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I am dressed as it 'appens-did stay under the duvet watching something on i-player this morning

Who eats burger and chips at 11 in the morning

"Pricking out in the greenhouse"-sounds like something from Lady Chatterley

Deanos Diggin It
: ) : )

Right! Best go n find somewhere else to hide for a while!

Catch up later! ; )
Bunny ...
Dean..have fun


Right am off too ...spending spree awaits ... I shall leave you in peace and quiet now
Pottie Pam

Good morning all from a stalking forker,

Hope everyone is okay. I do try to keep up with you all even though I don't post very often.

I decided to join the local garden club even though I'm not too much of a joiner. They had a talk by one of the owners of Fentongollen flower farm. They have hundreds of areas of daffodils also sheep, cereals and also raise cauliflower plants that they sell on to other farmers. He said every cauli that we bought in a supermarket was probably started on his farm. The special hybrid seeds are bought from Tailand and cost £27 for a thousand. The seeds we buy wouldn't give the results that the supermarkets demand that's why the seed is so expensive.

I looked on their website and a bunch of daffs cost over £15 by post.

An interesting talk all the same. The next meeting has a speaker talking about Heligan so I'll look forward to that.

Hope your rats are sorted Flo. My four chickens lost their husband to a fox about five weeks ago and still seem nervous. I think animals do form relationships with each other and miss them when they are gone.



Bunnysplanet wrote (see)

Right am off too ...spending spree awaits ... I shall leave you in peace and quiet now

You say thay but.............................


 Hello Pam the stranger lurker stalker


Jean Genie

Just had a quick lurk and catch up  Congrats Sue on the granny front - prefer nanny myself even though it does make me sound like an old goat.

Hi Pam  Wondered where you've been .

Had enough of hanging round waiting for trellis so I'm off for a bath. You just know what's going to happen next. I'll be caught out looking like the wild woman of Borneo

And the weekend weather Geoff ?


Sorry Jean

No sign of and end to this cold snap-expect the winds to kick in- more cloud perhaps snow flurries-not out door weather

Orange balls Southampton


My book has arrived from Amazon, well pleased with it.1p plus £2.85 postage not bad for a book original price £19.99 -  in good condition. Ex library book. You can sometimes pick up a bargain at the library when they are having a clear out.

I thought i saw the odd flake of snow when i popped out side a few moments ago, it's old enough. Fed up with this winter, don't want to play this game any more

Going out to get some pea gravel from Wickes, much cheaper than GC, them to t to see if they have any bargains.

Deano, don't crack the whip too hard.

See you later Have a nice day



It seemed pretty Arctic out there just now and we have no wind yet. I wished I'd worn a hat and put a coat on Lily, the old dog.

The rat man said it will take a few days for the poison to start taking effect and it's quite slow-acting. My worry is now that if they die outdoors - which he said is likely - then Maisie the constantly-hungry dog will eat one and end up being ill or worse. She's only 6kg so it wouldn't take a lot


Hi Flo.

When we had poison put down by Rat Man, we never saw any dead rats, or live ones for that matter after he had been Hope you soon get rid of them, horrible things

Good Afternoon
I have been having a catchup,too
Done some food shopping this morning - my sister is still poorly with the virus thingy- cough,cough,cough is wearing her out so she won,t be shopping tomorrow - I will get some of it for her.
Went for some more compost and also bought 4 pots of Verbena bonariensis
I was going in the greenhouse which does have the heater on but don't even feel like going down the garden at the moment
I use mainly pots and half trays for sowing seeds-depends on the size of the seeds and also how many I am sowing
The peppers,chillies and aubergine s I sowed a few days ago are germinating well
Keep warm everyone
Pam LL x
Jean Genie

Flo , when the ratman put poison down here and next door , I was worried about our cats but he said it would be placed in a short cut off drain pipe . We didn't see any dead ones either.

Looks like I'll be out there with my thermals on at the weekend .  Fed up with this cold weather.

Can we expect a food hoarding frenzy again then, Gary ?


Gary Hobson

I can't imagine a domesticated dog trying to eat a rat. Do terriers actually try to eat rats that they catch. Or is it more the fun of the chase that excites them.

The greater danger would be doggy finding the poison, which is why bait is hopefully well hidden and inaccessible.

No food shortages or hoarding anticipated.


Hi everyone, haven't moved out of my flat today, feels too cold. Bin busy all week so will allow myself the luxury of a day in. Won't be any food shortage here , I 'm cooking up a big casserole (bort a slow cooker that is too big for me!), when I've finished shud have about 6 meals to freeze.
Catching up on all the forums to see what's happening, it's nice to catch up. Have just been pottering this morning and feeding my orchids.

4° now in Dordogne, big freeze with possible snow from Saturday.

I don't think it was Bunny's carrot cake because she's always like that, I think she's just an excitable sort of a person!

I'm one of those people who sows in trays because I have hundreds of plants, sometimes 700-900 squeezed into the greenhouse on temporary trestle tables by April, some baby plug plants, some from seed. In June I have a Strawberry garden party for charity and I sell the excess plants. Friends donate plants too. This year one of our charities is for English people in France with cancer who don't speak French very well and don't understand the French system, a sort of support group. People come here to retire and it's not easy learning a new language in your 60s, though some manage pretty well.

That's a lot of plants Lizzie, can't image the size of your garden, must be massive. It's good that you can sell off your surplus for charity, it's a really nice thing to do.

OH has been cleaning out cupboards and lots of those" this will be useful-but only get used once then are stuffed in the back of cupboards"kitchen gadgets have surfaced

More e-bay activities to come

Is this just this house?

I cleared out my cupboards ages ago and put in the hall what I wanted to get rid of.......they are still there!