wasn't at the time though.


No, i was not amused  I do miss him though, he was such a good talker.

Deanos Diggin It
Morning All!

Head honcho here at work today, so keeping my head down n out of the way, hiding in canteen, getting stuck into double chilli cheese burger n chips! ; p

Congrats in order fo Sue! ; )

I tend to use seed tray's both full and half, as Geoff said, depends on volumes

I find nothing better than standing at the bench in the greenhouse with the radio on pricking out!

Very therapeutic to both mind n soul! ; )


Miss Becks

So is that what you do when in charge Dean!! fanny about on the internet!!

Go get some work done, and sack someone!!


Is that your elevenses, Dean, or a very early lunch!

Miss Becks

Bless you. Enjoy being chief!